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A Room with a Point of View
Why is there a print room in the TARDIS and what does it have to do with victory during the Time War? During an extended tour of the TARDIS, Amy River and Rory find a room that leads to a lesson on propaganda during the time war.

The Real Issue
Following the events of Orphan 55, the TARDIS returns to Earth. While Yaz is sorting out paperwork and Ryan is doing other things, Graham takes the opportunity to speak with the Doctor. And while watching her perform delicate surgery with a hammer, finds out what was really bothering her about Orphan 55.

What did You Do?
The Doctor has been returning to Gallifrey constantly since she first saw it burning. With the message from the Master echoing in her thoughts she has just one question: What did you do? But it’s not the Master she’s asking.

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