Victory in the face of Death

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The Eternal Empire

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The End

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Beginning Anew

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers; they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.
Author’s Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate timeline.

Beginning Anew

Good had won. Evil had been conquered and all was well with the universe, or what remained of it… for a painfully short amount of time. No sooner had the victory been decided than the point of final collapse had been reached. By that time the darkness had consumed so much that not even the sudden burst of light that accompanied the bellow of victory from the Champion could prevent a total blackout. Already the temperature had dropped to a point where life of any sort could no longer function and as the darkness stretched, consuming the last atoms, it left behind only emptiness.

The end had come and passed, and left nothing behind. Where once there had been something in the darkness, now there was true emptiness, an absolute void inside of which nothing could physically exist and outside of which nothing was known to exist. And the inside and the outside were the same for there was seemingly nothing to divide them. And there was no time to measure how long the void remained the same and no change to mark a point from which time could be measured. For an eternal stretch or the briefest moment, everything was perfect. Everything was nothing.

Temporal Location: After the end, before the beginning.
Universe Reference: None
Reality: Non-existent

The old reality was gone, the last star had been extinguished and the universe had turned dark. If there was anything left it didn’t matter, for it was no longer relevant. The final battle had been won, the evil had been prevented from claiming a victory and bringing about the final end on its terms. For the victors the cost of victory had been high, but the reward would seem incredible: they had earned the right to start again, to face all the trials and tests once more in the hope that next time Good would triumph without losing everything.

Of course some might have argued that the battle was still there to be won by either side as the large vessels designed to survive in the non-space between realities had passed through a rift that had opened above the fading planet, escaping the total collapse. Despite knowing that there was no guarantee that they would find something on the far side and that in all likelihood there was nothing on the far side of the rift they have bravely chosen to continue rather than accept defeat.

Those on board continued their journey in the hope that perhaps some higher power would intervene and they would find a new home. Well some of them did. At this point very few believed that there were any higher powers remaining that they could appeal to. And since many of those on board were frozen in a state of near-sleep to help them survive for however long it took to complete their long journey, they were not able to truly ponder the presence of surviving deities; they could at least dream of salvation. The brave crews that had volunteered to pilot the ships through the maddening eternity of their passage through the emptiness, prayers for salvation of some kind was an almost daily event. They were prayers that would sadly go unanswered for a long time.

At some point, some of the vessels would leave the rift and discover what lay on the other side. Whether or not they would wish that they had never started their journey was as yet unknown and not a part of this tale. Their destination however, was an essential part of things to come. Just as they had left the old existence behind to seek out what lay beyond, so the focus of the war between Good and Evil shifted to a new location, a fresh void inside of which all things could start again. The old existence was gone, supposedly for ever, and its replacement would soon appear.

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Birth Of A Conflict

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Enter The New Gods

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.

Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

Enter The New Gods

The Universe
Sometime between the Second and Third Age

The first conflict between the forces of Good and Evil had ended when The One had personally intervened to stop the Dark One before he could make a move against the throne. The Dark One had been subdued with ease and offered the option of being stripped of his power and being left to wander the cosmos, or to retain his powers but remain imprisoned in a place of The One’s choosing. The Dark One had selected the latter option and had been placed within a multidimensional prison far beyond the reach of any of his remaining followers.

Meanwhile Paladin, the leader of the Army of Light, had survived his grievous wounds due to The One’s intervention. However he was no longer the being that led the Covenant of Light into battle. His spirit had been tainted by his experiences. And so The One had released him from his duties, granting him a new existences as Shadow. Shadow was no longer bound in the war between Good and Evil. Instead he was free to use his powers to bring whatever balance he felt was needed.

With both sides lacking any form of leadership and the armies dispatched to where they had been recruited, peace reigned for a time.

Before the creation of Paladin and the Dark One, the cosmos had reacted to the Creator’s need for his work to be finished while he concentrated on controlling the wayward energy that swept through existence. It had created a race of servants to finish the construction of the universe, using what The One had provided as the raw material. They had been named the Celestials and while Paladin and the Dark One had led their little armies, they had carried on with their task of creating worlds throughout the many dimensional planes and seeding them with life. As they worked their way down through the dimensions and further away from The One’s sight, the worlds they created grew less impressive and the life forms that evolved upon them held less potential.

Each dimensional plane had different physical laws and this along with the lack of creativity by the Celestials limited the growth of some beings. Some made great progress while others never seemed to evolve beyond simple albeit powerful beasts. It did not help that in the war between Paladin and the Dark One, the lesser beings had been recruited and altered to serve as soldiers.

As the Celestials reached the point at which they planned to turn back and inspect the progress of their creations, the Celestials put the finishing touches to their work. Here they created a realm that allowed its people to grow and evolve without limitation. It was a place where the energies emitted by The One barely reached, where the majority of its population would have a limited life span. It was the realm of mortals.

As they finished seeding the worlds that would serve as homes for the universe’s lowest denizens, the Celestials allowed themselves to indulge their curiosity for once, tapping into the vast energy of existence and sending forth a wave of energy that would allow some of those it encountered to become more than they were. Some would be able to ascend beyond the limitations to occupy the higher dimensions where the environment would make them more than simple mortals. But that would not occur for a long time.

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Shift in Power

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.

Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

Shift in Power

With The Dark One and his most powerful followers gone the Dark Gods had started to position themselves to establish their place as his rightful successor. Holding the belief that there could be only one ultimate being of evil within their ranks and that all others had to bow before that being, they refused to share power or negotiate. The dark forces were divided by infighting as the struggled to claim the title of The Dark One and the power it promised. Eventually through conquest and alliances three of the Dark Gods emerged to claim their place as hiss successor.

The most powerful was Jeng’garr, the self-proclaimed Source of Evil. While to those that would come later all of the Dark Gods were immortal, they were capable of killing each other. Jeng’garr it seemed was immune from harm by either mortal or non-mortal means. Jeng’garr existed as dark energy possessing a lesser host. When the host was destroyed Jeng’garr would simply find a new host and without a host it was immune to harm. Jeng’garr was believed by many to have been one of those spawned by the Dark One himself. Currently inhabiting the body of a female, she was seductive, manipulative and vicious. She had drawn many an opponent in with her acts of supposed weakness only to strike the moment they fell for her deception. Jeng’garr led an army of those representing what some would consider the sinful evils.

Mallerok was considered second only to Jeng’garr, and many felt that was only because the two had never fought without interruption. While Jeng’garr sought the ordered corruption and subjugation of existence, Mallerok was wanted chaos and destruction. Mallerok corrupted all that followed it. Mallerok’s influence could be felt throughout existence and while it lacked Jeng’garr’s immortality, it was simply too vast to slay. In opposition to Jeng’garr taking on a female host, Mallerok was male. He was an unorthodox tactician, as skilled in planning as he was in combat. His schemes were designed to spread discord and chaos. He grew stronger as the universe around him burned.

Finally there was Sinn’narr. Compared to Jeng’garr and Mallerok, Sinn’narr was considered weak. He Sinn’narr lacked Jeng’garr’s immortal form and Mallerok’s ability to spread chaos wherever he went; he was magically and physically weaker than either of his rivals, but was ambitious and willing to do anything to get ahead. Sinn’narr emulated Mallerok, feeding off the energy of the Universe around him.

The last of Dark One’s most likely successors had yet to emerge as Sinn’narr, Mallerok and Jeng’garr fought. It was clear that Sinn’narr was outmatched, likely only considered a contender because reality seemed to favour the underdog.

The infighting spanned for countless ages. It was impossible for the combatants to eliminate their opposition when they had to protect themselves on two fronts. Sinn’narr proved to be a frustrating foe since his actions often prevented the other two from finishing their battles. Eventually Jeng’garr and Mallerok joined forces, just long enough to strike against Sinn’narr, easily disabling their weaker foe. By mutual agreement they did not finish him, deciding that the victor of their confrontation would do so as a sign that they had triumphed.

Sinn’narr didn’t know what became of the others. When he had regained awareness, he had sought them out but could find no trace of them. He hoped that they had destroyed each other although witnesses had suggested that Mallerok had somehow tricked Jeng’garr into a battle she could not win before he too found himself in a losing battle and that both had somehow been imprisoned far away. Regardless of where they had gone, Sinn’narr had emerged as the unlikely victor, only to discover that his efforts had been for nought; in his absence other Dark Gods had emerged to claim the throne and with the continuous infighting, the idea of there being one absolute force of evil had been dismissed.

The alleged throne of The Dark One – for there were many who claimed that he had never sat upon it and would never have settled for any throne other than that of his father – lay empty for a long time. While those that considered themselves the natural successors of The Dark One and Mortilus fought each other for dominance, there were others waiting in the shadows, watching for an opportunity to snatch power. And when those fighting for dominance suddenly vanished, the Dark Gods that had held back, emerged to stake their claims.

Since claiming the throne was seen as counter productive to their aims, the idea of there being one absolute force of evil had been dismissed. Instead of opposing each other they agreed to share power until a clear leader emerged. The evil Satan, the prideful Lucifer, the devious Mephisto, the mighty Poneros, the invincible Oligar, and the twisted Haz’tur; the disfigured Javius and the machine goddess Hysteria, along with their lesser siblings Nore, Gorg, Mu, and finally Ramon. Each claimed their own territory As they were joined by others that not been slaughtered in the previous fighting.

The followers of Mortilus snatched up the territories that had not been claimed. They considered themselves first class demons or devils as they preferred. The titles had little importance other than bolstering their egos. Those that were left were simply regarded as demons and developed their own caste system always with the intention of making themselves seem more important than those around them.

And with the question of who would lead settled by a mutual agreement to fight it out at a later date, the Dark Gods were able to turn their attention back to their real enemies. Before the infighting it had been discovered that there were ways to escape their prison.

Both sides boasted powerful entities capable of manipulating mortals on a mental, physical and magical level. Only the soul was immune to these influences since the only way a soul could be controlled was if the individual wished it to be controlled.

However, as the realms grew larger, so the cost of intervention in the world of mortals became ever greater, making such an act physically impossible. A demon could not set foot in the mortal world and use his great power to subjugate the population; angels also found it increasingly difficult to carry out pointless campaigns for the greater good. At least, not without significant cost. After one demon escaped Hell only to become trapped in a pocket dimension, the true cost was clear for all to see.

Saints and angels could freely enter the mortal realms by sacrificing their greater powers and descending to near-mortal levels. That meant they could take on an almost normal appearance. Those who existed in a spiritual form had to find a host. Dead bodies, plants and even rocks were acceptable hosts. Some spirits even managed to manipulate technology and inhabit everyday objects.

The main problem was that once they entered the mortal realm directly, their bodies were prone to damage. Spawning was the favoured solution to this problem since most minor demons were capable of creating an exact likeness of themselves, duplicating both physical and mental attributes. When their old body tired or was destroyed, they simply transferred their consciousness to the replacement form.

The other alternative was to transcend the realms through indirect means. By allowing themselves to be summoned, they retained most of their powers and providing they were strong willed, they were free to act. In some cases though they were bound to act as the slaves of those that summoned them. It was the mortals that devised the ceremonies that in effect created a binding contract between the demon and the mortal. The spells required a focus that if destroyed, would send the demon back to Hell. Some demons chose to simply use the access granted by such spells to intervene on behalf of a mortal in return for a soul, they could enjoy devouring, most often a child. The Dark God Lokar wreaked havoc on many worlds before he was vanquished.

The problems with being summoned were eventually nullified when it was discovered that they could inhabit the body of a willing mortal. All that mortal had to do was accept the offer of power and riches in return for their soul. Many demons used these rituals as ways to access the mortal realms and spread their influence. Since they could provide a way to channel the power of the universal energy, few hosts ever rejected them.

For saints and devils alike, there was no such need for ceremony. On the rare occasion that either side entered the mortal realms, they did so in mortal form. Should they desire to remain there they needed only to mate with a mortal. The saints of course had moral objections to such acts, but over time their intervention in the affairs of lesser beings dwindled.

Devils however mated whenever they wished, selecting their partners carefully for physical traits. Consensual sex was preferred since in that moment of passion their lover failed to realise the true face of their lover. However, a virgin sacrificed in their name was just as acceptable. Either way, the soul belonged to the devil involved.

If the devil in question was female though, the offspring had the potential to become even more powerful. It could be born in either realm, but was stuck there following birth. However, if born in the mortal realms it would retain the powers of its mother while looking perfectly normal. Such vile offspring could change at will into a demonic form, which allowed them to use the power of the universal energy field.

For most demons existence was a complex society of politics and treachery. Raw power alone was never enough to guarantee superiority and no position within the ranks of evil could be considered truly safe. By splitting into multiple entities, the evil force ensured its survival, but it also created infighting between the factions. And through all this, Sinn’narr tried to regain the position he had once held in a universe where he was now a nonentity, pushed aside by the creature known as the Adversary to do so.

The Adversary created the High Clan as part of his domain. Although it was an elite band of evil beings, its power and influence came mostly through trickery. The names were mostly creatures from mythology on human worlds; they’d never been seen together. That was because in truth the High Clan’s more dominant personalities were actually one-entity. Each had their own area of the Adversary’s kingdom to control, where they indulged in their own sinister hobbies. In all it added to the illusion of the Adversary’s strength and added to his reputation.

The battle that had started between creatures that were a part of the fabric of existence was rapidly becoming a fight fought by the least powerful creatures with outcomes that not only challenged who would control the universe, but whether said universe would even survive the war. Eventually the fighting grew so intense that a truce was made limiting how the forces of both sides could conduct their battle. That truce was to remain until the end of days.

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Change in the Celestial Guard

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.

Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

Change in the Celestial Guard

In the Beginning, there had been The One. And it was from The One that the Universe had been born. It had been a random event that had triggered the explosion of energy that formed the foundation of existence. In the wake of the energy The One created The First Ones, celestial beings that were charged with the task of following the energy and bringing some sort of order to the chaos of creation.

The First Ones, often just called Celestials did as they were bidden, using their incredible powers to nudge the formation of the Universe to follow some sort of logic. To start with they tinkered just enough that beings like themselves could find the environment comfortable. Their work passed at an uncontrolled rate. Sometimes they would spend years performing a task that required only minutes while at other times they would complete complex transformations that should have required centuries in a matter of seconds. Time had no real meaning to them allowing them to rapidly catch up with the expanding universe.

The history of the Universe was defined as ages. With each age that passed there came change. The Celestials worked tirelessly as each age passed, rarely allowing themselves to be distracted by the events playing out around them. As they descended through the dimensional planes that had formed naturally in the wake of the explosion, they gave shape and structure to each layer. As they moved onward, the changes they made were bigger in order to make those spaces habitable for what they sensed were increasingly inferior beings; the further they moved away from the origin of the Universe the less advanced the life forms seemed to be.

And then The One sealed himself away from the rest of the Universe, blocking access to his domain with a dimension filled with energy. The wall spread throughout the Universe, following the path the Celestials had travelled, preventing access to The One from any point in creation. While the most advanced beings took a heavy shock from the sudden lack of The One’s presence, the less advanced races showed hardly any evidence they were aware of the change.

As time passed the higher beings gradually followed The One’s example, closing the walls between their dimensional plane and the ones below. They created dimensional buffers containing vast amounts of random energy to keep those beneath them from breaching their dominions. Although no barrier could keep the Celestials from entering any part of the universe they had helped create.

As each plane of reality locked itself away from those beneath, the Celestials found that the life forms they encountered were growing even more primitive and that the work they needed to created living worlds was increasingly more involved. The newer dimensions required more matter and less energy to sustain growth, which was fortunate because they could sense that the energy available to them was diminishing as a result of the higher dimensions blocking the flow.

And so, the Celestials reached a point after which they would stop descending through the dimensions and would instead concentrate their efforts on crafting a physical universe. They created stars, planets and even shaped the first races of the cosmos. They made the first races as close to those in the higher dimensions as they could. And then gave them the tools to partially shape and change the cosmos to their own vision. And the first thing the newly formed races agreed they would do with their combined knowledge and resources was to make their Universe a more logical place.

The Celestials took samples of the races that emerged on the planets that they had created. They accelerated their evolution, seeking those that showed signs of potential. And when they found those they believed capable, they recruited more of their kind and brought them together to work with representatives of other worlds. They gifted their chosen the knowledge to control and modify the universe around them and the technology to make those changes possible. With a combined efforts the Celestials’ chosen tools they were able to rewrite reality and define a baseline of rules from which the Universe would function. Through the application of those laws of physics they made the forces that control existence constant and predictable.

And once their collective work was completed, the individuals were returned to their worlds where they would change their societies to reach the potential the Celestials had found. Although lacking the lacking the technology they had been given for the completion of their task, they retained the knowledge of how to recreate such works that would be passed down until their race reached a level of technology capable of building such tools. The Celestials saw it as a contest to determine which of their chosen worlds would be first to unlock the potential they had shown, and which would be lost along the way.

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Origins: The God Wave

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Origins: The Zeo Knight

Disclaimer: I do not own Green Lantern or Doctor Who. Green Lantern and associated characters belong to DC Comics. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.

The Zeo Knight

The Power was a vast current of raw energy directed through a dimension separate from the rest of reality to protect the other dimensions from its effects. While some energy leaked from the Morphin Grid and manifested as magic, psychic and spiritual energy, the other more powerful forms of energy were mostly restrained. It was not an easy thing to connect pure Grid Energy in a safe and predictable fashion. And despite appearances to the contrary, neither the Time Lords of Gallifrey, not the Guardians of Oa unlocked the secret.

The earliest beings in the higher dimensions had managed to do so by trapping the energy under extreme pressure and condensing it into the form they desired, but the ability to touch and control such forces was beyond the population of the lower planes. Instead, they had shown the ingenuity that the lower races would become known for and cheated. Instead of trapping energy inside objects, they instead trapped the energy inside dimensional pockets and placed the dimension inside the object – for it seemed that dimensional engineering was far easier than creating such objects.

In the early days following the departure of the First Ones, such methods were not available as the Time Lords and their peers had yet to arise. It was a period when the continued existence of those mortals they left behind was not a certainty. The seals holding back the beings within the higher dimensions from simply conquering the lowest level of existence allowed the young races to come together and change the laws of nature within their dimensional plane to something that suited them. But before that occurred, before the Time Lords and the Maltusians, and the other races that formed the first alliance could gather, there had been other threats.

The First Ones had been charged with the task of overseeing the creation of the universe and priming it with the early forms of life. It was a task that they had fulfilled. To accomplish such a feat they had considered as many factors as their limited minds would allow – for despite their intelligence they were designed to favour hard logic over imagination. They had attempted to create a balanced existence where they believed life would have the greatest chance of survival. They had failed to notice that despite their best efforts some denizens of the higher planes of existences remained, hidden in the dark places. And some of those beings had been servants of the Dark One.

When the First Ones departed they unknowingly allowed a powerful demon to remain behind, unrestrained by their edicts. The demon was a being of unmatched power that took the shape of a multi-headed dragon. It was known as Vitara, but like most of its kind that was only a name it had chosen to present to the cosmos – for like many demons the knowledge of its true name was a dangerous first step towards vanquishing it. It had bided its time, hiding away as the First Ones had worked, awaiting their departure before feasting upon the defenceless stars. For the dimension the First Ones had left behind had no means to protect itself from a being such as Vitara, a demon that consumed the life force of worlds and transformed it into a chaotic mass of destructive energy. With nothing to stop its rampage, the beast's power grew ever stronger.

World after world was drained of life as the demon crossed the many galaxies. It not only destroyed the primitive beings that had emerged on a few select planets, but it also stole the power that the First Ones had placed within each world to support and encourage life. As the demon soared through the cosmos, it left behind a trail of dead worlds.

Fortunately, the First Ones' need to have a balanced universe had created safeguards in case such a threat should arise. It was not a simple balance of creating a equal counter to the threat. Instead it sought a champion that would eventually defeat the demon and then with time allow the universe to heal.

While the First Ones had sealed the mortal realm to allow it to evolve before allowing the higher dimensions to interact with it, there were dimensions they could not seal. Some dimensions had been created before the First Ones had been sent out on their mission. Such dimensions were connected to focal points within the young reality. And while the First Ones could access such dimensions and manipulate the forces inside, they were unable to strengthen the barriers between them and other dimensions.

Within existence there were many types of energy: magical energy, psychic energy and spiritual energy were the most common. In the same way that a healthy human required a mixture of fat, carbohydrate and protein to function properly, so the three forms of energy helped to maintain the functioning of reality’s ecosystem. And then there were the more potent forms of energy, those the First Ones had been wary of. Raw Grid Energy was something that even the builders of existence treated with caution it seemed.

Grid Energy was highly disruptive, more so than magic. But left alone, Grid Energy was altered when outside of the Morphin Grid. Over time the energy slowed down and slowly transmuted into something resembling matter. That matter had been found in places across the universe as small fragments of crystal; the First Ones had even used some of those fragments as a means of enhancing the connection to the Morphin Grid by implanting them in the cores of planets.

The world of Zeo was different than most planets because it had been formed backwards as part of an experiment to see if planets constructed in such a fashion would prove more successful. Instead of creating the planet and then implanting a fragment of crystal, the First Ones had instead located a crystal and built a planet around it, trapping the crystal at its core. The results had been promising, but had been stopped when the First Ones discovered that the crystals had continued to grow in size after the planets were formed, meaning that they were still connected to the Morphin Grid.

Life did not emerge on Zeo for a long time although over time the energy leaking through caused the lifeless planet to evolve into a primitive life-form. It did not possess thoughts of its own but had been shaped by the collective thoughts and feelings of the living beings on the worlds around it. And while it could not truly think, it was capable of responding to a threat… or a plea for assistance.

But how does a planet, even one connected to a massive pool of energy respond to a cry for help? The energy needed a conduit through which to work. And so the limited intelligence that had evolved within the dimension reached out to find a suitable avatar for its power. On a primitive world it found a young knight defending a family from bandits. The energy somehow decided that his actions made him worth to be their avatar.

The young man was drawn to Zeo and shown the danger Vitara represented. Although the power could not speak, it conveyed its wishes and from his response, confirmed his

agreement to become its vessel. And so his body was infused with the raw power of the Morphin Grid, changing him from flesh and blood into a being of light and energy. He became the first champion of the mortal plane,

starting a legacy that would continue far into the future and inspire many stories of the heroes fighting demons.

The noble warrior and the demon met in combat and though the knight was powerful due to the power he had been granted, the demon was older, more experienced and had access to the energy it had stolen from millions of worlds. Their battle seemed endless as they moved across the universe

and the knight became aware that his time was growing short – for the energy he had been granted was more than his body, mind and soul could withstand for such a long time without burning out. It was

only as he realised his end was near that the knight’s prayers were answered and he saw an opening. The knight took the opportunity, sacrificing everything that remained of the person he had once been

to destroy the demon, ending its evil rampage.

But while the demon thrashed about in its death throes, the knight realised that his work was far from over. Vitara had caused unimaginable damage to millions of worlds. The energy it had stolen was the raw power of creation, which once corrupted by the demon became chaotic and destructive. As the demon was torn apart from the fatal blow it had received, the energies it contained were unleashed. The untainted power of creation left behind by the First Ones was absorbed into the body of the knight where it mixed with the other energies that now dominated his being. The corrupted energies leaked into space where they solidified into a green crystal sparking with dark energy; when the demon's body exploded the Chaos Crystal was blown far away.

With Vitara seemingly gone, it fell to the knight to try and repair the damage the demon had caused. The knight travelled from dead world to dead world, replacing the energy Vitara had stolen with his own life force. Unable to separate the energy he had absorbed from the magic that

now formed the majority of his essence, he ended up pouring a piece of himself into every world he visited. And as he travelled and reversed the damage the demon had caused, he gave more and more of himself, until very little remained.

In the end, it had taken almost all of the spiritual energy The knight possessed to complete the monumental task. Much of the energy the demon had stolen had been corrupted, and the knight had been forced to replace it with his own while using even more to purge the corruption. The worlds he had visited would recover in time and he expected them to bring forth life as the First Ones had intended. But it was likely that any life that emerged would be tainted by the nobility of

the knight’s sacrifice.

With his task complete, The knight returned to his Zeo to die, but the power that had supported him in his quest refused to let him pass. Vitara had proven there were dangers in the fledging universe that threatened its existence. It needed a defender until it was strong enough to protect itself. The power chose

the knight to fulfil that role as protector. However, he had used up much of his life force restoring the worlds Vitara had savaged. His original body had long burned away and he was no longer able to control the potent

energies he had absorbed. The energies leaked into the world around him, solidifying within its crystal core.

What little remained of the knight’s essence was transferred into the Morphin Grid and soon became a part of the dimension's growing consciousness. Beyond the boundaries of that dimension, his connection to the world that he had left behind upon his supposed death remained. And as the power of the Morphin Grid

continued to flow, so a part of it fed into the crystal core of Zeo and throughout the millions of years that followed, the energy within the crystal increased and the crystal expanded to contain such power.

But it was not just the crystal that was connected to the potent life-giving energies of the knight's new home. The planets he had healed remained connected to his life energy and through it the dimension he now resided. Just like the crystal, those worlds would continue to receive energy, causing them to evolve and attract life. And all of them had been connected to a single dimension filled with power. The evolution that the First Ones had been wishing to see would now begin.

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