End of Days
A pact was made between the forces of Heaven and Hell to preserve the universe. Then somebody broke it. Now in a universe where the darkness has somehow gained the upper hand, it is up to five young aliens and their mentor Gosei to prevent the coming of Armageddon. An attempt to come up with an alternative story for Power Rangers Megaforce.
Legendary Defenders
From times long ago, a new enemy has emerged. Can the Power Rangers hope to stand up to a force that was conquering worlds long before their people existed?
Beyond the Grid
The Power Rangers are faced with a different type of enemy, one that prefers to bombard planets into submission instead of just sending down single monsters. When it becomes clear that the powers of the Morphin Grid will not be sufficient to bring victory, the Rangers must look further afield.
Power Rangers Supreme
The Power Rangers join forces with the Sorcerer Supreme to fight an enemy neither can defeat on their own.
Lantern Rangers
When the Maltusians try to bring order to the universe they set in motion a disaster that can only be stopped by what they consider to be one of their failures: The Lantern Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers combined with a little bit of the Green Lantern.


SPD: The Omega Sacrifice

Rise of the Mega Rangers

Dark World: After the Fall



At the Toss of a Coin

Whatever Happened to the Clone?

Seeking Thunder
After Lord Zedd arrives and takes control of the Zords, Zordon embarks on a plan to upgrade to the Power of Thunder. But first he has to find the Thunderzords and unlock their powers. Can his old student Gosei offer assistance?

The Unsung Heroes
They could never claim to be the greatest team of Rangers. They could never state that they had the respect or even the support of their peers. But at the critical moment, they proved themselves to be the heroes they knew they could be. They are the Turbo Rangers and on that fateful day... None would pass.

Life is but a Dream
When Tommy Oliver heard the Ultimate Secret his mind snapped. But the result was not what some might have expected. This is a work based on Ultimate Power Rangers by Ryuranger.

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