First there was nothing, then something emerged and existence trembled. And when that something grew beyond it own boundaries… all hell broke loose. Welcome to Shadow Ranger’s fanfiction area. Please feel free to have a look around.

Conquest of Evil Multiverse
Once uppon a time there was a monster who took the name Minion and vowed revenge upon the Rangers of Earth. When the impossible happened and his soul fractured, a multiverse was formed. And now the story of Minion is played out over and over agin across the Multiverse with the fate of existence resting on one simple fact: Minion cannot win.
Conquest of Evil
First there was nothing, then something emerged and existence trembled. And then... that universe grew beyond its boundaries and all hell broke loose.
The Alternaverse
When Master Vile used the Orb of Doom it did more than simply turn back time: It altered history. The super heroes that once defended the Earth and the rest of the universe are gone, leaving only those known as Power Rangers and a few others to stand in the path of darkness. But the universe abhors a vacuum and what was lost may well return bringing with it all the wonders and horrors of the past.
Power Rangers Supreme
The Power Rangers join forces with the Sorcerer Supreme to fight an enemy neither can defeat on their own.

Other Stories

Power Rangers
Power Ranger stories not set in either the Conquest of Evil Multiverse or The Alternaverse
Doctor Who
The adventures of an outcast, a thief and the strays he picks up on his journeys.
Robots in Fanfiction
Harry Potter
Fanfiction about the teenage wizard and the world in which he lives
Fantastic Four
Fanfiction about the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe and his team.
Stories taking place in more than one series.

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