Dark Waters

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Power Rangers, Saban does. The Rangers belong to Saban, as does Sam (sort of). Lin Kuei is taken from the Mortal Kombat cartoon, as are some of the other characters I shall introduce later. This fanfic is written without their consent.

Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different. Thanks to Matt for the feedback from that story it was useful and appreciated. This story is mainly focussed on Billy.

Dark Waters

To the casual observer Aquitar was simply a world covered by ocean. There were no islands above the surface and the entire population lived in domes several miles under the sea. As Billy Cranston had discovered during his long stay on the planet, Aquitar was more than just a water world.

True, the planet’s population needed regular contact with the pure water to survive and as a result did live under water for most of their lives. However, they had also learnt over many thousands of year’s evolution and experience that some tasks were better performed on dry land. Using advanced technology they had managed to force a chunk of the seabed to the surface, where the Aquitians had been able to build a landmass. Several such operations had taken place centuries ago.

However, many on Aquitar had protested against the creation of more islands. As a result a set of floating cities had been created. Shielded from view so as not to spoil the scenery and floating two miles above the water, using pollution-free repulsor lifts, the platforms allowed for the building of machines too delicate to be built in water.

Billy Cranston was lying on one of the smaller islands, his back against the ground; he was watching the stars, trying to find the planet of his birth; Earth. Though he had kept in touch with the other Rangers through the Power Chamber’s communication systems, Billy still felt left out from time to time. Most recently he had learnt about the return of the Green Dragon Ranger and more importantly, the disappearance of Rita and Zedd. He had spent many hours wondering who the new Ranger was and where he had got his power.

“Billy?” a voice asked.

Billy looked around to find his wife smiling down at him. It was hard to imagine that a few years ago he had been a geek, picked on by bullies and hiding behind long words. Then he had become a Ranger and had strengthened his bond with his four best friends. They had helped to draw him out, letting him feel like he belonged. Tommy had joined later and although the team had changed Billy had always felt he had a home.

Then the Power Coins and the Command Centre had been destroyed and Billy had felt a part of himself disappear with them. Even the new Power Chamber and Zeo Powers were not enough to make him feel part of the team. Too many changes had taken place, especially within Billy. When he had used his device to return to his normal age, he had not counted on continuing to age. As a result his one real chance to become a Ranger had been lost when he was unable to claim the Gold Ranger Powers.

He sighed to himself. He might have lost his chance to be a Ranger, but he had found something greater, Cestria. He had loved her since they had first met. They had spent time together during the battle with the Hydro Contaminators and even more time since he had been cured. Together they had made themselves a home and hoped someday to adopt a child for themselves.

“Are you okay?” Cestria asked, the concern evident in her voice.

“Affirmative,” Billy replied, grinning at his use of the word after learning to say just ‘yes’. “I was just contemplating the identity of the Green Ranger the others were telling me about.”

Cestria nodded and joined her husband looking up at the stars. When they had first gotten together, she had felt they would not last. But as the weeks had progressed, she had found herself more and more drawn to him. Then he had asked her to marry him. She had agreed and the ceremony had taken place.

The joining of an Aquitian female to a human male had raised a few eyebrows, especially when it had been revealed he was from Earth, a planet considered barbaric by most standards. Billy had been surprised to discover that Earth was a restricted planet. The only interference allowed was the placement of a Ranger team.

Even so Cestria was proud of the way Billy had conducted himself. He had accepted the fact he had a lot to learn and had maintained an open mind. Their wedding had opened him up even more as it was discovered Billy was a latent telepath. His skills had increased through training to the extent where he could now communicate with others and had a sixth sense about danger.

“Do you miss them?” Cestria asked.

“Sometimes,” Billy replied. “But my heart is here now, with you.”

The two lonely figures were silent as they watched the stars above them, unaware that in the not too distant future their happiness would end and their world would die.

On the small moon of the planet known as Miro-7 HydroHog listened to what his visitors had to say. When his servants had told him Baboo and Squatt had requested an audience he had been tempted to refuse outright. The last time he had had anything to do with Rita, Zedd and their subordinates he had ended up on the receiving end of Shogun MegaFalconzord’s energy blast.

But the request had not come from Rita and Zedd; it had come from Squatt. There had been no mention about Rita and Zedd except that Squatt and Baboo had been allowed to take care of a personal grudge. This was what interested the HydroHog.

It seemed that despite all the abuse the two henchmen had suffered they remained fiercely loyal to Rita. HydroHog remembered Squatt and Baboo from his early days as a villain. Then he had taken advantage of their stupidity and used it for his personal gain. Now though they didn’t seem as naive as they appeared. He could sense that despite their loyalty and, he used the word lightly, honesty, there were clear signs of intellect. Their plan was crude, but showed they had thought it through. Something about their mysterious friend worried him though and he wished he could think of a way to ask them. In the end he decided it was unimportant for the time being.

“So, you help us defeat those Aquitian Rangers and you can have the planet,” Squatt concluded.

“And its population?” HydroHog asked.

“Anything on the planet except for the Power Coins is yours to take. You can even have that worthless Earthling, Cranston.”

“And you two will fight with me?” HydroHog had at first been sceptical until Baboo had managed to beat some of his Hydron Soldiers.

“Anything,” Baboo insisted. “Just help us defeat those Rangers.”

“Very well,” HydroHog said after some thought. “We will go now!”

As he spoke Baboo and Squatt felt themselves being teleported to the HydroHog’s space cruiser. In a flash the ship activated its hyper jets and took off towards Aquitar.

Aurico, the Red Aquitian Ranger, sat in the command chair of the Aquitian Orbital Surveillance Centre. As normal it was his turn to watch over the planet’s early warning system manned by dedicated Aquitian soldiers. Although the planet was at peace, it had long been accepted that the price of peace was constant vigilance.

As a result every Aquitian took turns in monitoring the planet’s defences, ensuring that any unusual activity could be investigated early without the need for force. Misunderstandings could be sorted and threats could be dealt with, without costing the lives of innocent beings.

“Sir,” Corino called. “We have something on long range scans.”

Aurico moved over to where the young Aquitian was sitting. Corino was new to the security team and as such had a tendency to over react. Fortunately for Aurico the younger officer was also a quick learner and had only needed to be told once. Now he just alerted his superior officer instead of the whole planet.

Aurico walked across to where the junior officer was sitting and took a look at the image on the screen. Something large was heading into Aquitar’s system at hyperspeed. Deciding that it might be worth a closer look, Aurico activated the commlink to the nearest patrol craft.

“Captain Salm,” he said as the image of the ship’s senior officer appeared.

“Ranger Aurico,” the captain replied politely.

“We have a large unidentified ship entering the system,” Aurico told him. “It’s not transmitting any identification. Would you mind taking a look?”

Captain Salm smiled, obviously glad to be doing something. “Certainly Ranger Aurico, we’ll check it out.”

Aurico waited until the captain deactivated his viewscreen before sending a telepathic message to the other Rangers.

*Tideus, Delphine, Cestro, Corcus, we might have trouble.*

*On our way,* Delphine replied.

Aurico then activated the emergency system to alert the rest of Aquitar to standby.

“Wow, that was quick,” Squatt said as the ship emerged from hyperspace.

“You sound like you’ve never travelled by ship before,” HydroHog said.

“Well the last real trip was on Serpenterra when we were running from the Machine Empire,” Squatt said.

“And before that it was in a Dumpster with Rita, Finster and Goldar,” Baboo added.

One of the HydroHog’s soldiers turned towards its master, the HydroHog listened for a moment and then nodded. Baboo and Squatt exchanged looks. They had never realised the HydroHog was telepathic.

Baboo watched as the blue skinned creature, which was the approximate size of one of Rita’s original Putty Patrollers. They were blue in colour and their faces resembled the mask from some horror movie. Then he turned his attention back to the HydroHog.

“Well,” the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Black Seas of Aquitar told his two passengers. “Seems I have two bits of news for you. Firstly the Machine Empire has been reinstated as part of the UAE. Second and more important, a ship is approaching from Aquitar.”

The HydroHog smiled at the look of concern on Squatt’s face. Baboo uncoiled his talons ready for battle. ~This should be interesting,~ HydroHog though to himself.

“Unidentified ship, this is Aquitar Defence Craft C79, please state your course and intentions.” The message repeated itself several times on a continuous loop over the communications system.

“No answer,” he instructed the soldier. “Let them get closer.”

He turned to another of his troops and ordered, “Prepare to fire when we are in range and then switch on the subspace antenna. It’s time they learn who we are.”

Aquitar Defence Craft C79 was a six-man shuttle designed for high-speed interception. The craft had a rectangular body with a slanting nose at the front. On the bottom of each side it had a ski that housed the engines and provided extra manoeuvrability. As standard for the model the designers had not included weaponry other than a small laser for self-defence.

Captain Salm sat in his command chair, waiting for the unidentified craft to respond. There was something familiar about the way the ship was approaching, but he couldn’t place it.

“No response sir,” the Communications Officer reported.

“Keep trying,” Captain Salm replied. “Helm, take us closer.”

The ship continued towards the oncoming vessel. As they got nearer, the other ship dropped out of hyperspace just short of Aquitar.

“Sir, that’s the HydroHog’s ship,” the Helmsman stated, panic evident in his voice.

“Get us out of here!” Salm ordered. He turned to the Communications Officer and said, “Send a message to Aquitar, top priority.”

The whole ship rocked as it was hit by a blast of laser fire. A second more powerful shot crippled the shields and the third shot caused the ship to explode.

Aurico and the other Rangers watched the explosion on the monitor. As emergency systems were activated, the five Aquitian Rangers together with Billy and Cestria prepared for battle. Although Cestria was not officially a Ranger, she had been given the task of acting as the Rangers’ eyes and ears when they were in combat. Billy on the other hand was a Ranger. Although he could no longer draw on his powers, he had the experience and spirit to fight to defend the planet.

*Planetary Defenses have been activated,* Delphine advised the others in the room.

Despite the fact they still had no idea who they were facing, the Rangers had decided to take no chances after witnessing the C79 destroyed. Aquitar had a formidable defence plan against invaders, and although it had not been completely repaired since the battle with the HydroContaminators, it was still sufficient to see off most attackers.

As the planet’s armed forces activated the defence systems, the planet’s shield was activated. Covering the entire surface of Aquitar the shield was a defence against bombardment from orbit and the occasional meteor strike. On the planet’s surface the floating cities were pulled towards the raised islands to act as cover for the more valuable cities below. On each platform a set of weapon systems were activated; surface to space missile systems designed to be fired on enemy targets.

Finally, the entire population of Aquitar was warned about the possible attack. With the defences activated the final say in defending the planet was in the hands of the Aquitian Rangers.

*We’re getting a signal,* Tideus reported.

The monitor screen came to life revealing a face that the Rangers had hoped never to see again. “This is the HydroHog calling the planet Aquitar. By order of the Emperor of the Black Seas of Aquitar you are hereby commanded to surrender.”

To emphasise the point the planet was hit by a blast from the HydroHog’s ship. Despite the shields deflecting the blast, the whole planet shook from the assault.

“You have two hours to surrender,” HydroHog added as the screen went blank.

Cestria found Billy watching the battle from his own private system. When the HydroHog had given the Rangers time to surrender, nobody had believed him. Within minutes his forces had breached Aquitar’s shielding by crashing through. The Rangers had left soon after, calling on their Battle Borgs to fight off some of the monsters he had sent down. Meanwhile the ordinary Aquitians were holding off the foot soldiers that were attempting to break into the domes.

“Billy, what’s wrong?” Cestria asked. She could sense her husband was uneasy, but not about losing the battle.

“Something is not right,” Billy replied. “From what Cestro told me about the HydroHog this is not the way he usually attacks. Why isn’t he draining the water?”

“Maybe he’s waiting for something,” Cestria suggested.

Billy nodded and continued to watch the fight.

With teamwork that had been perfected through years of experience and trust the Rangers fought back against the HydroHog’s forces. Despite the numbers the Rangers had been able to take the monsters out one at a time.

Up until this point it had been easy for them to defend. Suddenly the odds changed. Two monsters they did not recognise appeared in front of them.

The first resembled what Billy had referred to as a giant blueberry on legs. Its razor sharp teeth gleamed in the sun. The other looked like Goldar, the well-known servant of Lord Zedd. Instead of the gold armour though he was covered in a metal skin. His talons were fully extended and the device covering one eye glowed an ominous red.

Billy and Cestria watched the battle as it moved backwards and forwards across the planet. The Battle Borgs were more than a match for the new creatures who somehow reminded Billy of Squatt and Baboo, especially the blueberry.

“Billy, there’s something wrong with Tideus,” Cestria called suddenly.

Billy looked at the screen and swore when he noticed the Yellow Battle Borg had stopped moving. *Tideus,* he called, hoping not to disturb the other Rangers. There was no response. As he watched Billy noticed both Corcus and Cestro had stopped fighting as well. Their Borgs were fighting automatically, but some simple moves were breaching their defences.

“*Delphine!*” Billy called, both telepathically and audibly. He suddenly realised what had happened and hoped he could contact the remaining Rangers.

“Too late Ranger,” a voice said.

Billy turned to see one of the HydroHog’s monsters standing in the doorway, a knife pressed against Cestria’s throat. Determined not to hurt an innocent while attempting to save a Ranger, who might already be dead, Billy had no choice but to surrender, he placed a small knife in his pocket as he did so, keeping hold of it for later.

With a single swipe of his talons Baboo tore through the Yellow, Black and Blue Battle Borgs. Squatt was still busy with the White and Red Battle Borgs, but as Baboo looked to where the HydroHog had sneaked up on the Rangers he saw Aurico, and eventually Delphine, collapse to the ground from the villain’s attack.

The plan had worked perfectly. With a squad of monsters they had attacked the planet. Unlike HydroHog’s normal attacks, instead of hiring monsters to do the job he had created his own. The Rangers had as expected beaten them back. Then it was Baboo and Squatt’s turn. Between them they had held off the Battle Borgs long enough for the HydroHog to sneak up on them and drain their water.

As the White Aquitian Rangers was about to fall, Squatt noticed she held out her hand. The Power Coins from the other Rangers floated to her hand where she used her other hand to place her Coin on the top. A sixth coin appeared, unmarked but obviously able to tap the Morphin Grid.

“Stop her!” Squatt shouted.

Too late the HydroHog realised what the White Ranger was doing. She threw the coins into the air and sent them to a new owner, the final act of a defeated Ranger. Then she collapsed.

With the Rangers gone, the Battle Borgs vanished. Squatt and Baboo returned to their normal size and waited for the HydroHog to join them. Already the water containers they had hidden in the atmosphere were working, draining the planet’s water and with it, the entire population.

“We finally win,” Baboo cried, knowing that nothing could prevent them from gaining revenge on the hated being who had wronged them centuries before.

*William, it is time to wake up young Wolf.*

Billy opened his eyes as he felt somebody shaking him. Turning over he discovered the ropes he had been tied with were gone. He took the opportunity to look around his cell, hoping to find a way out.

Next to his feet were the ropes he had been tied up with. Next to them lay the knife he had taken the liberty of concealing earlier, when he had surrendered.

He noticed his cell must have been constructed a very long time ago. It was made of stone with a wooden door. Billy knew the Aquitians had put an end to crimes requiring incarceration years ago and assumed the cell may have been built by other inhabitants of the planet.

Billy took the time to study the door. It was locked by means of a key, which from an inspection of the lock was too complicated to copy in the form of a pick. Both the hinges were made of a dull metal embedded in the wooden door. Kneeling down he ran his hand along the bottom of the door and found no obvious gap in the bottom for leverage.

Standing upright he could feel an extra weight in the pockets of his jeans. Deciding to investigate he turned out the contents into his hand. Six golden coins were revealed five with the symbols of the Ninja Powers. Those, he realised, were the property of the Aquitian Rangers. The sixth coin was slightly larger with a hole in the centre.

Billy quickly decided that he should escape first and then try to figure why he had the coins, how he had got them and what the big coin was for. Pulling himself up to the grill in the cell door, he looked out into the corridor. Outside his cell were two of HydroHog’s blue skinned soldiers were on guard. He could also see six other cells. Each was carefully guarded.

*William, you must escape, now!* A familiar voice said.

*Ninjor?* He asked.

*It is I, young Wolf,* the Blue Morphin Master seemed to say.

Billy realised this was not the same form of the communication as he shared with the Aquitian Rangers. Instead of hearing the message in his mind he felt it in every part of his body.

*What about the others,* Billy asked.

*You must get the Power Coins to Zordon,* Ninjor told him. *Then you can come back with the others to rescue your friends.*

Billy felt something burning his hand. As he looked down, he noticed the Blue Ranger coin flashing, the image of the wolf become more and more prominent. Behind the Wolf Billy could just make out the images of a Triceratops, a Unicorn and a human looking figure that he had never noticed when looking at Cestro’s coin in the past.

*Morph Billy* Ninjor’s voice said, more insistent.

With a mental shrug Billy decided to do what he was told. Placing the other coins in his pocket, he looked at the Wolf Coin. He had seen Cestro call on his power by flipping the coin in the air, but Billy doubted that would work for him. Instead he closed his eyes and mentally placed the coin in his pocket dimension. Then he remembered how he used to morph and imagined himself pulling his morpher from the pocket dimension with the coin in place. As he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself holding the morpher with the coin inserted and ready for action.

“It’s Morphin Time!” Billy called. “Wolf!”

For a moment Billy was overcome by the sensation of morphing again after such a long time. He opened his eyes to find himself in the costume he had worn as the Blue Ranger and not in the uniform Cestro had worn as he had expected. He quickly decided the person morphing and not the coins decided the uniform.

Outside his cell he could hear the sound of his guards trying to open the cell door. Drawing his Blade Blaster, he fired three times. The first two shots struck the hinges and the third hit the lock. Launching himself into the air Billy drop-kicked the door, knocking down the two Hydrons trying to open the door.

As he picked himself up off the floor, he once again drew his Blade Blaster and fired at the nearest Hydron. As the blast hit, the Hydron exploded like a water balloon. Laying down a barrage of fire he made his way down the corridor, unsure which way he should be heading.

*Turn left,* Ninjor’s voice said.

Billy did as he was told, keeping his eyes open for any sign of the Hydrons. The power of the Wolf combined with Ninjor’s mental prodding gave Billy a keen sense of warning. Anytime one of the HydroHog’s soldiers tried to sneak up from behind Billy was able to fire his blaster and destroy them.

His journey ended when he reached the control room the Rangers had used as their control centre. Inside he could make out the HydroHog along with the villains he had identified as Squatt and Baboo. Delphine had been tied to a chair, her neck exposed to Baboo’s talons. In front of her, the HydroHog was standing, a knife placed against Cestria’s neck.

Every fibre of Billy’s body wanted to rush in and rescue his friends, but with both their lives on the line he could not guarantee their safety. Instead Billy decided to try another approach.

*Cestria,* he called, hoping his wife had enough strength to reply. From what he had seen HydroHog had only provided the two females with enough water to stand live.

*Billy?* The reply came.

*I’m outside the door,* he sent back.

*Get away,* he heard Cestria call. *They’re going to kill us.*

As Billy watched, he saw the HydroHog slap Delphine across the face again. “One more time little fish, where are the Power Coins?”

*Delphine,* Billy called. *Tell him to look behind him.*

Using his Ranger powers to analyse the situation Billy managed to find a shot, which would hopefully, free Delphine and Cestria. As Delphine spoke the three villains turned to face him, thus releasing their captive slightly. Billy hoped it was enough. Aiming at the ceiling, he fired a single shot, causing the roof to cave in. As he had hoped Cestria was pushed clear as HydroHog and Squatt tried to escape the rubble. Delphine meanwhile had taken her cue from Billy and had managed to strike Baboo with the chair, causing him to fall over.

Billy took advantage of the situation and managed to drag Delphine and Cestria from the room. His first priority now was to find water to rehydrate his wife and the White Ranger.

Despite carrying two Aquitians, Billy made good progress towards the HydroHog’s nearest cloudbank. His plan was simple: restore Delphine so she could morph and then rescue the others. He froze when he heard a group of Aquitians screaming not far away.

Leaving Delphine and Cestria with the water Billy made his way to the nearest viewport. From there he could see a shadow moving inside the containment camps. As it touched the Aquitians held within their bodies disintegrated.

Suddenly he heard a scream from behind. As he turned, he saw the shadow moving from the spot where Cestria had been lying, leaving a pile of black ash in his wake.

“No!” Billy cried, his rage fuelling him as he leapt towards the shadow. “Power Lance!” he called as he landed.

The Power Lance formed in his hands. Spinning the weapon quickly Billy advanced on the shadow. A smile seemed to form on its face as it reached towards Billy. With an effort Billy channelled his power into the Power Lance. He drove the weapon forward and watched as the shadow dissolved to nothing.

“B.. illy,” Delphine said as he cradled her head. “So sor..”

After demorphing, Billy fished into his pocket and pulled out Delphine’s Power Coin. All the Rangers had accelerated healing, but it was also possible for the White Ranger to heal others. Billy had decided a long time ago that each Ranger had a different skill to bring to the team. He hoped that the White Ranger’s power to heal others would allow her to heal herself.

“Delphine, morph,” Billy told her as he placed the coin in her hand.

“A…Aquitar Ranger Power!” Delphine called.

As Billy watched Delphine’s body glowed white for a second and then returned to its unpowered form. Apart from cleaning some of the wounds, Billy was disappointed to find the Falcon Coin had done little to help. Delphine opened her eyes as Billy tried to revive her with some water.

“Don’t blame yourself Billy,” she said as she felt the life draining out of her. “I am free. You must try to help the others.”

Reluctantly, Billy replaced the coin in his pocket and set off to help the other Aquitian Rangers and hopefully the innocent population of the planet. Now was not the time to grieve the loss of his wife or his friend. When the others were safe, he would have time to think. “Wolf!” he called as he set off to escape Aquitar and call for help.

HydroHog stared at the creature approaching them. Neither he nor his associates had created this monster and all three of them were wondering whose side it was on.

“I am Deathbringer,” the Creature told him.

The creature was dressed in black boots, a black leather body suit and a golden belt. Around the back of his neck was an extended black collar, covering the back of his head. The head was an unnatural shade of white with thick black rings around the eyes and a line stretching back over the skull. Both his hands were covered with the same sickly skin as the head with sharp nails on the end of each finger. Two backward curving blades were attached to each arm. Finally in his right hand was a long metal scythe, crackling with energy.

Baboo and Squat had been unable to take their eyes off the black sphere hovering above the scythe, in which they could occasionally make out the faces of some Aquitians they had placed in the containment camps.

“Who sent you?” HydroHog demanded.

“They did,” the creature replied, pointing at Baboo and Squatt. “My old comrades have returned.”

Baboo and Squatt exchanged glances, an idea starting to form in their minds. True they had wanted to kill HydroHog themselves, but by having Deathbringer kill him they save themselves the effort. Besides, they needed to make sure their old friend had maintained his edge after such a long period of confinement. Deciding to try something Squatt turned to the HydroHog and asked, “What next Navius?”

Squatt’s question was rewarded by a surprised look on the HydroHog’s face and a look of hatred on the stern face of the Deathbringer. Tiny sparks of electricity shot from the tip of the scythe to the ground.

“Navius, a hero of the Grid War, ally of Zordon of Eltare.” The monotone voice of Deathbringer sounded almost robotic.

“And now a friend of Cranston,” Baboo added, hoping the monster was as foolish and gullible as he had once been. Gullible enough to believe him.

“Your time is up Navius!” Deathbringer said, swinging his scythe in a wide arc. As the tip made contact with HydroHog, his body was transformed into dust. The sphere above the scythe glowed brightly as the HydroHog’s molecules were absorbed.

“No,” the HydroHog protested, “I am the HydroHog, Emperor of the Dark Seas of Aquitar.”

Raising his hand to the sky Deathbringer summoned four cloaked figures, who reminded Squatt and Baboo of a picture they had seen in an Earth book about a creature known as the Grim Reaper.

“Go,” Deathbringer addressed his new creations. “Finish the job.”

“He’s dead,” Baboo and Squatt cried happily when Deathbringer had finally gone. After years of being down trodden following HydroHog’s treachery they had at last had their revenge.

More than twelve thousand years ago, whilst on a mission for Rita, Baboo and Squatt had ended up in a fight against Zordon of Eltare. The White Morphin Master had fought well, but between them Squat and Baboo had beaten him to the ground.

Then, Navius had shown up to help his friend. Using his powers, he had managed to absorb water from a nearby ocean and direct it into Squatt and Baboo. If Zordon had not restrained him, Navius would have finished them there and then.

The time had passed and Navius had defected to the UAE. After changing his name to the HydroHog he had become a legend, living off his reputation as the ruthless villain who had nearly beaten the Rangers of Aquitar. Everybody had overlooked the fact that he was in fact one of the UAE’s most wanted enemies. Even the forces of good were somehow unable to see that Navius and HydroHog were one and the same. When Baboo and Squatt had attempted to reveal his identity they had been laughed at and humiliated.

As the millennia had passed, the HydroHog’s legend had continued to grow, while Baboo and Squatt were merely two useless imbeciles who worked for Rita. Now however, they were heroes, the two villains who had helped to destroy Navius. And the fact it had happened on Aquitar made all the better.

After thousands of years Baboo and Squatt were in the best shape of their lives. They had had revenge against Navius, conquered Aquitar and, with a little help from Deathbringer, they had improved their status in the UAE.

“So what now?” Squatt asked.

“We go to Gamma Vile and join Rita and Zedd,” Baboo replied.

True they were rulers of the planet, but they wanted more. And Aquitar was definitely not the place to stay if they wanted to rule the Universe. In a flash they two villains vanished, leaving Aquitar in the hands of the Hydron Soldiers who now served them.

Billy’s escape from his cell had damaged the door to Aurico’s cell. With all the strength he could muster Aurico struggled out of his cell and freed his fellow Rangers. Although still lacking Delphine they all agreed to try to help Billy. Their Power Coins were gone, but they were still linked to the Ninja Powers.

“Ninja Ranger Power!” they called together.

The Rangers found themselves clothed in Ninja costumes complete with face masks. Attached to the front of their costumes were a set of shurikens. The Rangers reached out and took a weapon from subspace.

Aurico found himself wielding a powerful broadsword. Moving it through the air he could see the faint red glow on the tip of the blade. On his chest a gold coin showed the image of the Ape.

Corcus found himself holding a bow staff. A black cloak was attached to the back of his uniform. The image of a Frog was engraved on his chest.

Cestro was holding a small axe. On his left hand a set of steel blades appeared. On his coin was the picture of the Wolf.

Finally, Tideus was armed with a set of sais. He hooked the weapons into his belt and prepared for hand to hand combat. On his chest the picture of the Bear shone brightly.

Together the Rangers made their way out of the cell block, looking for any indication of which dome they were in. As they rounded the corner, they were confronted by four shadowy figures.

Despite their best attempts to fight back, the Rangers were overcome by the Deathbringer’s creations. As each of the monsters touched a Ranger, the Ranger was reduced to a pile of ashes.

Corcus managed to hold out the longest, using his Ninja Ground Swimming and Decoy techniques to escape his attackers and then strike back. As he drove his staff into the last monster’s chest, the monster collapsed to the ground. Corcus turned around in time to see the Deathbringer’s scythe swinging towards him.

Billy made his way towards the communication centre. As he entered, he was surprised to find it unguarded, although after careful observation he discovered the equipment had been smashed beyond repair. Deciding to improvise Billy opened his subspace pocket and pulled out the toolkit he had designed a while for working on the Zords.

It took him a few seconds to find the equipment he needed: a coil of wire, power cell, and a voice encoder unit from the Tigerzord and a soldering iron. Carefully opening the main communications console he cleared the wrecked components out of the way, using his Blade Blaster on some of the larger components.

Using the existing wiring at the back of the console, Billy connected the power cell to the antenna on the top of the dome. He then connected the voice encoder to the power cell, using the coil as an amplifier. Now all he had to do was send the message and hope the transmitter dish was pointing the right way. After placing the toolbox back in subspace he was disappointed to find he did not have enough power to send the signal to Earth.

Sighing he demorphed and placed his coin into the coil. As the energy started to flow, he sent his message.

“Help! This is Billy Cranston, former Blue Ranger of Earth now residing on Aquitar calling. Hostile forces allied with the UAE have taken control of Aquitar and are killing its population. If anybody receives this message please send help immediately.”

Billy was about to send the message again when he heard a noise behind him. He grabbed his coin and rolled out of the way as Deathbringer’s scythe sliced through the communication systems, destroying his makeshift communicator. The message and all hope of a rescue were lost.

“Wolf!” Billy called as he tried to morph again.

*Don’t let him touch you young Wolf,* he heard Ninjor say.

Ducking as the scythe moved towards him, Billy summoned his Power Lance and parried the blow. Both Billy and the Deathbringer were thrown to the ground as the electricity pushed them away from each other.

“I already have your wife and your friends,” Deathbringer said in his monotone voice. The sphere on top of his scythe revealed the images of Cestria and the Aquitian Rangers trapped inside. “Surrender and you can join them,” the monster offered.

“Never,” Billy growled, charging up his Power Lance.

The two enemies battle back and forth, attacking and blocking each other’s move. Finally Deathbringer was able to slip past Billy’s defences. Using the blades on his arm he slashed Billy across the chest, knocking the Blue Ranger to the ground again. Raising his staff, the Deathbringer moved closer.

Billy waited until the monster was within reach, then jumped to his feet and kicked the monster’s knee. Before the Deathbringer could react, Billy scissor-kicked his neck, using a sidekick to knock him down.

“Arghhh!” the monster yelled in pain as he unleashed a blast from his eyes.

Billy found himself lifted from the ground, unable to avoid fourth attacks. In desperation Billy summoned Cestro’s sword and threw it at the sphere. As expect Deathbringer was distracted trying to protect the source of his power. Seeing his chance Billy waited until Deathbringer had turned away from him and the eye beams were no longer holding him. He rolled to the ground and split his Power Lance in half.

As Deathbringer finally regained his composure and once again advanced on the Ranger, Billy ran at him, leapt into the air and energised his weapons. Striking with first the left half of the Power Lance, then the right half and finally stabbing both parts into the monster Billy stepped back as Deathbringer fell to the ground.

“No!” Deathbringer cried angrily, “This cannot end like this. I am not a mere monster. I will grow!”

While Deathbringer was on the ground, Billy aimed his Blade Blaster at the sphere and fired. He had a feeling that by doing so he would kill those inside, but with no way for them to return he decided death was a better option than eternity spent powering the Deathbringer.

The sphere exploded in a variety of colours, releasing its contents into the air. As the explosion cleared, Billy thought he could hear voices saying ‘thank you’. Six streaks of light struck him in the chest, making him feel better.

Deathbringer meanwhile had grown to full height, breaking through the dome and into the open air. For a moment Billy was tempted to cover his head due to the incoming water. Then he remembered there was no water left on the planet other than the stuff that was stored in the HydroHog’s cloudbanks.

Billy rolled as he felt the end of the scythe hit the ground. With Deathbringer at full height Billy knew he was outmatched. Drawing his Blade Blaster Billy fired, hoping he could cause some damage to the giant monster.

*Billy,* he heard Ninjor’s voice say again. *Call on your Zord.*

*The Zords are gone,* Billy replied.

He remembered the two Zords he had operated before Master Vile had turned back time with the Orb of Doom. The Ninja Zord had been at times the most powerful Zord he had ever controlled and the Blue Shogun Zord had made even that Zord seem weak.

*Call on the Zords Blue Ranger,* Ninjor insisted.

Trusting the Blue Morphin Master, Billy closed his eyes. With Ninjor’s spirit guiding him, Billy reached deep into the Blue Ranger Power.

Billy found himself drifting down a corridor towards four blue doors. Behind them he realised were the powers of the Blue Ranger. The first draw was marked by the Triceratops. The second door had the image of the Unicorn on it. The image of the Wolf was on the third door. For a moment Billy glanced at the fourth door. It was marked with the image of the Blue Ranger.

Billy considered which door to open and chose the third door. As the door opened, knowledge flowed into his mind, telling him how to operate the Wolf Zord. Placing his hands on his belt Billy teleported back to reality.

“Blue Battle Borg online!” Billy called.

As he watched the might warrior appeared in front of him, now fully recovered from its battle with the HydroHog’s monsters. With Billy guiding its moves, the Battle Borg was able to hold its own against the Deathbringer.

With a quick swipe the Deathbringer struck the Battle Borg with his now enlarged arm blades. The scythe disappeared for a short time as the Deathbringer used his other arm to strike the Battle Borg’s arm.

“Ninja Wolf Zord, Power Up!” Billy called as the pain from the Battle Borg was transferred back to its operator.

As he leapt into the air, Billy was transported to the cockpit of his Zord. As it accelerated towards the monster, it pounced at the Deathbringer, trapping the monster’s left arm with its teeth. The Battle Borg meanwhile had produced a larger version of Cestro’s old sword and hacked at the other arm.

“Get off!” Deathbringer called.

Large bolts of energy erupted from the monster’s arms, throwing the Zords to the ground. Inside the Wolf Zord Billy struggled to regain his senses.

“Blue Shogun Zord, now!”

As Billy called the most powerful of the three Zords appeared, armed with a version of the Power Lance. Billy teleported to the Shogun Zord’s cockpit and the new Zord battled with the Deathbringer, who had once again summoned his scythe.

While the Deathbringer was distracted battling the Shogun Zord, the Battle Borg and Ninja Wolf Zord attacked. The Wolf Zord pounced on the monster as he tried to block a blow from the Shogun Zord. The impact knocked the Deathbringer off balance. The Battle Borg took the opportunity to jump from the Shogun Zord’s shoulders, slicing the scythe through in half.

“Wolf Zords, full power!” Billy called, placing his power coin into the slot in the Shogun Zord’s cockpit.

The Battle Borg stood up and ran towards the Shogun Zord, which opened to accommodate it. As the Battle Borg slipped inside, the Shogun Zord closed around it to form a powerful body.

The Shogun Zord began to transform, its body changing from humanoid form into an animal form. The head retracted into the body, the arms transformed into the front legs and the legs transformed into the hind legs.

The Ninja Wolf Zord meanwhile pulled its legs and tail into the body along with the head. The body then transformed into a large wolf head and connected with the neck of the Shogun Zord. A loud growl erupted from the large wolf as it began its final assault on the stunned monster.

As the Zord ran, it built up speed. Deathbringer braced himself, expected the Zord to simply run through him. Instead, as the Zord reached its top speed, Billy pressed a button on the control board. Claws emerged from each leg and the Zord opened its mouth wide and jumped.

The rest of the battle was over with quickly. The Zord struck the powerful monster at full speed, its claws and teeth breaking through the monster’s skin, ripping him to pieces. As each claw and tooth penetrated a bolt of blue energy was released, destroying the monster.

Exhausted Billy powered down the Zord and teleported to safety.

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Blast From The Past

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Power Rangers, Saban does. The Rangers belong to Saban as does Sam (sort of). Lin Kuei is taken from the Mortal Kombat cartoon as are some of the other characters I shall introduce later. This fanfic is written without their consent.

Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
This story is based just before Good as Gold, Billy is on Aquitar and the Machine Empire is still intact. Also in my timeline Scorpina never left Rita’s service and has been working in the background since The Mutiny.
This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Blast From the Past

Contact had been made. For what seemed like an eternity he had been trapped in the Dark Dimension, outside of reality. His physical body had been destroyed by the cursed Power Rangers. Of course even Zordon was unaware of the truth behind evil; it could be vanquished to a dimension where it could do no harm, but could never be destroyed.

As he floated in the void, he remembered the time he had spent in Limbo. He had learnt the secret of the Dimensions and that in each dimension there exists the chance that a different version of a person existed. There was more than one Lord Zedd, more than one Machine Empire and more than one Earth where the Power Rangers fought against evil. The Dark Dimension allowed him to view all the dimensions and to witness the fight between good and evil.

In some dimensions the Power Rangers were servants of the UAE, in some they were the evil rulers and in some they simply did not exist. The same was true about the villains he had come to know. Once in the Dark Dimension all the different versions joined together to form one being.

He had shortly after arriving discovered he still had a link to his physical body. It was through this link that he had first discovered the difference between him and the others in the dimension. Whereas they had died powered by evil, he had been holding the powers of a Ranger. As such he had retained his powers and could leave at any time, although without a body he would be doomed to wander as a spirit.

“If I cannot escape from here, maybe I can make contact with someone in the real world and tell them what they need to do.”

He looked down at the assembled villains, monsters and henchmen who were now loyal to him. With the power he had, conquering a group of powerless villains had been easy. His hand reached out and a book appeared. The book held the details of every being and artefact ever destroyed by the forces of good. He noted that from his dimension the Sword of Darkness still existed, as did three of the Badges of Darkness.

A plan began to form in his mind. He now knew who to talk to and how to gain his freedom. His chance for revenge was at hand, not just on those who had destroyed him, but also the being who had caused his death through sabotage.

A powerful staff appeared in his hand and he pointed it at the ground, “I command the portal to open!”


Jason Lee-Scott walked through the forest to the south of Angel Grove. He had been working out during the day and was now on his way home. The last time he had been in the forest it had been with Tommy, running from the Machine Empire as the made their way to the Power Chamber. That had been the day he had taken the mantle of the Gold Ranger. Now his powers were failing him. He had been warned that holding the Gold Ranger Power was dangerous for any human, but had accepted the risk to help his friends.

Zordon had warned him that Alpha had detected small fluctuations in his life signs when morphed and that it might be necessary to give up the powers. He had not mentioned the pain he felt when morphing. The longer he could hold out, the longer Trey would have to pull himself together, literally.

“Gold Ranger.” The cold mechanical voice belonged to the leader of a group of Cogs. “Surrender and you will remain unharmed. Resist and you will be destroyed.”

“It’s Morphin Time!” Jason cried as the Golden Power Staff appeared in his hand. “Gold Ranger Power!”

The now familiar black and gold spandex formed around him. Jason winced as he was struck by a flash of pain in his side. He shook the pain off and fell into a defensive stance. He waited for the Cogs to move in close, gripping the Power Staff all the time. As soon as they were all in range Jason started to swing the Power Staff in a circle, striking each Cogs as they tried to grab it.

Once they had all fallen, Jason launched himself into the air and drop-kicked the first Cog to try to stand up. A spinning savate kick caught another Cog and he used the tip of the Power Staff to smash a third Cog in the chest. Holding the Golden Power Staff in front of him Jason decided it was time to finish the undue workout and get home.

“Time for a Gold Rush!”

A tip of his staff glowed with power as the Gold Ranger charged forward. Suddenly the built up energy was released as he reached the Cogs, destroying all of them.

“Very good young Ranger,” a mechanical voice with a strong Scottish accent remarked.

Jason turned to find Klank and Orbus, flanked by the King, Queen and youngest Prince of the Machine Empire. As he watched, another group of Cogs emerged from behind the King and started to advance.

“Now, why don’t ye give ya self up and save us all the trouble?” Klank asked.

“Never!” Jason shouted in reply.

Weighing up the odds Jason decided he needed help. Thumbing his communicator he was not surprised to find the signal had been jammed. Instead of sticking around Jason ran into the forest, hoping Zordon would notice his problem and teleport the other Rangers in to help.

Sam sat at the table of the Youth Centre along with Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya. Five of them were Power Rangers, about to receive a call to action.

“Is Jason always this late?” Sam asked.

Although he had known Jason and the others for many years, he had only become good friends with them in the last year or so. He had only officially met Jason when the other boy returned from Geneva.

“No,” Tommy replied thoughtfully, “This isn’t like him at all.”

Further conversation was interrupted by the tone of Tommy’s communicator. Sam sensed how awkward this was going to be. The others needed a chance to get away without him becoming suspicious. With an effort to hide what he knew Sam asked, “Is that your beeper?”

“Yeah,” Tommy replied, silently grateful he didn’t need to come up with another excuse. “We gotta go guys.”

“I understand,” Sam told them and stood to allow the Rangers to pass him and make their way to the back of the Youth Centre where they normally teleported.

Reaching into his pocket Sam touched the object hidden inside, using its power to extend his senses until he could hear the Rangers’ conversation.

-what is it zordon

– rangers, the machine empire is after jason. you must teleport to his location and help him.

-we’re on our way zordon.

Sam waited during the silence that meant Rocky was checking to ensure the Rangers were hidden from view. Then he heard the Rangers morph and leave to save their friend. That was when Sam severed the link before Zordon noticed him.

Clearing his plate Sam walked over to the counter, thanked Ernie for the food and left as quickly as he could. Ernie watched as the young man left, shaking his head. There was something familiar about the boy, but he couldn’t place it. He had noticed Tommy saying the same thing on a previous occasion. He had thought to mention it to Tommy, but even if Tommy knew, Ernie doubted he would tell him. Tommy and friends rarely told him the whole story, normally leaving out small details they hoped he would not notice.

Sam exited the Youth Centre and after checking he was in the clear, teleported to where Jason was fighting for his life. In addition to the Machine Empire chasing him from one side, Rita and Zedd had also decided to take the powers.

Sam noticed Jason was moving slower than normal, as though he were struggling to move. He could almost see the power draining from the Gold Ranger. In addition something else was leaving the boy. As Sam watched, Jason’s lifeforce seemed to grow weaker.

Sam wondered why the Rangers had not arrived yet. A simple check revealed that Rita had created a zone into which the Zeo Rangers could not enter. Neither Rita, Zedd nor Mondo had planned on Sam though. He could have dealt with the problem by countering Rita’s spell, but that would alert Zordon to his presence.

Instead Sam reached into his pocket, pulled out the Power Coin he always kept there and called forth his power. “Dragonzord!”

The Cogs and Tengas had succeeded in surrounding Jason. Rita and Zedd were arguing with Mondo and Machina over who should take the Gold Ranger’s power. Jason was desperately trying to break away and teleport to safety.

“Leave now you arrogant organics,” Mondo shouted as he pushed past Klank to stand eye to eye with Zedd.

“Never, you mechanical baboon,” Zedd replied, gesturing for Rito and Goldar to join him.

Jason howled in agony causing all present to look in his direction. His costume flickered for a moment and then disappeared, leaving him vulnerable and still holding the Golden Power Staff.

The Dragon Ranger leapt through the air, landing next to Jason. Without waiting for the attackers to respond he produced his Blade Blaster and fired as quickly as possible, disintegrating the Tengas on contact and causing the Cogs to fall back. Reaching forward Sam touched Jason on the shoulder before teleporting back to his own home and powering down.

He checked himself to make sure he was intact and discovered his Blade Blaster had been damaged. With a sigh he placed the blaster back into its subspace pocket and promised himself he would never morph again, a promise he had made once before and only broken today.

Four weeks later,

Sam ran along the metal corridor, determined to escape the monster looming somewhere behind him. In his mind he could hear the voice calling him, trying to trick him into turning around. He did not know what the monster was, only that it wanted him and that was not good.

“THOMAS!” the voice said again, gaining volume as it echoed down the corridor, “WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME? YOU KNOW I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.”

“No!” Sam shouted over his shoulder. “I am not Thomas, I am Samoht Revilo!”


“I am Sam!” the seventeen-year-old boy shouted as he ran round another corner.

He skidded to a halt as the floor in front of him gave way. He had been here before and knew what came next. He would have a choice. He could face the monster now drawing nearer or he could jump into void below. The noise of the monster’s footsteps drew nearer, making the decision even more urgent. Without a second thought he jumped into the void.

Falling, the sensation was strange. Before him he could see a group of six figures, each in a different colour fighting another group of creatures who resembled demons. The first group was losing as a black hand closed around them.

A rope appeared in the darkness. Sam remembered this part of the dream; it was the monster giving him the chance to pull himself out of the pit. For a moment he considered it, but decided that an eternal fall must be better than the monster lurking above.

“THOMAS, THEY NEED YOU, I NEED YOU.” The voice was growing quieter as Sam fell deeper into the void. “PLEASE THOMAS, ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND COME BACK, PLE…”

The monster’s words were lost as Sam noticed a set of spikes below him. He braced himself for the impact his mind told him would be coming soon.





Sam opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by some of his best friends and a very concerned looking Mr Caplan. As he became aware of his surroundings, he noticed he was on the School Bus. His class was off on a day trip as part of a class project.

“You all right Sam?” he heard the Principal ask.

Sam nodded, but did not say anything. The dream had been more real than ever and he still didn’t know what it meant. Who was calling him? The Green Power Coin? His creator? Sam didn’t know the answer, but knew he needed to say something to satisfy Mr Caplan.

“I’m sorry sir. It was just a bad dream.”

Caplan looked a bit sceptical, but then nodded and returned to the front of the bus. Sam had been asleep and sometimes teenagers did have weird dreams. Caplan took out his notebook and wrote down a memo for the school nurse to arrange an appointment with Mr Revilo as soon as possible.

The Principal was replaced by a very concerned looking Tommy Oliver. “You want to talk about it?” Tommy asked.

Sam sighed, “I’m fine, I just need to get my head together.” It wasn’t that he disliked Tommy, it was just that he doubted the spell would hold for long if Tommy suspected who he was.

Sam was a clone of Thomas Oliver; powered by the Dragon, he was the Green Power Ranger, and last seen in Colonial Angel Grove. After two hundred years he was not sure how this news would affect the other boy, or his fellow Rangers for that matter. He was now two hundred years older than any of the Rangers on Earth and still looked like a seventeen-year-old.

He had been married and widowed, had had children and watched them grow old and die. He had watched as time had taken its correct course, right up to the point where he went back in time with Tommy.

Rita and Zedd had made a few small changes when she had created him. Firstly they had given him a photographic memory so he would not suffer from Tommy’s flaw. Secondly Zedd had linked him to the Green Power Coin. The coin was an exact duplicate of the coin Tommy had once held and was still connected to the Morphin Grid. As such until the coin was destroyed, Sam would live.

Not long after Tommy had left, he had discovered that he could focus magical powers of his own. ~An after effect from the Wizard of Deception’s spell,~ he had thought at the time. Using his powers he had granted himself a new identity and hidden himself from Zordon. He did not want to be part of the battle between good and evil; he only wanted a peaceful life.

“You sure?” Tommy asked, unconvinced.

“I’m fine,” Sam confirmed, determined not to hold the conversation for any longer than necessary.

His friend nodded and returned to where his girlfriend was waiting. Sam watched them together. Kat was as beautiful as Kimberly had ever been, but he knew Tommy was fooling himself. Kim and Tommy had never really had a future; Kat and Tommy were even less likely to stay together in the long run.

“Rita, do you sense it?” Lord Zedd asked as he desperately scanned the Earth for a disturbance that he had felt not long ago.

“It can’t be,” Rita whispered as she joined her husband. “The Green Coin is powerless.”

“I felt it just now. And we both know what we saw a few weeks back.” Zedd insisted as he kept searching for the now hidden Ranger. “Zordon must have found a way to renew the Power Coin.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, it can’t be,” Alpha said.

“What is it Alpha?” Zordon asked.

“The computer says somebody just used the Green Power Coin,” the small robot reported.

Zordon considered what Alpha said, part of him wanting to ignore it. In the back of his mind a memory began to form of a time once before when he had discovered a Green Ranger only for the Ranger to vanish. Then of course there had been the story Jason had told them a few weeks ago when he was losing his powers. At the time Zordon had been sure it was a side effect from the power drain. Now, he was not so sure.

“Alpha, scan the Power Chamber for any abnormal spells that might have caused this problem.” In his mind Zordon knew the Green Ranger was about to return, he could sense the balance of power shifting again. Unfortunately he could not determine if it was shifting in the favour of the light or the darkness.

~Have Zedd and Rita somehow managed to find a new coin?~ he wondered.

If they had Zordon knew it meant bad news for the Rangers, but might hold the solution to another problem. Since the attack on Jason the Gold Ranger powers had been restored to Trey. Although Jason still had some of the power in his system Zordon knew the power would soon fail and the team would be lacking a vital member.

~If Rita or Zedd has found a way to link to the Morphin Grid and I can copy it, I can restore Jason to full power,~ Zordon thought as he watched Alpha continuing to search.

Sam cursed under his breath. Somehow his dream had tapped into the Morphin Grid. Normally he would have been able to cover up for his powers, but his discussion with Tommy had cost him valuable time. Now Zedd, Rita and worst of all Zordon would know he was alive. His only hope was that they believed somebody else had the coin.

The bus continued on its journey through the hills outside Angel Grove towards the small town of North Valley where they were going to study the world’s most powerful computer. Sam secretly suspected the trip had been Rocky’s idea. The Blue Zeo Ranger was desperately trying to impress one of the girls in his computer class.

He looked over to where Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Kat and Tanya were sitting. For some reason Adam had not joined his friends at the back of the bus and was currently engaged in a discussion with Mr Caplan.

Realising there was nothing he could do to stop Zordon and Zedd detecting him, Sam decided to enjoy the trip. Even if someone had detected him, they would not know where to look. As long as it did not happen again, he would be all right. Besides, at least he only had to deal with Zordon or Zedd. The Emperor of Evil had succeeded where the Rangers had failed and blown up the entire Machine Empire. Sam knew they would be back one day, but in the meantime at least they were out of the picture.

“Why don’t we send down a monster to attack the other Rangers?” Goldar asked. “Then when the Green Ranger shows up we can grab him.”

“Monkey boy has a point,” Rita agreed. “Even if we don’t get the Green Ranger we can at least eliminate Jason.”

Zedd considered his options. All six Rangers were on the bus, away from Zordon and with a lot of witnesses. Better yet Jason had given his powers back to Trey of Triforia, leaving him with only a small link to the Zeo Power. If anything would draw the Green Ranger out this would. Zedd considered what to use as a monster. He noticed the old box camera on the seat next to the school’s principal. Aiming his staff he summoned the Freeze Frame monster.

Adam Park had felt compelled to sit near the front of the bus. Something told him he needed to keep an eye on the road ahead. As the bus turned another corner, he saw why. In the middle of the road stood Goldar and a flock of Tengas. Behind them stood what looked like a giant camera on legs.

The driver applied the brakes and stopped just short of where Goldar was waiting. Before he could reverse, the simian warrior thrust his sword through the front grill, wrecking the engine.

Tommy meanwhile had made his way to the back of the bus with Jason and had managed to get the emergency exit open. “This way,” he indicated to the other students. As they departed, he joined the other Rangers at the front of the bus.

There was a bright flash outside the vehicle and as the Rangers turned they discovered their classmates frozen in place. Although part of him worried in case the effects were permanent another part of him was relieved that the Rangers could morph without being seen.

Jason and Tommy were first off the bus, tackling the nearest Tengas. Kat and Tanya were out next followed closely by Rocky and Adam. Whilst Adam tackled Goldar, Rocky squared off against Freeze Frame. Both of the Rangers were able to hold their own for a short time, despite being unmorphed.

As the other four finished the last of the Tengas, Rito Revolto decided to join the fun. The Rangers soon found themselves losing as the odds shifted against them.

“It’s Morphin Time!” Tommy and Jason called together.

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink,” Kat called. Pink spandex formed around her body, padding out where necessary to provide extra protection. On her right hip her Zeo Pistol formed.

“Zeo Ranger II – Yellow,” Tanya cried. Her yellow uniform merged from on top and below, bonding to her skin as her weapon appeared at the waist.

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue,” Rocky continued, feeling his body mass increase as the power filled him.

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green,” Adam prepared himself for the battle ahead as his suit formed. As the morph finished he drew his Zeo Sword and attacked.

“Zeo Ranger V – Red,” Tommy did not think about his next move. Out of instinct he launched himself in Goldar’s direction, catching the monkey as he was trying to sneak up on Tanya.

Jason took a deep breath and mentally crossed his fingers. The Golden Power Staff had left a small trace of energy in his body. Although he would not last long in a battle and had agreed to use his powers only in a time of need, Jason felt the situation required the Gold Ranger.

“Gold Ranger Power!”

He found himself covered in a different uniform. Although the golden shield was there, along with the other parts of his costume, the rest of the uniform resembled his Red Ranger days. He held out his hand expecting to receive the Golden Power Staff he was surprised when a golden broadsword formed instead.

Instead of taking time to consider why the suit had changed he made a mental note to ask Zordon later and charged at Rito as fast as he could.

Sam crouched under the bus watching the fight between the Rangers and Zedd’s forces. He was lucky Freeze Frame’s power had been aimed at non-Rangers. Although inactive, Sam’s link to the Green Coin had provided him with some protection. Casting a spell to make himself invisible had been easy, as had been replacing himself with a fake image for anybody watching.

Sam watched as the Pink and Yellow Zeo Rangers finished off the few Tengas that Rita and Zedd had sent as reinforcements. They flipped back to join Blue and Green Zeo battling the monster. Tommy meanwhile was having fun with Goldar. The Red Zeo Ranger had fought the simian monster so many times they knew each other’s moves in advance. With a quick punch Tommy sent the monkey to the ground and moved in for the kill.

If Tommy was having fun with Goldar then Jason was enjoying himself even more. The Gold Ranger thrust his sword through the Alien’s rib before kicking him away. Jason raised his sword ready to strike again when he suddenly stopped.

As Sam watched, the Gold Ranger doubled over in pain. His uniform began to flicker as his powers failed. Sam felt a wave of sympathy for the fallen Ranger. He had Tommy’s memories from his time as Green Ranger and although, unlike Tommy, he was not racked with guilt over his actions during that time, he remembered the feeling of hopelessness whenever his powers gave out. He saw Rito move in for the kill and knew he had to do something, but what?

Although he was linked to the Green Coin, he did not want to morph. He had tried for two hundred years to forget his past, but something had convinced him to return to Angel Grove and play the part of a school student. He had befriended Jason and the others and covered for them on occasions. Now one of his friends was in trouble and he knew he had to act.

Reaching a decision, Sam summoned his morpher. He aimed it at Jason and mentally connected to the Gold Ranger’s mind. From his own power he fed the boy enough power to recharge. He smiled as Jason’s armour reformed, frowning as he noticed the other boy was unconscious.

“Let me introduce you to my Flashgun,” Freeze Frame told the four Rangers attacking him.

A transparent cube appeared in Freeze Frame’s hand and as he turned it, the cube flash brightly. With each turn one of the Rangers found themselves frozen in place. Laughing maniacally he produced a length of film and whipped the disabled Rangers with it.

The Rangers’ suits sparked as they were thrown backwards by the whip. There was a loud sucking noise as the Rangers were pulled inside Freeze Frame. He pointed his finger and four black-and-white copies of the Rangers were formed.

Tommy leapt through the air, drawing his Zeo V Power Sword as he did so. He pointed the blade down towards the spot where Goldar lay. The simian raised his own sword and knocked the Red Ranger aside.

Before Tommy could react, he found himself surrounded by copies of his friends, each of them ready to rip him to pieces. Off to one side Rito was busy hacking at an unmoving Gold Ranger, the latter glowing with green light. Any thoughts he had about helping his colleague were lost as the copies pounced on him.

Sam knew he could wait no longer. If he did, his friends would die and that was unacceptable. Silently he promised himself it was the last time he would morph.


A green lightning bolt shot from the sky, hitting the copies of the Zeo Rangers. The copies disappeared as quickly as they had been created. A second bolt struck Tommy, stripping him of his Green Power Coin and his Dragon Dagger. The heavens roared as a third bolt struck an unseen figure behind the school bus.

Sam felt the lightning strike him. His green uniform had already formed around him. As the lightning struck the suit it was transformed from tight fitting spandex into lightweight armour, a cross between plastic and steel. An advanced Blade Blaster formed at his hip and a Dragon Dagger appeared in each hand. Instinctively Sam pushed the two daggers together. They merged into a powerful sword. On the handle was the head of the Dragon, complimented by the inscription of the fleur-de-lis on the blade.

Finally the golden shield, which had protected the Dragon Ranger for many years form on his shoulders, the power telling him additional armour was available if needed. Sam looked around realising the whole morph had taken less than a second to complete. The Dragon Ranger was back, for the time being.

Goldar and Rito exchanged worried glances as they saw the first two lightning bolts. Tommy was slowly picking himself up, slightly weaker than before. They had not seen the third lightning bolt and were looking around for the source of the lightning.

Tommy turned in time to see a green figure leap from the top of the bus, striking Goldar and Rito with a single blow. The figure ignored the Red Zeo Ranger, turning his attention to Freeze Frame. Leaping into the air a second time the Dragon Ranger produced a sword and stabbed the monster through the lens.

In a bright flash of light the four remaining Zeo Rangers were freed of the monster’s power. The green figure turned to where the Rangers lay and pointed his sword. The spell preventing Zordon from teleporting them vanished and the six Rangers were removed from danger.

With Tommy and the others safe, Sam attacked again. He connected with a blow to all three monsters, causing them to retreat, leaving the other students frozen in place.

When the Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, Tommy ripped off his helmet, desperately gasping for breath. When he finally had the strength to look at his mentor, he asked the question on everybody’s mind.

“Zordon, who was that?”

“I am not sure,” Zordon replied. “Alpha and I felt the presence of the Dragon Ranger earlier today, but we have been unable to find him. He disappeared after he rescued you and we have again lost him.”

“What if he’s not on our side?” Rocky asked, remembering the last time he had been face to face with the Green Ranger.

“If he was against us, he would not have stopped Rito from chopping me up,” Jason replied. Now demorphed, the Gold Ranger was being checked by Alpha.

“Whoever it is,” Tommy said. “We can’t just let him fight alone, he will need help and we could use the extra power.”

Tanya and Kat had been watching the Viewing Globe to see if the other students had returned to normal. Usually the monster’s death would have reversed the effects of any spells they had used. The fact the students and teacher remained frozen meant Freeze Frame was still alive.

“What do we do?” Kat asked.

“Unfortunately Katherine, we will need to wait for Freeze Frame to return. The computer says that is the only way to free them.” Zordon silently hoped it would not take too long.

“WELCOME BACK THOMAS,” the voice said once again.

Sam realised he was day dreaming. He had already demorphed and appeared near the docks in Angel Grove’s Harbour District. Opening his hand he summoned his morpher for the last time. He encased it in a special spell and threw it into the sea, towards the sleeping Dragonzord.


“No,” Sam said to the voice. “I don’t know who you are or why you want me, but the Green Ranger is gone.”

In his head he could hear a small voice say, “THEN SO IS ALL HOPE.”

“How dare you show your faces in here?!” Zedd shouted as Rito, Goldar and Freeze Frame appeared in his throne room. “You were told to destroy either the Green Ranger or the Gold Ranger and you could not even manage that!”

“It wasn’t my fault Ed,” Rito protested, “Goldar ran first.”

“He is lying my Lord,” Goldar grovelled as he entered the room.

“Silence!” Zedd commanded. “You are both useless cowards.”

Faster than Rito could have imagined, Zedd turned and struck him with the tip of his staff. Rito’s head fell to the ground and the evil monarch watched as his brother-in-law tried to find it again. “Let that be your final warning, my name is Zedd, NOT Ed!”

Satisfied that he could continue Zedd, turned back to the other two monsters. “Goldar your cowardice will not be tolerated, kneel.”

Zedd aimed his staff at the grovelling simian. A blast of energy hit the monkey. Goldar grew larger, his fangs sharper and for a moment Zedd feared he had gone too far.

“Thank you Lord Zedd,” Goldar said at last. He rose from the floor and bowed to Rita, who until that point had remained in the background. “Lady Rita, how may I serve you?”

“Zeddy, this might be the best thing you have ever done,” Rita laughed happily.

Zedd finally turned to Freeze Frame. “You have failed to carry out your mission. Return to the bus and destroy those humans under your spell. If the Rangers return, kill them all.”

Freeze Frame bowed and disappeared from the throne room, leaving Rita with a shocked expression on her face.

“You let him go, just like that?” she asked angrily.

“Yes,” Zedd replied. “If he succeeds all the better; if he fails, I need to be ready. Tell me Rita, what do you know of the Dark Dimension?”

He had done it. He had managed to gain his freedom and prevent the traitor from doing more damage. He had told his contact where the real Sword of Darkness had been hidden and given him the power to tap the Dark Dimension and restore his minions to their former state.

Now all that was required was a body and then victory would be his. “Soon, real soon!”

Sam returned to the school bus and replaced the image he had planted there some time before. He was still unsure why he was bothering to live a lie. He was two-hundred years old, trying to live like a seventeen-year-old. He had even created a family for himself just in case anyone asked.

But, like anything else made of magic they were not real. Sometimes Sam wondered if he were real or just a poor clone trying to be real. He had no real friends, no real family. Those who were near to being his friends were friends with Sam, not him. It was an illusion he did not want to maintain, but was scared to lose.

He had even changed his appearance so nobody would guess who he was, but that was nothing compared to the effort it had taken to stop say “Siek-yiah” when he attacked.

He looked at himself in the mirror he had summoned with his magic, remembering when his appearance had helped him when fighting during the Second World War. He had worked for Army Intelligence in Germany, where his blond hair and blue eyes had convinced the most untrusting Nazi that he was on their side. He shook his head sadly at how easily one man had been able to turn honest and decent citizens into an army infamous for the worst acts of genocide Earth had known. Even the villains that the Rangers fought did not kill for racial reasons; they simply destroyed anything in their way.

His hair was now shoulder length and he had used his powers to alter the shape and shade of his face so he would not be recognised. Of course if Zordon scanned him, his true identity would be revealed. Of course, first of all Zordon had to detect him. The spell he had cast years prevented Zordon from even considering the fact that he was alive.

With a gesture he returned the mirror to the place he summoned it. Remaining perfectly still Sam waited for either the Rangers to return or Rita and Zedd to send another monster down to finish the job.

“Are you sure about this Zeddy?” Rita asked. Her husband had had some insane plans before, but this…

“I am certain Rita,” Zedd replied. “With the Badges of Darkness I can open the portal to the Dark Dimension and bring back a monster even the Rangers cannot beat.”

“Excuse me Lord Zedd,” Finster said quickly. “But if the Dark Dimension is where our failed monsters go, how do you expect to find a monster the Rangers cannot beat?”

“You are wrong Finster,” Zedd hissed quietly. “The Dark Dimension contains more than monsters Rita and I never used. All the evil beings who have ever fallen in battle are imprisoned in the Dark Dimension. Once there they are unable to return to our dimension because they lack a physical form. I intend to provide a new form and allow one of our greatest creations to rejoin us.”

“Is that what you did to Monkey Boy?” Rita asked.

“Not Exactly,” Zedd replied. “The Dark Dimension is used to hold the evil of every other dimension. In some of those other dimensions, Goldar has been destroyed. I simply merged the darker aspects of those Goldars with our own. This has made him stronger, smarter and more powerful than ever.”

“But my Lord,” Finster protested. “We only have one Badges of Darkness. The other badges were destroyed by the Power Rangers.”

Zedd seemed to grow angry for a moment. His eyepiece glowed red as he turned to Rita. “Tell me Rita, when did you first notice that your plans were failing to work as you had hoped?”

Rita thought about it for a moment. For years she had been the most respected witch in the Universe. Even her father had been forced to tell her how good she was at being evil. Babboo, Squatt, Scorpina and Goldar had served her loyally for many centuries, destroying world after world in the name of evil.

Then, Finster had entered her service as a monster maker. For the first few years everything had seemed to be going as normal. But then, Squatt and Babboo had seemed to become stupid and incompetent. Back then she had hardly noticed the change because it had been so subtle. Shortly after Rita had stopped making spells as Finster had insisted she use his monsters instead.

The image flashed into her head of Finster on the day she had unleashed the Green Ranger. Throughout the whole time he had been trying to get Goldar to talk her into using a monster instead. Goldar had of course refused, the simian had always been loyal until Zedd had arrived.

A lot of things started to come together in Rita’s mind. The way Zordon knew how to beat monsters that he had never seen. The way the Sword of Darkness had been destroyed by nothing more than a feeble Blade Blaster. And perhaps the one thing she had overlooked at the time: two of the Mutant Rangers had disappeared leaving only three to face the Rangers.

“You!” Rita said, pointing at Finster. “You betrayed me. Why?”

“My Queen,” Finster stammered, trying to think up a way to distract everyone while he ran to his chamber. “I have always been loyal to you.”

Rita looked at Zedd and noticed the hand he had placed behind his back. She nodded, giving him permission to do what needed to be done. Faster than the eye could see Zedd produced the Sword of Darkness from behind his back and thrust it into Finster’s heart.

“You knew?” Rita asked.

“I was told Finster had been working against us for a long time. Even while I was making my own monsters, he was poisoning me with his good magic.” Zedd pulled the sword out of his former monster maker and placed it on the table behind him.

“Baboo, Squatt, Rito, Scorpina, come here!” Zedd’s voice boomed throughout the castle.

As his subjects arrived, he held his staff above his head and did something Rita had rarely seen him do; he cast a spell using words instead of his staff. As he spoke, magical symbols formed in the air around them.

“By battles fought and battles won, let Finster’s spells now be undone!”

A black mist rose from the centre of the Sword of Darkness, enveloping all those gathered in the room. Rita, Zedd and all their servants soon collapsed to the ground as they breathed the cloud of pure evil.

Zedd awoke a few hours later and took the opportunity to look himself over. His body was bursting with evil energy. He turned and nodded to Goldar, who had kept guard for the time they were out.

Rita awoke next. Her entire appearance had changed. Instead on the ridiculous looking cones on her head and the ugly brown garment she found herself in the tradition costume the witches on her home-world had used for centuries. Her long grey hair reached down to her waist, her black clothes were covered with various symbols of power, used to attract energy from outside her body. Finally she picked up her wand and discovered it had been recharged to the level it had been before the Grid Wars.

Scorpina had quietly gotten to her feet and joined Goldar on guard. Her armour had a deadly hint to it that had not been there before.

Squatt awoke feeling better than he had ever felt before. Gone was the desire to make himself seem important to Rita. He had a new mission in life, to help crush the forces of good and destroy Zordon of Eltare. It was good to be back.

Baboo had changed physically as well as mentally. His claws had grown into talons, his monocle had developed into an energy weapon and his entire body had developed a metal skin. He no longer looked like a joke, instead resembling a smaller version of Goldar.

Finster was the last to stand. The Sword of Darkness had purged the goodness from his soul. Although he looked the same, his monster making powers had increased exponentially.

“We did it!” Rita cried as she understood how much she had changed in a matter of hours.

Finster kneeled before the Emperor and Empress his hand outstretched. Inside were three of the Badges of Evil Rita had once used. In his over hand he held the method through which Zedd’s new monster could be created.

“Yes Finster,” Zedd said. “The Crystal of Lin Kuei when combined with the Badges of Darkness will create a force so powerful, even the Rangers will be unable to stop it.”

“And the Sword of Darkness will allow our new creation to create any monster from the Dark Dimension he desires,” Rita added.

“And we can carry out our other mission,” Lord Zedd told her.

“Excuse me Lord Zedd,” Squatt said. For a moment Zedd and Rita stared at the newly empowered blueberry. Then Zedd nodded for him to continue. “What is the other mission and will you be needing my services? I have a score I would like to settle on Aquitar.”

Lord Zedd glanced at Rita to find her as shocked as he was. Squatt had been an imbecile ever since Zedd had first met him. Rita had once explained that Baboo and Squatt had once been a force to be reckoned with, working as a team. Now Zedd was starting to believe it.

“Finster’s betrayal affected the whole of the UAE, not just Rita and myself. Every evil being who has ever been in contact with us has been affected.”

Finster could not bring himself to look Zedd or Rita in the eye. How could he have ever betrayed them? His monsters would serve them now and he would start by bringing the Rangers to their knees. “With your permission Lord Zedd, I will remain here with your newest monster and assist him in defeating the Rangers. He can provide the monsters and I will provide the bodies.”

Zedd nodded at Finster’s request. In every other dimension Zedd had a memory of Finster willingly working for the forces of evil. Only in this dimension had Rita been required to force him into service.

“Finster, you may remain here and help my new monster. Squatt and Baboo, you are to go to Aquitar. Settle any scores you may have, but kill all the Rangers. Goldar and Scorpina, you may accompany Rita and me to the UAE.”

Rita listened to what her husband said. As much as she hated to leave the Earth she knew the UAE needed to be cured before they were destroyed by incompetence. Aiming her wand at the surface below she cast a spell to rebuild the Machine Empire and send them to the UAE headquarters, now located on Onyx.

Before he left with his wife Zedd used his power to increase the power of Freeze Frame and to send Serpenterra to Earth as a backup plan.

He watched as the gateway to the real world opened for him. Finster had prepared the perfect body for him and with the Badges of Darkness to guide him, Sword of Darkness as a weapon and the Lin Kuei Crystal to renew his powers he was able to leave the Dark Dimension forever.

He found himself in the body of a ninja. His uniform was a black material reinforced by a thick vest over the chest and back. A black mask hid most of his face allowing only the glowing red eyes to be seen. A metal guard protected the forearms and lower legs from attack. Finally, in the centre of his chest the Crystal of Lin Kuei inserted itself, soon to be replaced by a golden coin bearing the image of the Jackal.

He looked down and found the Sword of Darkness attached to his leg. Floating in front of him were the three Badges of Darkness, now restored to their full power. He ignored them and turned his attention to where Zedd and Rita were watching.

“Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa,” he said, removing his mask to reveal his face to his saviours. “I am in your service once again.”

“Zeddy, you are a genius!” Rita cried as she saw the monster Zedd had selected. Both Rita and Zedd had long believed that the only way to beat a Ranger was with another Ranger. Turning back to the monster she asked, “What is your name?”

“I am the combination of this form from all the dimensions. I am the complete opposite of the goody goody I was created from. I have his memories, skills and knowledge. But most important, I am your servant. I am Minion, servant of the Dark Powers and swear loyalty to the forces of Evil.”

He watched the smile form on Rita’s face and felt satisfied that she had been convinced to trust him. For the time being helping Zedd and Rita was exactly what he needed to do. Deciding to see what the Rangers were like he stretched out his senses, touching the minds of all those holding Power Coins or Zeo Crystals. He sensed the active Rangers; Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Adam, Tanya and Trey. He also detected two others; Jason and someone who would soon arrive.

“No!” he yelled at the top of his voice.

“Freeze Frame, destroy the humans immediately!” he ordered. Whatever had caused the sudden fear deep in his soul would soon be extinguished.

“The Earth is yours to conquer,” Zedd told him, deciding to ignore the outburst. “Rita and I shall return in due course. I expect you to be victorious by then.”

“As you wish my Lord,” he said, watching as Rita and the others left, leaving only Finster and him. He glanced at his new assistant and smiled. “Let’s get started.”

Sam ran along the metal corridor, determined to escape the monster looming somewhere behind him. In his mind he could hear the voice calling him, trying to trick him into turning around. He did not know what the monster was, only that it wanted him and that was not good.

“THOMAS!” the voice said again, gaining volume as it echoed down the corridor, “WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME? YOU KNOW I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.”

“No!” Sam shouted over his shoulder. “I am not Thomas. I am Samoht Revilo!”


“I am Sam!” the seventeen-year-old boy shouted as he ran round another corner.

He skidded to a halt as the floor in front of him gave way. He had been here before and knew what came next. He would have a choice. He could face the monster now drawing nearer or he could jump into void below. The noise of the monster’s footsteps drew nearer, making the decision even more urgent. Without a second thought he jumped into the void.

Falling, the sensation was strange. Before him he could see a group of six figures, each in a different colour, fighting another group of creatures who resembled demons. The first group was losing as a black hand closed around them.

A rope appeared in the darkness. Sam remembered this part of the dream; it was the monster giving him the chance to pull himself out of the pit. For a moment he considered it, but decided that an eternal fall must be better than the monster lurking above.

“THOMAS, THEY NEED YOU, I NEED YOU.” The voice was growing quieter as Sam fell deeper into the void. “PLEASE THOMAS, ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND COME BACK, PLE…”

The monster’s words were lost as Sam noticed a set of spikes below him. He braced himself for the impact his mind told him would be coming soon.


A green rope appeared next to him, dangling in the air, inviting him to grab hold. In his mind Sam could still hear the voice of the monster chasing after him.


A thought started to dawn on Sam. Whoever was talking to him knew he was Tommy’s clone. It had to be either Rita or Zedd. The villains must have discovered his identity. The voices had been quiet until he had used his coin to save Jason.

~I will not be evil,~ Sam thought to himself.

Determined to put an end to the force that was tempting him Sam grabbed the rope. In a flash of green he felt himself teleported to another place, still within his mind.

Freeze Frame reappeared next to the school bus. A quick push sent the vehicle off the road giving him a clear shot at the helpless humans still frozen in place following his Flashgun attack.


The Red Zeo Ranger replaced the Zeo V Power Sword in its subspace pocket and launched himself at the monster for a second time. He looked up as his five teammates appeared to back him up.

“Time for team work,” Tommy said, indicating for the Rangers to get into position.

Tommy and Jason produced their Power Swords and ran at their fellow Rangers. Kat and Tanya had crouched down with their hands ready to act as a step for their fellow Rangers. As Tommy and Jason stepped on their hands Kat and Tanya pushed them into the air. Tommy and Jason found themselves landing horizontally on Adam and Rocky, who had stretched their arms upwards to receive their leaders. Tommy and Jason held their swords pointed towards Freeze Frame. Kat and gathering gave them a push to send both the Rangers into the monster.

Tommy’s Power Sword disarmed the monster whilst Jason used his sword to pierce the monster’s lens. Freeze Frame fell back, his lens exploding in a shower of sparks.

“Time to get big!” Freeze Frame called as he started to grow.

Sam appeared in the old Command Centre. He could sense no life within, wherever he was Zordon and Alpha were not nearby to help him. The room was green, surrounded by images taken from his mind. In one corner were the deeds he had done as the Green Ranger. In the other were the deeds he had done since he had been left in Angel Grove in 1795.

The images formed of his wife; Rosalita Hermandez. They had met not long after he had been in Angel Grove, she had been the Spanish daughter of the chief of a nearby colony. Their love had secured peace between the English and Spanish settlers and he had moved to be with her in Los Angeles.

Sam had been happily married to Rosalita. They had had children togther and it pained him to see her die. From then on he had kept an eye on all his descendants until they adopted a young boy named Thomas. The shock had been almost too much for him; he was the ancestor of the people who would someday adopt the boy from whom he was cloned.

A fuzzy image in another corner caught his eye. The image showed the world he had created for himself so he would be accepted. It showed the lives of the people he had invented going about their own daily routines. In a way they were as real as Sam.


“I came here to destroy you,” Sam shouted angrily. “You are not going to make me evil again.”


“Show yourself!” Sam snapped.

“VERY WELL,” the voice replied.

A green mist filled the room and as it cleared Sam found himself face to face with the Green Ranger.

The Rangers were having a tough time dealing with Freeze Frame. The giant sized monster had survived the Zords’ strongest attacks and was still standing. The new Flashgun in his hand had paralysed the Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel, leaving only the Super Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord.to fight.

“It’s times like this I miss Pyramidas,” Jason noted from the Super Zeo Megazord’s cockpit. He had taken over from Tommy while the team leader piloted his own Zord.

The monster aimed his lens at the two disabled Zords, pulling them inside and producing two black and white copies. As the monster stepped back, the copies attacked, taking the Rangers by surprise.

“What are you?” Sam asked. “Are you my dark side?”

“No,” the Green Ranger replied. “You have never denied your dark side and by accepting it you have destroyed it. I am the part of you that you are not willing to accept, the part you must accept. It is your destiny.”

“You’re the Green Ranger,” Sam realised, finally understanding.

He had been denying his power for so long it had finally decided to beg for release. He knew the power would not corrupt him, but it would mean getting involved again.

“No,” the voice replied. “You have never denied your powers. You have refused to use them because you have denied me. You used your power when you needed to and didn’t when the Rangers could handle it. You have become responsible since the day you were created, but you still deny me.”

Sam was really confused. The Green Ranger was not part of his dark side, nor was it the spirit of his coin. It said he had denied him, but he had no idea who it was. Finally the frustration was too great, he turned to where the Green Ranger stood and moved towards the image.

“Who are you?”

In response the Green Ranger lifted his hands to the side of his neck and undid the clasped holding his helmet in place. Carefully he removed the helmet and placed it under his arm. Looking Sam straight in the eye and smiled. “Hello Bro,”

Sam was shocked. He had expected a lot of faces to be under the mask but the one he was faced with was his own. Not the face he had created through magic to trick those he was hiding from. This was the face of Thomas Tyler Oliver, Clone of the Green Ranger.

“Now do you understand?” Thomas asked. “I am you and represent everything you have tried to deny for two hundred years.”

Thomas saw the look of horror in Sam’s face and understood. The original Tommy had managed to survive his ordeal as the Green Ranger by pushing himself into the role of leader. Whenever Tommy lost his powers, the doubts and fears he had experienced would resurface with a vengeance.

The clone was different; he had accepted his dark side and thus conquered it. What he had not been able to deal with was the fact he was a clone. Everything he believed was based on the values taught to him at a young age by Tommy’s parents. He had nothing of his own. His powers, face, friends and even life belonged to Tommy.

“You are wrong,” Thomas told him. “You are unique. You have experienced things Tommy will never experience. You have made friends Tommy will never know. You have conquered the most difficult horrors to face: your own fears. You don’t need to be Tommy, but you cannot deny the part of you that is Tommy. Accept me and become whole.”

Seeing Sam was on the verge of making a decision, Thomas made one final plea. “You are Sam. Part of you is Tommy, part of you is the clone, but until you accept both parts you can never be whole.”

Sam nodded slowly. The whole reason he had rejected the powers was because people related them to Tommy. Now he knew it didn’t matter. It was time to be whole.

Reaching out Sam touched the image of Thomas on the shoulder. In a blur of light the image merged with him and for the first time ever he felt real.

The copy of the Zeo Megazord threw the Warrior Wheel into the Red Battlezord for the third time, causing the Battlezord to crash to the ground in a shower of sparks. The Super Zeo Megazord found itself on the receiving end of a blast from the copy Megazord’s cannon.

Jason had even tried calling forth Auric the Conqueror in the hope the mystical warrior could help them. Auric had fought well for a short time, but facing two foes had soon caused him to retreat back into his Tiki.

Freeze Frame recalled the copy Zords back into himself, deciding to finish the Rangers personally. Summoning a sword he stood over the fallen Zords and prepared to finish the job he had started only half and hour before.

Sam teleported to the Angel Grove docks and held his hand out towards the spot where the Dragonzord lay sleeping. “Time to wake up, old friend.”

In his hand appeared the fully charged morpher of the Green Ranger. Sam looked at it for a moment and then teleported to the bus where he had last seen the monster. As he arrived, he saw the Rangers’ Megazords being hit by two other Zords. The monster had called his copy Zords and dumped the captured Zords on the ground.

Sam watched as Freeze Frame drew a sword and moved in to finish the job. Without a second thought Sam pulled out his morpher, no longer worried who knew his identity. “Dragonzord!”

As his green armour finished forming Sam had already drawn his sword. Pointing it at the sky, he concentrated on the sleeping Zord deep beneath the sea. A connection formed between sam and the mighty machine, the power telling him how to call the Zord.

“I need Dinozord power, now!”

In his mind Sam could hear the sound of the Dragon Flute, summoning his old companion to the fight. As the Zord drew near, he leapt into the cockpit, taking control.

“Warrior Wheel is offline; Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord will take time to restore and the Super Zeo Megazord is out of power,” Tanya reported.

“How about forming the Zeo MegaBattlezord or just separating for individual attacks?” Jason asked.

“No good,” Adam replied. “We haven’t got enough power. I doubt we could even summon Cannon Power and aim the helmet.”

“Defender Wheel is operational,” Kat told them. “But unless we can get upright it’s trapped inside the Phoenix.”

A familiar sound filled the air, causing Tommy, Jason, Rocky and Adam to look towards the sky.

“Did you hear that?” Adam asked.

“It sounded like…” Jason began.

“It can’t be…” Rocky said, wishing it were possible.

“Look!” Tanya called.

“Is that?” Kat asked, looking at Tommy.

“Dragonzord,” Tommy said as he watched his first Zord make its way towards them.

Freeze Frame stood over the Red Battlezord, his sword pointed towards the cockpit. One simple thrust and the Red Ranger and his Zord would be history. He listened briefly to the Rangers trying to find a way to fight back. He laughed as he heard one of the Rangers find a solution and in the same breath realise it was impossible. Lifting his sword a bit higher, he prepared to thrust.

Then he heard the sound all monsters were able to recognise. It was a call for help, a shout of warning and a greeting to friends. It was the sound of the Dragon Flute. For a moment Freeze Frame shrugged off the fear he had felt. A moment later it was back as he heard the Dragonzord roar, and watched as the Green Ranger jumped into his Zord.

Minion’s sharp senses detected the arrival of a new enemy. Rita and Zedd had overlooked the fact that Minion could not use the Repulsor Scope and he could not produce an eye beam like Zedd to watch the events on Earth. Luckily Minion was a genius, and soon managed to reprogram the Earth’s satellites to send pictures back to him.

As expected he saw the Dragonzord active again and about to attack Zedd’s latest monster. ~Let them destroy him,~ Minion thought. ~He’s served his purpose.~

He turned towards Finster’s lab and walked in just in time to hear the monster maker muttering to himself. He stopped to listen, he had learnt from meeting Finster in the Dark Dimension that he could find out how the monster maker was getting on by listening to him talk to himself.

“…and just a bit more padding here and you’re done.”

“How’s the work going Finster?” Minion asked as he walked into the workshop.

“Five down, one to go,” Finster replied. “I thought this might do as the alternate form for the sixth one.”

“Perfect,” Minion said as he looked the monster over. “Finish his normal form and bring them to the throne room. We’ll send them tomorrow.”

“As you wish,” Finster said as Minion left.

It had taken him a while to reacquaint himself with the Zord. Just as his uniform had changed, so had the Dragonzord. Its tail drill had been modified, so in addition to the normal spinning attack, two blades could extend to provide an extra edge. Sam looked at the controls and noticed three new controls along with an empty slot where the control stick used to be.

The Power told him to insert his sword into the slot. As he did so, the Zord came alive and moved towards the threat.

“Fire!” Sam commanded.

The arm rockets fired, striking the monster and causing it to fly back away from the Rangers. He waited until the monster stood again and the used the new tail blade to smash him across the face before using the drill to smash the lens.

Freeze Frame retaliated, striking the Dragonzord’s chest with his sword. Sam pushed the first button on his control board. The arms of the Dragonzord extended outward, hitting Freeze Frame in the chest. The head and neck changed position as the Zord’s body dropped forward so it was standing on four legs. The Dragonzord’s mouth opened, releasing a fireball at the monster.

Freeze Frame screamed in pain as the fire started to burn him. He turned back towards his attacker and froze.

Sam pressed the second button on his control panel and pulled the control stick back. The Dragonzord reverted to biped form. The Zord’s tail inserted into the ground lifting it into the air. The arms and legs were pulled into the body as they had when forming the Battle Dragonzord.

From nearby the lumbering form of Tor, the Shuttle Zord moved into view and converted to stand upright. The top split from the bottom, which had transformed into a pair of legs. As the Dragonzord dropped into position on top of the legs, forming the body and head, the top part of Tor split in half. Both halves transformed and connected to the body where they served as arms. Finally the Dragonzord’s tail transformed to form the lance the Rangers had once used as part of the old Battle Dragonzord combination.

“Turtle Battle Dragonzord, online!” Sam called as the machine powered up.

With a final effort Freeze Frame gave a howl and charged the giant Zord. Lightning struck the lance, feeding power into it. The Zord lifted the lance into the air and drove the point into the charging monster.

As the Rangers watched, Freeze Frame exploded, simultaneously restoring the bus and its passengers to their previous state. As the students woke up, they noticed the four Megazords lying on the floor with the Turtle Battle Dragonzord standing over them. Knowing this was bad for public relations, Sam used his Zord to help the Red Battlezord and Super Zeo Megazord back to their feet, at the same time recharging the remaining Zords with enough energy to teleport back to their holding bay.

Satisfied that the job was finished, Sam pulled the sword from the control board, sending his Zords back to their hiding places. He then demorphed and sneaked back to the other students, noticing Tommy and company emerged from the bus where apparently they had been frozen.

“All right people,” Mr Caplan said, taking a final look at the wreaked monster in front of them and thankful the Power Rangers had been there to help. “It’s time we were back in Angel Grove. The trip will have to wait.”

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Dawn Of Darkness

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Power Rangers, Saban does. The Rangers belong to Saban, as does Sam (sort of). Lin Kuei is taken from the Mortal Kombat cartoon, as are some of the other characters I shall introduce later. This fanfic is written without their consent. Oh and Silvo and Brasso are trademarks of a UK polish manufacturer. I know the names are corny, but so are most the ones in the TV series.

Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
Timeline Note: I am setting this whole series to start on the 26th June 1997.
This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Dawn of Darkness

“This is intolerable!” Minion shouted. “You told me they were ready!”

Finster cowered towards the back of his lab, stumbling over the melted remains of the warriors he had created for Minion. He knew that if Minion decided to kill him he would not be able to escape.

“I had planned to use those for a flash victory over the Rangers!” Minion shouted. “It is bad enough that they were somehow able to steal Serpenterra. Now I have nothing to throw at them.”

“Hey,” Rito shouted as he entered the lab. “You’re starting to sound like Ed.”

Without warning Minion lashed out at Rito, the back of his hand made contact with Rito’s chin resulting in a sickening crack. Turning to face Rita Repulsa’s brother, Minion hit the skeleton in the chest with the palm of his hand. Rito’s breast bone shattered as Minion drove his hand through. When it reached the other side, Minion grabbed backbone and used it to lift Rito off the ground.

For a moment Minion seemed to enjoy the cries of pain he could hear emanating from Rito. Then he grew tired with the demonstration and threw Rito to the ground.

“I am going to tell you once and only once,” Minion hissed as Rito spasmed on the floor. “If you ever interrupt me again, I will pull you apart, bone by bone.”

To emphasise his point Minion stomped on Rito’s skull. “And his name is Zedd, not Ed!”

Finster watched the display with ever increasing fear. If he was lucky then Minion would take out all his aggression on Rito. If however attacking Rito made Minion feel too good, the villain might decide to attack him as well. Finster knew Rito could recover, but he doubted he would be able to take that sort of abuse.

“Finster!” Minion shouted.

“Yes Minion?” Finster replied nervously.

For a moment Minion had been tempted to kill the monster maker. ~But that would be a waste of a good mind,~ he thought.

“Take that thing,” he said pointing to Rito, “And leave for Onyx immediately. I will deal with the Rangers myself.”

In his mind Finster considered arguing. Rita and Zedd were in charge after all and they had told him to remain. On the hand, if Minion really wanted him out of the way, he could execute him and tell Rita and Zedd some story about Finster betraying them.

“As you wish,” Finster said.

As Finster moved over to where Rito was lying, Minion summoned the Sword of Darkness and used it to send the two fools to join their family.

“Alpha, have you found anything yet?” Zordon asked.

“Negative Zordon,” Alpha replied. “I can find no trace of Rita, Zedd, their servants or the Machine Empire.”

“Have you detected any abnormal readings from the Moon?” Zordon asked after a moment’s thought.

“Somebody is using magic Zordon,” Alpha replied. “But they are only using it for teleportation.”

Zordon was silent as he considered the recent events. First Rita and Zedd had sent down a weak monster to attack the Rangers and it had almost beaten them. Then the Green Dragon Ranger had reappeared and vanished again after helping them. Zordon still did not know who the mysterious Ranger was, but he hoped he was on their side and not part of some game.

To make things even stranger, the forces of evil on the Moon had vanished. Zordon had also detected Count Dregon’s ship leave orbit and a severe drop in the levels of evil energy in Charterville and Crossworld City. Zordon could feel something evil was involved, but could not decide what. The fact the Rangers had managed to capture Serpenterra and were even now melting the giant Zord down made Zordon even more suspicious. As a rule villains did not allow their enemies to steal their property.

Finally there had been the fatal attack on Aquitar. Zordon’s heart went out to Billy, who after finding happiness had had it taken from him by the forces of evil. Billy had refused to come home, mentioning some preparation for a new evil that would be arriving soon. Zordon knew Billy was with Ninjor and was certain that between them the Blue Morphin Master and Blue Ranger would accomplish their task.

It was not the attack on Aquitar that concerned Zordon; it was the reason for the attack. At first it had appeared to be an attempt at conquest, but from Billy’s report Zordon gained the impression that the attackers had deliberately killed the entire population, for reason unknown. Furthermore, two new villains who resembled Squatt and Baboo helped slaughter the HydroHog.

After careful thought, Zordon decided he had no idea what was going on and promised himself he would find out.

Minion pointed at his new henchmen and gave them life. Both were made of a living metal called Validium. Minion had coloured one of them silver and the other a dull metallic orange.

“You are Silvo,” Minion said to the silver henchmen.

Silvo was solid metal, forged to resemble of muscular humanoid. In his right hand a silver sword appeared briefly before vanishing.

“You will be the leader of my army,” Minion told his creation. “You are more than a match for any mere Ranger, and with my foot soldiers to back you up you cannot fail.”

Behind Silvo a set of Minion’s foot soldiers appeared. Also made of Validium, they had blank plates over their faces and no seams in their bodies. Every time they moved their bodies reformed, thus eliminating the need for muscles or motors to move. Minion decided that the best way to judge the weapons he had provided for his troops was to send them into battle.

“Robo Troopers,” Minion said. “You will obey Silvo’s orders unless I command you otherwise.”

As the foot soldiers nodded their understanding, Minion turned his attention to his second henchman. “You are Brasso, second in command of my army. You are responsible for sending my creations to Earth.”

Brasso bowed to his new master. Brasso was identical to Silvo in every way except for his colour. In his hand a staff appeared. After testing the weight he put it away and returned his attention to Minion.

Finally Minion turned to his other creation. With Finster gone Minion decided he was in need of a monster builder. He had decided to create someone with the combined knowledge of Finster and Klank and the imagination of a human. He had come to realise that this was part of the reason why they were able to succeed so often.

The result was a human body with cybernetic implants. Minion had already selected the memories his creation would possess and had implanted all the necessary knowledge. The parts of the brain dealing with emotion had been removed, creating the second most evil mind on the Moon, ever. Finally Minion connected his creation to the castle’s computer. The result was a lethal killer who was forever tied to the computer and could never turn against its master.

“Bronzo, you are my monster maker. Use whatever you need and find a way to defeat the Rangers.”

“Yes master,” Bronzo replied, immediately leaving to start work on his first project.

“Sam, why do you hide from them?” the voice asked.

“I thought I’d heard the last of you,” Sam said angrily.

“You know I cannot leave you,” the voice replied.

“But, I accepted who I am,” Sam protested.

“No,” the voice replied. “You accepted you are the clone of Thomas Oliver. You have accepted that you are the Green Ranger. But you have not accepted your true role in the Rangers’ lives. The Green Ranger is not destined to remain an outsider who hides when the battle is over. He is a comrade they know they can rely on.”

“They don’t need me,” Sam said. “They have the Green Ranger to back them up and they have Sam as a friend. They don’t need me.”

“So you have not learnt,” the voice said. “You are still scared of being rejected. They will need you soon.”

Sam’s morpher appeared in front of him. “Morph!” the voice commanded.

Sam did as he was told. “Dragonzord!”

“Good,” the voice said. The image of the Green Ranger appeared as it had a few days before. “Hold out your sword, Sam. It is time you witnessed your future.”

Sam summoned his sword, noticing the head of the dragon was glowing green and held it out towards the image. The image reached out and grabbed the sword, sending a blast of energy into Sam’s body, accompanied by flashes of unwinding events. Sam collapsed to the floor.

“Ow,” Sam muttered as the blast caused him to wake from his dream state.

He was in his house in Angel Grove. Downstairs he could hear his imaginary family moving about, living their made up lives. Sighing, he decided to get up, all the time remembering the vision he had had just before waking.

The Dark one sends his soldiers of silver to fight. The Rangers fall to him leaving only the Dragon. The former Dragon needs help. Only a sacrifice can save his life and gain the Dragon a real home.

Shaking his head, Sam decided to go to the Youth Centre. At least there he could keep an eye on things in case he was needed.

Minion sat cross-legged on the floor, his two glowing eyes closed. He was in a deep trance, using his mental powers to touch the minds of his enemies.

One by one he felt their presence. Tommy, the often guilt-ridden leader, so close to losing it, yet able to draw strength from his friends to hold on. Rocky the fun loving goofball, a deadly adversary and one of the most pure Rangers. Katherine Hilliard, once Rita’s pawn against the Rangers. Minion could feel so much good in her he seriously doubted Rita’s spell ever had a chance. Tanya Young, the most inexperienced Ranger. Minion considered her for a moment. Although she had a strong will, she was the weak link among the Rangers. Finally, Adam Park a warrior with a strong sense of honour and skill.

Every one of them was going to fight to the end, but that did not concern Minion. The end would come for them soon.

Reaching out further Minion searched for the other Rangers who might be able to help them. Trini Kwan and Zachary Taylor, both skilled fighters were in Geneva, unaware of the danger their friends were in. Kimberly Hart was currently training for the Olympics. Minion checked and discovered Angel Grove was a long way from her thoughts. Billy Cranston was beyond his reach, a situation he promised to remedy as soon as possible. Lord Trey of Triforia was in Space again. Minion sent a mental message to the nearest bounty hunter to destroy the Gold Ranger. All the Rangers friends were either unaware of the fate their friends were about to endure, or unable to do anything about it.

That left two minds for Minion to check. The first was Jason Lee-Scott. If anybody could help the Rangers, it was him. Minion sensed the strong body and spirit he had always felt when around the boy. Upon closer inspection he dismissed Jason as a minor threat. True the boy was strong, but his power was almost gone. A brief morph and it would all be over for the former leader of the Rangers.

It was the second mind, which concerned Minion. He knew the Green Dragon Ranger was on Earth, but had no idea who it was. Without that information he could not touch the Ranger’s mind. There was something else about that Ranger. A feeling he had had once before, but could not place.

Dismissing the thought as irrelevant he summoned Silvo. “Send a batch of Robo Troopers to Earth, now!”

Silvo bowed low and gestured to the nearest Trooper. A portal opened and the Robo Troopers stepped through.

“Heads up Tommy,” Rocky called, throwing the Frisbee towards his friend.

Tommy jumped into the air, spinning as he caught the Frisbee and threw it towards Tanya. “Nice throw,” he said as he landed.

Jason sat back against the tree, watching his friends having fun. Normally he would have joined them, but today he was too tired to play. At first they were going to hang out at the Youth Centre, but when Rocky turned up with his siblings and their friends in tow it had been decided to go to the park instead. Eventually what had started off as a meeting between seven friends had been transformed into a small party.

“Is this a private party or can anybody join?” Kat asked as she sat down next to him.

“Please,” Jason replied, indicating a spot.

Kat sat down next to her friend. While he continued watching the game of Frisbee, she chose to watch Sam and David Trueheart sparring. Surprisingly neither of them were able to gain the upper hand. ~It’s like watching David and Tommy,~ she thought. Under his brother’s supervision David had improved his skills and was now as good a fighter as any Ranger.

Over the time she had grown to know him Kat had been amazed by how different David was. While Tommy always seemed to have a darkness within him David was filled with light. ~Stop thinking like that,~ she told herself. ~You’re meant to be Tommy’s girlfriend.

“David’s good,” Jason noted, startling her back to reality.

Kat was about to reply when a silver spear struck the tree, just missing her head. As quickly as possible the two teens were on their feet, searching for the source of the spear. Another five spears hit the ground not far from where she was standing.

In the sky over Angel Grove a black masked face appeared. In the background were three metal beings. One was silver and the other two were bronze and brass. Tommy’s eyes went wide as the image grew larger, revealing the Sword of Darkness in his hand.

“Citizens of Earth, I am Minion, your new ruler. I shall expect a quick and efficient surrender. Resistance shall result in termination.”

The image faded and Jason once again looked around, trying to spot the source of the spear. He soon found it, twenty silver soldiers had appeared in a circle around the park, cutting off any route that the Rangers might have used to escape.

“We’re going to have to fight,” Jason said. He had tried his communicator and found the teleport function jammed. “Let’s go.”

“Right,” Kat agreed.

While Tommy, Kat, Adam, Jason, Tanya, Sam and David formed into a circle defending the younger children, Rocky was searching for a way to get the innocents clear.

“When I say now, run,” he told Chelsea Oliver.

Tommy’s sister nodded her understanding, catching hold of the younger De Santos children. Next to her Franklin Park and her younger brother Teddy had managed to organise the others so the strongest fighters were on the outside, protecting the younger children.

“Can’t you just teleport us out?” Chelsea asked.

For a moment Rocky considered arguing with her, but decided against it. Now was not the time. Instead he whispered back, “Jammed.”

Chelsea nodded, grateful for not having to argue with the Ranger. She watched as the circle of friends moved outwards, drawing their attackers towards them.

“Now!” Rocky shouted as he saw the break in the soldiers.

Chelsea and the others ran as fast as they could. As soon as they were clear of the Robo Troopers they were teleported to the monster shelter.

“You and Sam go next,” Tommy told his brother.

“No way,” Sam said. “We all go together.”

“He’s right,” David agreed. “You guys are going to need all the help you can get.” He waited until Sam had turned away before adding to Tommy, “At least until I can get Sam clear so you can morph.”

“Look out. Here they come!” Jason shouted.

Zordon and Alpha had been watching the events unfold from the time Minion appeared. Despite Alpha’s best attempts he had been unable to teleport David and the human known as Sam to safety.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, Zordon I can’t beam the Rangers out either,” Alpha reported.

“Alpha Five calm down!” Zordon boomed. “Tell the Rangers to morph. Minion’s forces are too powerful to face without their powers.”

Alpha looked at the Viewing Globe, noticing the extra human in the area. “Zordon, there’s someone with the Rangers.”

“Tell them to morph Alpha,” Zordon commanded. “We can limit the damage afterwards. Their lives are more important than any secret.” ~Besides,~ Zordon thought to himself, ~David might be able to cover for the Rangers so they can morph without their other friend finding out.~ In his heart Zordon knew it was a long shot, but still worth hoping for.

“Rangers, this is Alpha, you need to morph.”

Alpha’s voice came over the communicator loud and clear. The Rangers and Sam had formed a circle and were trying to keep the attackers at bay. David was inside the circle, protecting an injured Kat from further harm.

“I’ll be okay,” she assured him. “Accelerated healing is kicking in. But I don’t think I’ll be able to fight.”

David carefully examined her leg. Even though he wasn’t a trained doctor, it was obvious that it was broken.

“Take this,” Kat whispered, handing David her Zeoniser.

David took the Zeoniser and strapped onto his wrist. Immediately he felt the power telling him what to do. Standing up he joined Tommy and the others.

“We’ll explain later,” Tommy promised Sam. Morphing in front of a civilian was not something he wanted to do, but with one team-mate down he wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

“Gold Ranger Power!” Jason called.


The Rangers looked round in time to see Sam morph into the Dragon Ranger. As his sword appeared Dragon Ranger let loose a battle cry and tried to hack the nearest Robo Trooper’s head off.

“Well that solves that problem,” Gold Ranger said to his leader as they drew their own Power Sword and charge in after him.

“David,” Blue Zeo shouted as he joined the fight. “Cover Kat and try to stay under cover.”

The acting Pink Zeo Ranger nodded in agreement, drawing his Zeo Laser Pistol just in case. He was glad he did not have to fight, even with powers. He was also relieved because although his uniform was determined by the Power and not by him, unlike Jason, at least the Zeo Crystal had adapted for the fact he was male and removed the skirt.


David turned towards the source of the noise and saw two of the machines holding the Gold Ranger while a third robot pummelled him with punches. There was a loud crack and David could see Jason demorphing, his powers exhausted.

“No!” Pink Zeo shouted, summoning the Zeo I Power Shield.

As the three machines turned to face David he threw the disk like shield at them. Sparks flew as it made contact with their metallic bodies before bouncing harmlessly away. The Green Zeo Ranger had used the diversion to attack all three Robo Troopers with his Zeo IV Power Hatchets. Although the attack failed to cause any real damage, it managed to convince the machines to attack him instead of his fallen comrade.

Minion watched the battle below. The fight had barely started and already two of the Rangers were out of action with a third untrained Ranger trying to defend them. In addition the Gold Ranger had exhausted his powers and Minion now knew the identity of the Green Dragon Ranger.

“Bronzo, begin a background check on Samoht Revilo,” he instructed.

Bronzo bowed and hurried away to do his master’s bidding.

Minion then checked on his own troops. So far none of them had fallen in battle despite the Rangers’ best efforts. If this kept up he would soon have an easy victory.

“Silvo, tell your soldiers to increase their attack to full power,” Minion instructed.

Adam was desperately outnumbered. Even if all the Rangers were available, three-to-one odds would have been difficult to beat. With Jason and Kat out of the fight and David looking after them Adam found himself fighting five Robo Troopers. He barely ducked as one of the robots fired a weapon at him. He looked at the ground where the object had landed and realised it was a spear, at least as long as his arm.

“Tommy,” Green Zeo called to his leader. “Those spears are inside them.”

The Red Zeo Ranger nodded, taking his attention off his opponents long enough to nod. That was all the time the Robo Trooper needed. It moulded its hands into sharp edged blades and slashed at the Red Ranger.

As Adam was distracted seeing his leader fall, he failed to notice the Robo Trooper sneak up behind him. Before he could react, it punched him to the back of the neck. The Green Zeo Ranger looked up to see the Robo Trooper preparing to fire another spear, this time at his head.

Yellow Zeo had summoned her Nunchuks and had started to bludgeon the nearest opponent. Then after freeing one end of the weapon she struck out, using the chain to increase the momentum. As the solid club struck the Robo Trooper’s neck, Yellow Zeo drew her Zeo Pistol and fired. The machine fell backwards, stunned by the attack.

As Yellow Zeo prepared for the next target it grabbed her from behind. Tanya found herself deposited on the back of her neck, the Zeo suit absorbing some but not all of the shock. She looked up, unable to move as another Robo Trooper prepared to hit her.

“Any bright ideas?” Blue Zeo asked.

“Yeah,” Dragon Ranger replied from his position at Rocky’s back. “Teleport out of here as quickly as possible.

In back to back formation they had managed to hold their own against the machines, but were fading fast. Looking around, Rocky saw Tanya being driven into the ground.

“Duck!” Blue Zeo shouted.

As the Dragon Ranger moved to obey his blue companion leapt over his back, driving his Zeo Power Axe into the Robo Trooper’s chest. As he pulled away, Dragon Ranger pushed his Blade Blaster into the damaged patch and fired. The Robo Trooper collapsed as the Blade Blaster’s energy ripped through to emerge from all directions, effectively slicing it in half.

“I don’t believe it!” Blue Zeo complained as he noticed the Robo Trooper still moving, despite being cut in half. AS he watched the two halves rejoined.

A silver spear struck the Blue Zeo Ranger in the shoulder, allowing more Troopers to fall on him. ~This is bad,~ he thought as his helmet cracked under the constant pounding.

“Enough!” Minion shouted.

Before him was a scene many villains had only ever dreamed of. The Power Rangers were almost all beaten. The only exception was a newcomer, who Minion intended to humiliate before killing.

“Silvo, call back the Robo Troopers,” he ordered. “Then go to Angel Grove and destroy the Green Ranger.”

Silvo looked at the screen. All the other Rangers had been beaten down, leaving only the Green Ranger facing twenty Robo Troopers. The machines fell on top of the Ranger, punching and kicking him into submission. An evil smile formed on Silvo’s lips.

“As you wish master,” he said as he left.

Minion couldn’t help smiling under his mask. He had known what Silvo was thinking and was pleased his henchmen were intelligent enough to know when they had an advantage. Whether Silvo could use that advantage remained to be seen.

“Robo Troopers, dismissed!” Silvo shouted as he appeared.

As the silver soldiers moved to obey, Silvo stalked the Green Dragon Ranger, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him into the centre of the park, away from his friends. As Silvo moved away from the area, Zordon was able to lock onto the fallen Rangers and teleport them back to the Power Chamber.

Sam forced himself awake. Silvo’s initial assault had injured him more than the Robo Troopers and he could already sense his attacker getting near.

Silvo waited until the Dragon Ranger got back to his feet before kicking him in the stomach and power bombing him into the ground. Lifting the Ranger by the neck, he started to choke the Ranger in unconsciousness.

“Fireball!” Sam shouted.

His hand erupted with green fire, catching Silvo off guard. Instead of dropping the Ranger however, Silvo drove him into the ground. With the Ranger down he continued to pummel him until Silvo could see blood seeping from a hole in the Ranger’s armour. Kneeling next to the Ranger, Silvo opened Sam’s helmet exposing the boy’s face. Drawing his fist back, he awaited Minion’s permission to proceed.

A portal opened a Minion stepped through. Silvo bowed to his master and taking the hint disappeared.

“ZORDON!” Minion shouted.

Zordon turned his attention Viewing Globe. When Alpha had managed to teleport the Rangers back to the Power Chamber, Alpha had sprung into action. Thanks to the little droid’s actions the injured Rangers had all been demorphed and stabilised. Most were suffering from broken bones, although in one case Zordon had had to use his powers to help heal internal damage.

“ZORDON!” the voice boomed a second time. “I know you can hear me, Zordon!”

“I am here Minion,” Zordon replied. “What do you want?”

“Your little Power Pukes left something behind,” Minion sneered. Reaching down he pulled up the battered Green Dragon Ranger, now bleeding from several wounds. Sam’s helmet had been destroyed, placing the armour into standby mode. Minion placed the Sword of Darkness across Sam’s neck.

“What do you want Minion?” Zordon asked.

“A simple trade,” Minion replied. “You give me the Zeo Crystal and I’ll give you this piece of trash.”

Zordon thought for a moment. Every part of him wanted to send the Rangers back out to destroy Minion, but he did not have that option. In addition he doubted they would be able to either beat Minion or free their friend. Faced with an impossible choice, Zordon did the only thing possible under the circumstances. ~I cannot sacrifice someone just to hold onto a power,~ Zordon thought. ~If I do, then I don’t deserve to hold it anymore.~

“Very well Minion,” Zordon said. “Alpha will bring the Zeo Crystal to you. But be warned, if you harm either Alpha or Sam, you will be destroyed.”

“As you wish Zordon,” Minion hissed with a mock bow. “As you wish.”

Alpha appeared in Angel Grove Park five minutes later carrying the Zeo Crystal in his hand. Making his way over towards Minion, he placed the crystal on the ground and stepped back.

“Very good Alpha,” Minion said. “Now come here.”

“That’s not part of the arrangement,” Alpha replied.

“Alpha Five, CPU L98485, access function B109 and come here!” Minion said a bit louder.

When King Lexian had built Alpha he had included a few special features, the most important of which was the ability of the owner to implant commands deep in a part of the droid’s CPU that even Alpha was unaware of. Although these functions could only be accessed once, they had been used on the first two Alphas to activate self-destruct features. The second feature Lexian had designed was the method to activate the function and avoid accidental use. In the case of Alpha 5 no function had been implanted at default, so Lexian had programmed the command to activate when Alpha’s full designation was quoted.

When Billy had first met Alpha, he had discovered the function and as part of an afternoon’s experiment he had programmed that upon hearing the function B109 Alpha would obey the speaker’s command even if it contradicted his other programming.

“End function B109,” Minion said as Alpha walked over to him.

Alpha returned to normal operating status to find himself kneeling on the ground with Minion standing over him. Next to him the form of the Green Dragon Ranger lay motionless.

“Zordon,” Minion said, knowing the White Master could hear him. “I now have two prisoners. But instead of killing them, you can have them back.”

In a flash of green and white light the two prisoners were gone. Minion allowed himself to smile. While Zordon was busily caring for the injured Green Ranger, he would ensure the Ranger’s were even less of a threat. He had taken their powers. Now, he intended to take their Zords.

Alpha ran the medical scanner over Sam’s unconscious form. He had tried several times to monitor the young Ranger, but although Alpha was able to heal some of the wounds, the scanners refused to detect the Green Ranger’s presence. To make matters worse, Zordon had been unable to force demorph the Ranger.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, nothing is working Zordon,” Alpha reported.

“Keep trying,” Zordon instructed.

“Yes Zordon,” Alpha replied, returning to his work.

A small alarm sounded in the Power Chamber causing both Zordon and Alpha to investigate. The control panel, which the Rangers used to control the Zeo Launcher, was operating by itself. Already the Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel had been loaded for launch.

“Alpha, eject the Zeo Launcher before the Red Battlezord is lost as well!” Zordon boomed. As he spoke, he noticed the other Zords had already been launched.

Alpha pushed the buttons on the console, causing the Zeo Launcher to eject from the Zord Holding Bay and explode near the bottom of the mountain. Zordon realised the Rangers would probably never use those Zords again. ~The Rangers will probably never use the Zeo Crystal again,~ he thought.

“Sam, wake up!”

Sam opened his eyes to find himself hovering over the medical table in the Power Chamber. As he looked down he could see the battered the remains of his body and Alpha desperately trying to help him.

“Am I dead?” Sam asked.

“No,” the familiar voice said. “But if Zordon and Alpha cannot heal you, you will be.”

“Why are they not healing me then?” Sam asked.

“Because you do not want them too,” the voice replied. “They want to help you but cannot do so while you are hiding from them. Only you can save you life, and to do so you will need stop hiding and reveal yourself.”

Sam thought about the choice he faced. If he removed the spell that hid him from the Ranger and everybody else then he would survive. But if he did remove the spell he risked losing the people he cared most about and being alone again. For a moment he was tempted to just keep the spell and die, but what then. The Green Powers would be lost and the Rangers would be in even worse shape than they were now.

~I caused Zordon to give up the Zeo Crystal,~ he thought. ~How can I quit before I have made amends?~

“At last you have seen sense,” the voice said, once again taking the form of the Green Ranger. The voice changed to resemble someone Sam had come to respect over the years. The image flew into the Plasma Tube causing its inhabitant to smile, “Welcome back Sam.”

“Ah, there you are,” Minion said as the three large Zords appeared.

The Zeo Crystal had given him full command of anything connected with the power. He had ordered all the Zords to launch, but surmised Zordon had managed to prevent the Red Battlezord from being lost. For what he had in mind though, it did not matter.

“Fight me!” Minion commanded, using his powers to give the Zords life. After teleporting the Zeo Crystal to a safe place Minion prepared himself to destroy the Rangers’ prize weapons.

Before any of the three Zords could react, Minion rushed them with his sword. Using the power blade he knocked the Warrior Wheel, attacking in robot-mode, to the ground.

Minion had spent time studying the Zords the Rangers had used since Zordon first recruited them. After watching their battles he had managed to determine the weaknesses of each of the Megazords.

The Dino Megazord had been quick and had been able to take abuse well, but lacked the strength and firepower of the future Zords. The Dragonzord had been more powerful, but lacked any finishing manoeuvres. Ultimately they had been destroyed not through the act of an enemy, but because Zordon had failed to enhance them.

The Thunder Megazord had the raw power, but was unable to survive a sustained attack. The Tigerzord was powerful, but was reliant on the cooperation between Ranger and Saba. In the end it had been their lack of endurance, which had drained them to the point where Rito had been able to defeat them. Minion wondered what would have happened if Zordon had given the Rangers access to the real Thunder powers, instead of allowing them to draw the power through their Dinocoins.

The Ninja Megazord and Ninja MegaFalconzord were the most agile of the Zords, but neither Zord was unable to defend itself against swords. The Shogun Megazord and Shogun MegaFalconzord were powerful and heavily armoured, but lacked the speed to defeat the faster monsters. Together they had made a good set of Zords, complementing each other well. Unfortunately the Ninja Zords’ reliance on the Falcon Zord meant that when Zedd had stolen it all the Ninja Zords had been disabled.

Then came his current opponents. It was easy to find the weakness with the Zeo Megazord or the Red Battlezord. Both had been added to the Ranger’s arsenal after they had gained their powers. As a result they only drew part of the power from the Zeo Crystal. If Minion had had the opportunity to face the Red Battlezord, he would have simply aimed for the cockpit. The machine was designed for Tommy only and a quick laser bolt through the glass cockpit would have ended the Zord’s attack. The Megazord was at least a challenge, but Minion knew all he had to do was ground the Zord and it would be as good as scrap.

The Warrior Wheel was vulnerable when switching between modes. Minion had already damaged it, but now he planned to take advantage of its other weakness. While the Zord was down he intended to ensure he knocked out the other two Megazords, thus eliminating its finisher. The Warrior Wheel did not have an effective solo assault.

As he was analysing his opponents, the Zeo Megazord and Super Zeo Megazord had already moved into attack. The Zeo Megazord had activated its Battle Helmets. Minion had laughed as he was hit by the various assaults; even the Zeo Megazord Sabre had barely scratched him.

“Zeo Cannon!” Minion called, bracing himself as the cannon attached itself to his shoulder.

Minion fired the weapon once, blasting a hole in the Zeo Megazord’s chest. As the Zord collapsed, Minion aimed the cannon again, this time channelling the full power of the Zeo Crystal into the blast and fired. The Megazord exploded, its parts being teleported back to the Power Chamber.

Twisting around to face the Super Zeo Megazord, Minion fired again. The blast caused some damage but the Super Zeo Megazord had been created to take more than the Zeo Cannon could give. In disgust Minion smashed the Zeo Cannon into the Super Zeo Megazord’s head.

Minion had spent a long time studying the Super Zeo Megazord. It had a number of weaknesses, but none Minion could exploit to their full extent. Instead he had looked at the Zord’s weapon and had discovered the combined swords generated too much power for even its wielder to use at full power.

He laughed as the Megazord struck him the first time, gesturing for it to try full power. The Zord complied and Minion saw his chance. Grabbing hold of the blade he pushed it back towards the Zord until it made contact with the Megazord’s head. Minion continued to push, slicing through the Megazord. Gradually the sword cut through the body, emerging at the base of the body.

As the Super Zeo Megazord fell to the ground in two halves, Minion picked up the combined sword and used it to shop away the Zord’s arms and legs. Finally he drove the sword into the head of the Megazord. As the Super Zeo Megazord was reclaimed to the Super Zeo Gems from which it was first formed, the sword disappeared with it.

“Just you and me then,” Minion said as the Warrior Wheel got to its feet again, beckoning him to attack with his hand.

Faster than Minion expected the Warrior Wheel launched at him. A series of fists connected with Minion’s chin. Minion laughed as he took all the punishment the Zord could dish out.

“My turn,” he said.

Minion snap kicked the Warrior Wheel’s knee, following up with several punches of his own. Lifting the Zord over his head in military press, Minion jerked his arms back to his sides. He threw the top part of the Warrior Wheel onto the ground in front of him, before dumping the legs on top.

He raised his hands in victory as he watched the remains of the Warrior Wheel disappear. “ZORDON! If I’d known it was going to be this easy I’d have attacked before!”

Reaching out Minion summoned the Zeo Crystal and placed it on the ground. With a mere thought he tapped the power of the Dark Dimension, feeding its energy into the Zeo Crystal. The crystal started to glow, changing colours rapidly. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, White, Gold, Black and finally Purple shapes appeared inside the crystal. Sparks started to fly as the crystal pulsed with more power than it was ever intended to contain. As the pulsing reached fever pitch Minion drove his fist into the Zeo crystal, absorbing its energy and causing it to disintegrate.

Leaving the shattered crystal on the ground Minion teleported away. Time was now on his side and that was all he needed.

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Golden Light

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie. Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic. Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time. This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Golden Light

“My lord Minion,” Bronzo said as he bowed before his master. “There is a communication from someone demanding to speak with Lord Zedd.”

“Indeed,” Minion said, his interest evident. Very few beings ever demanded to talk to Lord Zedd and most of those who would dare were on Onyx. “Show me.”

A communication screen appeared from nowhere in front of Minion. On the screen appeared a middle-aged Triforian male. From the look on the man’s face Minion could tell he was quite high up in the Triforian power structure.

“I distinctly told your colleague that I wish to speak to Lord Zedd and not his lackeys,” the Triforian began.

“I am Minion, temporarily in charge of the UAE forces on Earth. Whatever you had to say to Zedd, you had BETTER say to me!”

The man looked shocked that Minion had spoken to him like that, but recovered his composure in time to respond to Minion’s threat. His eyes blazed angrily as he stared at the villain before him.

“You obviously have no idea, to whom you are speaking,” he began. “I am Zarnak, one of Prince Trey of Triforia’s highest advisors and Lord Zedd’s most valuable source on this world. If you do not start showing me the respect I deserve, I shall sell my information elsewhere and ensure Lord Zedd hears of your insolence.”

There were several ways in which Minion could have responded. He could have ignored the comment and continued to press for details; he could have apologised and begged Zarnak to tell him; or he could have cut the communication and risked Zedd’s wrath when he returned. Instead Minion did something unexpected; he reached into the magical communication screen and grabbed hold of Zarnak by the throat. With little effort he pulled the Triforian into the Lunar Palace.

“Now, you were saying?” Minion asked, summoning the Sword of Darkness from its hiding place.

“You cannot threaten me,” Zarnak said indignantly. “Zedd will have your head for this.”

“Really?” Minion asked, smashing the end of his sword over Zarnak’s head. “Firstly, if I kill you he will never know what happened to you. But more importantly, I have just destroyed Aquitar and defeated the Rangers of Earth. Now, do you really think in light of those accomplishments Zedd is going to destroy me just for hurting a small-minded informer.”

Zarnak’s shoulders slumped in defeat and he decided it was best to tell Minion the news. “Lord Trey has left Triforia and is heading for Earth, with something he hopes will aid the Earth Rangers.”

“What?!” Minion demanded, furious that Zarnak had wasted time protesting while the annoying Gold Ranger was near to ruining his plans. “Why did the council not stop him?”

“Well we, that is to say I, tried our best,” Zarnak said in a quiet voice. “But he was insistent on leaving and he had his mother’s blessing.”

“Very well,” Minion said after a long silence. He glared at Zarnak, now cowering on the floor begging for mercy. “Go back to Triforia. When word reaches his mother about her son’s death, ensure you are there to recommend that she vacates the throne and hand control to a subject of the UAE.”

“Yes, Lord Minion,” Zarnak said as Minion kicked him back through the viewscreen.

Minion considered the problem. He doubted the Gold Ranger could restore the Zeo Crystal, or that he had a set of new powers. ~But he must have something they can use,~ he thought. He quickly checked to ensure the bounty hunters he had hired were on a course to intercept the meddling Triforian.

~Maybe I should push ahead with the next phase,~ Minion thought, ~Just in case.~

Trey looked at his handiwork, a smile of pride spreading across his face. Many thought that just because he was the ruler of Triforia he was unskilled in the crafts of war. In truth his parents had sent him to train with some of the greatest warriors the Galactic Council had ever known.

Part of his training had been in the manufacture of Zords. Although Trey knew the Rangers could never hope to control Zords without their powers, he had decided that he might be able to use technology to give them some means of defending their world while Zordon searched for new powers.

An electronic alarm sounded, alerting Trey to the ships attempting to sneak up on him. Replacing his helmet Trey assumed his seat in command of Pyramidas. In the rear viewscreen he could see three one-man cruisers on an intercept course.

Pyramidas shook violently as the pursuers opened fire, their blasts bouncing harmlessly off the shields. More blasts followed each shot weakening the Zord’s defences. Trey activated his weapon systems and prepared to fight.

“Activating containment field,” Tommy said.

The five former Zeo Rangers had gathered together above the Power Chamber, in the room that once housed the Command Centre. Although most of the Power Chamber was now below ground, Zordon and Billy had rebuilt the upper chamber soon after the Zeo Rangers had been created. Instead of a command area, Billy had adapted the room to serve as a combination of laboratory and repair bay.

Each Ranger was now seated at a console operating the controls as though they had been doing so their whole lives. On a raised pillar in the centre of the room was a platform holding the remains of the Zeo Crystal. Zordon had mentioned they might be able to reform the crystal using the power of the Super Zeo Gems and the Power Coins Zordon had been sent following the death of the Aquitian Rangers.

Currently the Power Coins had been arranged below the platform and the Super Zeo Gems were floating above the remains. As Tommy activated the containment field, the coins were pushed closer to the platform, a different coloured beam of energy emerging from each of them. As the beams of light struck, the platform above the remains of the Zeo Crystal started to move. Above the smashed Crystal the Super Zeo Gems had also started to glow. Waves of energy bathed the Zeo Crystal causing it to move more frantically.

“Structure complete,” Adam reported from his place.

The Zeo Crystal was now back to its normal shape and form. But it was too early for the Rangers to celebrate, the Crystal remained dark with no evidence of power.

“Begin Phase Two,” Tommy said.

Kat activated the four power inducers located over the Zeo Crystal. With small cameras positioned on the tip of each inducer to guide her Kat was able to convert the combined power of the Super Zeo Gems, Power Coins and the mighty generators buried deep underground that normally powered the Power Chamber into a form of a laser suitable for repairing the still damaged crystal.

The cameras on the tip of the inducers allowed Kat to see where the flaws were located and to rectify them. As she did so, the Zeo Crystal slowly began to absorb the energy from the Power Coins. The Super Zeo Gems dropped to the ground indicating their purpose had been served.

“Phase Two complete,” Kat said after what seemed like ages. “Ready for final power up.”

“Okay, Rocky you start, Tanya you follow,” Tommy said.

Both Rocky and Tanya nodded. Activating their consoles, they began to feed more power into the Zeo Crystal. The crystal glowed as they increased the power levels.

“Full power, now!” Tommy called.

Tanya and Rocky turned the controls up to maximum, channelling all available power into the reformed crystal. A bright flash filled the room as the Zeo Crystal reached full power.

“Shit!” Tommy swore as the crystal shattered, falling apart under the stress of the power. “Shut everything down. We’ll need to start from scratch.”

“That might be a problem,” Rocky said. The others followed his gazed to where the Power Coins had fallen.

Tommy felt all his hopes fail when he saw the coins. Once engraved with the images of the Aquitian Rangers’ Spirit Animals, the coins were now blank.

“Now what?” Tanya asked.

“Now we go and tell Zordon we’ve failed,” Tommy told her.

He bent down and picked up the Power Coins and Super Zeo Gems from the ground. For a moment the two sources of power were touching each other. Electricity started to arc from the Gems to the Power Coins, causing Tommy to drop them. As he picked them up the second time, he was more careful. Once all the coins were gathered and all the Gems had been placed in their container the Rangers teleported away.

Strips of black and gold armour were scattered across the floor of Pyramidas. Blood was spread across the floor, running into the room where Trey had earlier been trying to help the Zeo Rangers. Moments before Trey had been in a fight for his life, a fight that had led him to make a dangerous attempt to survive.

Not long after the three ships had attacked, Pyramidas had retaliated. A lightning bolt from the tip of the mighty pyramid had caught the first craft. A second craft had tried to ram the Zord from the side. Although the craft had been destroyed by the impact, the pilot had succeeded in penetrating the hull. This had allowed the third craft, the real enemy to dock and gain entry.

Trey had already checked on his opponent and discovered it was a bounty hunter, but fortunately not a member of the Barox, against whom Trey’s powers were useless. After ducking to avoid the attacker’s first shot, the Gold Ranger caught sight of his attacker.

A bit taller than the average human, the bounty hunter was dressed head to toe in armour. On his back was a rocket pad and in his hand was an upgraded version of a hunter’s rifle Trey had seen sold on many worlds. The hunter raised his weapon and fired.

Trey ducked for cover, wondering how the bounty hunter had managed to almost hit him. The Gold Ranger prided himself on his ability to judge his opponent’s ability, but in this case he had been wrong. Most assassins aimed their rifles before firing, but this bounty hunter had fired from the hip and that had been what had caught Trey off guard.

~He must have some sort of targeting system built into the helmet,~ Trey realised as he ducked yet another blast. He did not want to return fire whilst inside Pyramidas in case he damaged one of the more vital systems, or worse still, the damaged the hull where the bounty hunter’s ship had attached itself. ~Maybe I can confuse his sensors,~ he thought.

“Gold Ranger, power down!” Trey’s suit disappeared from his body. Trey kept the Gold Power Staff in his hand, knowing it would make an effective weapon whether he was morphed or unpowered.

Gnavor adjusted his helmet’s scanner, trying to detect the now unpowered Triforian. He had expected Trey to remain morphed and had based his attack on that possibility. His helmet scanners were programmed to track the Zeo Power, which was now weaker with Trey unmorphed. Soon the scanner locked in on Trey and Gnavor once again started to stalk his prey.

Trey carefully made his way to the chest where he kept his hand blasters. Since from time to time Pyramidas was used to transport more than just the Gold Ranger, providing extra weapons for his passengers was a good idea. Removing three of the medium-sized weapons Trey crawled to a spot where he was shielded from the bounty hunter’s sensors.

For a moment his body shimmered to be replaced by Trey’s three component parts. Courage quickly handed a weapon to Heart and Wisdom. The three Treys then split up, using the shielding to prevent Gnavor from noticing the split. As Heart and Wisdom crouched on opposite sides of the ship, Courage purposefully stepped back into scanning range. He waited for a split second before making it obvious that he had made an error and moving back under cover.

It took Gnavor five seconds to realise he had been tricked. In that time he had covered the distance between himself and the spot where he had detected Trey. With his rifle ready to fire aimed to draw the Triforian into running. He fired three times and then noticed Trey’s life signs behind him. As he twisted around, he understood why the Gold Ranger had powered down. Trey of Wisdom, Trey of Courage and Trey of Heart had surrounded him. He raised his hands to protest, secretly planning how to shoot the nearest Trey.

Before he could accomplish anything Trey of Wisdom fired, knocking the rifle from his hand. Trey of Heart fired his blaster at the rifle, destroying it. Finally Trey of courage fired twice, his shots cutting through the bounty hunter’s helmet. With a loud clang the helmet crashed to the floor, exposing Gnavor’s almost reptilian face for the first time.

Gnavor growled in anger, drawing a small cylinder from his side and twisting the end. A metallic blade emerged from the end of the cylinder. Gripping the cylinder in both hands, he charged at Wisdom. Wisdom ducked the blade and moved over to where Courage and Heart were waiting. As the three parts joined hands, they remerged into Trey. He quickly summoned his Golden Power Staff, using it to block Gnavor’s next attack.

“Gold Ranger Power!” he called, instantly changing into the Gold Ranger.

The remainder of the fight was quick and brutal. Trey used his Power Staff like a club, knocking Gnavor off his feet and breaking the blade.

“Time for a Gold Rush!” Trey called, releasing the full power of his staff into the bounty hunter. He grabbed onto a wall, and as Gnavor and his ship were blasted out of Pyramidas, they left a hole that was quickly sealed by the Gold Power.

Exhausted, Trey looked at the spot where he had last seen Gnavor. The bounty hunter had struggled to survive in the vacuum of space, but his body had exploded from the lack of pressure, spreading his armour and blood over the floor of the Zord. With a mental command Trey ordered the Zord to clean the chamber and watched as the residue of his battle was swept away. Trey powered down and resumed his course for Earth, hoping the delay had not resulted in any loss of life.

Minion sensed the deaths of his bounty hunters. ~I should have known better than to trust the job to second rate scum,~ he thought.

He had spent the time since his victory over the Zeo Rangers planning his next act. He had been tempted to send his Robo Troopers back to Earth to finish the job, but had dismissed that idea as premature. Despite defeating the Rangers and preventing support from Aquitar, Minion had yet to deal with the other defenders of Earth. He knew the Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Beetleborgs were all active in California. He also knew that New York had its own protector.

In addition there were the Earth’s armed forces to deal with. Minion had absolute faith in his creations, but did not want a long battle that might convince civilians to take up arms to defend themselves. His plans for Earth required the planet and its people to survive. He planned to use the people of Earth as hosts for the creatures in his Dark Dimension and to convert the planet into a mobile space station, using the planet’s natural magic to power it.

~First things first,~ he thought. Although the Zeo Rangers were gone there was still the Green Ranger to deal with.

“Silvo,” he called quietly.

“Yes master,” his henchman said, “What do you wish of me?”

“Send a mixture of Tengas, Putties and Cogs back down to Angel Grove. They are to destroy the Green Ranger when he appears.”

“Yes master,” Silvo said, disappearing to carry out his task.

The Power Camber,
1 July 1996, 19.00hrs

In a column of clear light Jason Lee-Scott, former Red Morphin and Gold Zeo Ranger arrived in the Power Chamber. He immediately noticed that only Tanya was with him. He glanced at the Viewing Globe and saw it was shifting images, monitoring all the Rangers on Earth, both former and current.

“I’m here Zordon,” Jason said, “What’s up?”

“Thank you for coming Jason,” Zordon said. “I have already told Tanya the reason I have summoned you and she has agreed to help us.”

Jason moved over to where Tanya was sitting. A chair appeared for him to use, indicating this might be a long conversation. Alpha Five was scurrying around on the other side of the Power Chamber, apparently trying to talk to someone.

“How much do you know about the Ranger Powers?” Zordon asked.

“Only that the powers take the form of either a set of Power Coins or the Zeo Crystal,” Jason answered.

Zordon sighed; there was obviously a lot he would need to teach his Rangers in the future, especially if they succeeded in completing his plan.

“You are partially correct,” Zordon said. “The Ranger powers you are used to using, have been drawn by Power Coins and the Zeo Crystal. However, only those who have held the powers of the Morphin Grid would be accepted as Rangers on another world. As White Morphin Master I had the right to name the Zeo holders as Rangers, a role they have fulfilled with honour, courage and great skill.”

“So what exactly is the Morphin Grid?” Jason asked. Of all the Rangers, only Billy had ever done any real research on their powers.

“The Morphin Grid is a source of energy that humans sometimes refer to as magic, which was formed shortly after the Universe was created. The power of the Morphin Grid is spread throughout the Universe. On some worlds all the people can touch the power, on others such as Earth, many members of the population are unable to touch the power naturally. Instead the Power manifests itself as miracles and unexplained phenomenon such as telekinesis and telepathy.”

“Why are we unable to touch the Power?” Jason asked.

“In a way you can,” Zordon explained. “Earth is a unique planet. The planet itself contains great power and magic. It also contains a high percentage of Iron, which counters the effects of magic. As a result magic is overlooked in the day to day lives of humans and is not taught in the ways as it is on other worlds.”

“When I first picked my Rangers I had a number of requirements,” he continued. “Firstly they had to be willing to accept the rules of the Power. There were others on Earth who would have been able to hold the Power, but might have abused the Power. Secondly, they needed to be able to form and act as a team. When I first ordered Alpha to find you, the computer searched for a group of friends. Finally, I required teenagers who had the potential to touch the power.”

Tanya took the opportunity to ask the question she had been wondering about since the day that she had first become a Ranger. “Zordon, why did you choose teenagers to be Rangers?”

Zordon smiled. He knew the other Rangers had often discussed the issue, but none of them had yet come to the right conclusion. “The first reason is because as I said I needed humans with the potential to touch the Power whose minds were not closed to the possibilities of doing so. In addition it was important that those I selected were old enough to understand the responsibility the role of Ranger entailed. By selecting teenagers I not only fulfilled both of those requirements, but also found a group whose lives would be able to help when needed and not get stuck in other activities.”

“To go back to my original point,” Zordon continued. “The Morphin Grid has three sides, sometimes referred to as the Light Side, the Dark Side and the Shadow Grid. The Light and Dark sides of the Grid are equal and opposite of each other. Most people who touch the Grid are either good or evil and draw power from either the Light or Dark Grid. Should they subsequently change their loyalties they will lose access to such powers.”

“So when Tommy was under Rita’s spell he drew energy from the Dark Side?” Jason asked.

“No,” Zordon replied. “Although Rita’s spell made him evil, he was still using the Light Side powers through his Power Coin. If he had been truly evil, the Ranger powers would have left him. The forces of evil can create their own Rangers, but the dark power would distort their outer forms into something else. As a rule Rangers drawing power from the Dark Side do not last very long. Most villains use the dark powers to create hideous outer forms. That is why Lord Zedd and Master Vile look like they do. If they were ever stripped of their powers, they would resemble ordinary humans.”

“What’s the Shadow Grid?” Tanya asked, realising Zordon had not mentioned it.

“The Shadow Grid is the mysterious and underused side of the Grid,” Zordon explained. “As far as I know there has only been one race where all its people were able to draw from the Shadow Grid. They used its power to move their world outside of Time and Space. As a rule they are neutral in the war against good and evil, although like any race they have their own mix of heroes and villains.”

“Are they the only ones who can touch the Shadow Grid?” Jason asked.

“No,” Zordon replied. “There are many others who can touch the Shadow Grid, but very few of them are ever well known. As a rule those with the ability to draw from the Shadow Grid are loners, often only bound by their own concepts of right and wrong. Should you meet one and gain his or her respect and loyalty, you would have a powerful ally.”

Zordon noticed that the two Rangers were hooked on his every word, but also realised he needed to get to the point if his plan was to succeed before it was too late.

“You know from experience that the Ranger powers are divided into colours. You might not realise that there are actually nine colours; red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, white, black and the ninth colour which has never been held. Each colour is further divided into five levels or aspects. As Morphin Rangers Tommy, Rocky and Adam have held the Dino, Thunder and Ninja powers or the Body, Mind and Spirit Aspects as they are sometimes known.”

“Jason and Rocky were suited to the Red colour. Although many assume that red is the colour of the leader, it is mainly the colour that represents a team player. The Red spirits are the Tyrannosaurus, Dragon and Ape. Jason is the Tyrannosaurus, a powerful leader who is able to work with his team. He also tends to tackle his opponents head-on. Rocky however is a Dragon. As such he was the centre, around which the team is formed. Rocky preferred to think things out before attacking.”

“Billy was drawn to the Blue colour. Blue represents a creative and powerful mind, not just in terms of knowledge, but also in terms of mental powers. Blue spirits also have a desire to belong although sometimes have difficulty relating to others. The Triceratops, Unicorn and Wolf represent the Blue Powers. Billy is the Wolf aspect of the Blue Power. He prefers to study his enemies and determine their weaknesses before charging in.”

“Trini was suited to the Yellow power. She could have managed either the Sabre-toothed Tiger, Griffin or Bear. As the Yellow Ranger she was the peacemaker, looking out for the weaker members of the team. However like Billy, she prefers to study her problems first and would have been at her best if linked to the Bear.”

“What about me?” Tanya asked. “Or Aisha?”

“I will get to you and Aisha in a moment,” Zordon promised, before continuing with his lecture. “Zack and Adam are both natural users of the Black powers. Both possess a joyful spirit and seek to lighten their team’s mood in battle. For Zack this is due to his own personality, but Adam does so because of his shy nature. The Mastodon, Pegasus and Frog represent the Black Power. Zack is the Pegasus, a slightly wild spirit, whilst Adam is the more reserved Frog.”

“Both Kimberly and Kat were Pink Spirits, the colour of a nursing spirit that is protective of all those around and pure of mind and body. The Pterodactyl, Firebird and Crane all represent the Pink Power. Whilst Kimberly is more likely to think and then act, Kat will study her opponents in the same was as Billy and Trini. That is why Kim excelled as the Firebird and Kat was able to slip into her role as the Crane.”

“The White Ranger represents the healer,” Zordon explained. “Although Tommy has held the White power, he did so only to access the powers of a Ranger. The White Rangers normally possess a pure spirit and are immune to spells. In addition they can heal their fellow Rangers and possess certain extra mental abilities. The White powers are represented by the Velociraptor, Tiger and Falcon.”

“Sam and Tommy are both Green Spirits. The Green Power is at the opposite end of the Light Side,” Zordon explained “Those with a Green Spirit constantly feel the pull of both sides of the Morphin Grid. That is why both Tommy and Sam were able to be place under Rita’s spell. The Dragon, Lion and Panther represent the Green Power. Sam is quick to react and is therefore a Dragon, whereas Tommy prefers to study the situation. He spirit is the Panther.”

“Finally, there is the Purple Spirit. Purple is the colour of the trickster. Those with the Purple powers follow their own path and are able to combine the attributes of the other colours. They most especially love deflating the pompous and watching the bad guys fall into their own traps. Fiercely loyal to those they deem worthy, the best protection one can have from their schemes is to earn their respect. The Stegosaurus, Spider and Hawk represent purple.”

Zordon looked at his two young students. He knew his lecture had raised many questions in their minds and he intended to answer them.

“I know you have some questions, so allow me to explain. Firstly the ninth colour is unknown. It is hidden deep within the Morphin Grid and will only be revealed when eight Rangers reach their full potential and need the power.”

“Secondly, although the Lion was the Black Thunderzord, at the time you were not drawing the Thunder Powers. Since the Lion was needed to create the Megazord, I adapted it to work for Zack instead of Tommy. Had Tommy been able to power the Lion, Zack would have been given the Pegasus and the Rangers may never have needed the White Ranger.”

“Thirdly, I know you will wonder why if there were nine colours there were only ever six Rangers at a time. As I have already mentioned, one of the colours is unknown, but the others are simply related to not having the coins. The Purple Coin is lost, the White Coin was mine to create and I did so only to allow Tommy to become a Ranger again. With the Green Coin in the hands of Rita and then sabotaged, I never got to create a Green Ranger.”

~Now for the difficult bit,~ Zordon thought. “Tanya you asked me about your colour. The truth is I am unsure. You have never held the Morphin Powers, but I suspect you may have been a Purple Spirit. Aisha is more complicated. Although she was suited to the Yellow powers, I believe she would also have managed as any other colour.”

Jason had listened to everything Zordon had said. He had asked question when he felt they were necessary and now understood the inside workings of the Ranger Powers. Now he needed to know what Zordon really wanted. “Zordon, why did you bring us here?”

“Jason and Tanya, of all the Rangers, you two are the only ones suitable for the task I have in mind. Although you have held the Zeo Powers Jason was always meant to be the Red Morphin Ranger and I believe Tanya should also have been a Morphin Ranger. I have told you that the Morphin Grid had five Aspects as well as the nine colours. That is true. The Fourth Aspect is called the Ranger Aspect and is formed by a combination of the first three Aspects. Those who can hold the three Aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit reach a new level of understanding known as the Ranger or Soul Level. Those who hold all four Aspects are known as total Aspect Rangers.”

“Very few have ever held all three aspects of the Power. Most have been given their correct spirit early on and have never changed. The Rangers of Earth however have held all three levels and can combine those aspects together to gain the true Ranger powers.”

“What about the Fifth Aspect?” Tanya asked.

“The Fifth Aspect is also known as Ninjetti and exists separately from the other levels. While the other levels are given a certain animal for each level and colour, Ninjetti cuts across all eight of the basic colours. The Ninjetti searches out the spirit animal of the individual and providing he or she is worthy of the Power, grants him or her the ability to become a Ranger.”

“Do Ninjetti Rangers look like the others?” Tanya asked.

“Yes Tanya, the Ninjetti power gives Rangers a uniform similar to those of both Ninja Ranger and an armoured costume. They look like any other Ranger except for their power source.”

“How do we get them?” Jason asked.

“Firstly, you must be a team,” Zordon said. He directed his attention to the far side of the room where Alpha had been earlier. “You may come out now.”

From a secret room stepped seven figures. “Aisha!” Tanya cried, recognising her friend. She ran across the room to join the girl who had handed her powers.

“Jason?” Kimberly Hart asked stepping into the room. Behind her Trini and Zack stepped forward. “Guys!” Jason joined the others, glad to be back with his team. He looked up as the next person entered the Power Chamber. Slightly sobered Jason walked over and greeted the still grieving Billy Cranston.

“And don’t forget us,” a voice said. Sam and David Trueheart stepped forward into the Power Chamber, completing the selection.

“Welcome Rangers,” Zordon said. “Now that the team is complete, I would ask that Aisha remain on Earth to help the Zeo Rangers whilst Tanya travels to claim the Morphin Powers.”

Seeing that nobody was about to protest he added, “I would never force any of you to do that which you are unwilling to do. If you are prepared to accept the powers please step into the portal.”

One by one the Rangers nodded their consent and stepped into the portal. “Good luck my Rangers,” Zordon said. “If you are successful, I believe you may be able to save your world.”

“What about me?” Aisha asked.

“Aisha, although I cannot offer you the Yellow Zeo power at this time, I ask that you help us to defend Earth until the others can return.”

Aisha nodded and after concocting a story to tell her parents, went to find the other Zeo Rangers to fill them in on what was happening.

“So the others are all gone?” Tommy asked as Kat brought the drinks over to the Rangers’ table. Late the previous evening the Rangers had been contacted and told of the mission Jason and the others had undertaken. Although Tommy was happy that Aisha had rejoined the team he was still annoyed with Zordon for not discussing it with him.

To make matters worse, Minion had decided to make a strike against the Rangers. Once again they had been beaten, apparently the foot soldiers ceased the attack when the Dragon Ranger failed to show.

“Yeah,” Aisha replied. They were all quiet for a moment, and Ernie had switched on the television. Anthea Turner was on the screen apparently conducting a news report about the previous night’s attack.

“And while the brave people of Angel Grove were last night faced with an unprovoked monster attack, the question on everybody’s lips is ‘Where are the Power Rangers?’ It is the believe of this reporter that they have abandoned the city in our time of greatest need. This is Anthea Trener, Channel 3 News, Angel Grove.”

Ernie switched the screen off in disgust and looked towards the table where the Rangers were sitting. Somehow Aisha had appeared overnight and was now trying to cheer up Tommy. Ernie knew that if the Rangers were bringing in their old companions they must have been having problems. Deciding it was time somebody told them how the ordinary people of Angel Grove felt, Ernie walked over to their table.

“Um guys, can I have a word with you out back?” Ernie asked.

The Rangers all filed into the back area, away from the customers. Ernie drew in a deep breath, worried in case the Rangers had methods of dealing with those who knew their secrets.

“Firstly, I just wanted to tell you to ignore what Anthea Trener just said. She’s probably bitter that you didn’t grant her an interview in the past. Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I think you guys have done a great job of defending this planet and I know you did your best last night.”

“Ernie, I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” Tommy said, hoping that Ernie had not guessed their identities.

“Guys, I know you are the Power Rangers, just as Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Billy were before you.” Ernie looked at the shocked expressions on their faces and couldn’t help laughing. “Come on Tommy, you all wear a weird watch and colour coded wardrobes; I’ve lost count of the number of times you guys have left without finishing your food and every time a Ranger changes, so does your group. Oh and Tommy, unless you know somebody else who says ‘siek-yah’ whilst working out, I would say you are the first Green Ranger, White Ranger and Red Zeo Ranger.”

Realising they were beaten Tommy nodded. “You cannot tell anyone our secret,” Tommy said.

“I won’t,” Ernie said. “I just thought you guys ought to know how much the Rangers mean to this city. And I wanted to check that you guys were okay. That masked guy seemed to be enjoying himself with you Sam the other day.”

Tommy considered telling Ernie how young Sam was, but decided against it. “We’ll be okay, we just need to hold out until the others can find some new powers.”

Further discussion was interrupted when Tommy’s communicator beeped. “Go ahead Zordon,” Tommy said.

“Rangers,” Alpha’s voice came over the communicator. “Silvo is in the park with a group of foot soldiers. He is demanding the Green Ranger fights him or else he will destroy the city.”

“We’ve got to go,” Tommy said. In five white columns the Rangers teleported to Angel Grove Park. Tommy doubted they stood a chance without their powers, but he knew they needed to try. Ernie shook his head and wished the Rangers luck. He then headed back into the bar and switched on the television again.

Tommy and the others arrived in the Power Chamber. Although they were no longer powered, Tommy had thought it best if they could find some sort of disguise to keep their identities secret. Soon al five Rangers were wearing some old spandex-based costumes Alpha had managed to make with the replicaters in the Power Chamber. Alpha had also managed to scrounge some old helmets for the Rangers to wear.

“Now all we need are some weapons,” Rocky said.

“I have something to help you there as well, Rangers,” Alpha said. Pressing a button on the console, he teleported the Rangers to a secret vault hidden deep beneath the Power Chamber.

“Oh man,” Tommy said as he looked around. “I didn’t realise we had such a large collection.”

Around the room were all the weapons Billy had ever built but had never connected to the Ranger Powers. Tommy made his way over to the far corner where he discovered the first set of motorcycles Billy had attempted to build for the Dino Rangers and Thunder Rangers. Checking the power supply he found all five vehicles were in working order and capable of morphing into powerful weapons. They had obviously been one of Billy’s projects during his time in the Power Chamber.

Rock and Adam meanwhile had managed to find some of the energy rifles. Each gun measured about ten inches and was grey in colour. Adam tested one of the guns and found it was self-aiming.

“Look at this,” Rocky said, pointing to the small cartridges Billy had carefully labelled. “Fire, Freeze, Stun bolts, Exploding Shells, Laser and Gel. He didn’t just make one gun, he made every type of rifle we’d ever need.”

“Check this out,” Adam said, pointing to the set of five devices Billy had placed next to them. “It says here these will act as a dampening field against Cogs. That might slow them down for a bit.”

“Guys!” Aisha shouted from the other side of the room. “I think I’ve found the heavy artillery.”

The other Rangers found Aisha standing in a smaller vault marked ‘DANGER’. On her right arm she had attached a multi barrelled gun. A metal casing surrounded her shoulder continuing as a metal sleeve down her arm. The cannon was mounted on the end and activated by a small trigger. The armour changed colour to blend in with her uniform.

Now armed with the weapons and bikes they had managed to find, along with the personal weapons Tommy had located the Rangers left to take on the Cogs, Putties and Tengas they knew would be waiting for them.

From inside Pyramidas Trey detected the foot soldiers Minion had sent to Earth. He knew time was running out and he would soon need to help the Rangers, but first he had his own mission to accomplish. Using his sensors to locate the items he wanted, Trey teleported them on board.

In the Power Chamber Alpha Five was in danger of burning out his circuitry due to stress. “Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, they’re gone!”

“What are gone?” Zordon asked, taking his attention off the Viewing Globe for a moment.


“Alpha,” Zordon said. He received no response and decided to take desperate action. “Alpha, if you do not calm down, I will arrange for Billy to give you a service.”

“I’m sorry Zordon,” Alpha said when he had finally calmed down. “The Super Zeo Gems, the remains of the Zeo Crystal and the Aquitian Coins are gone.”

Zordon felt a sudden sense of dread building inside him. For the Zeo Crystal to be destroyed was bad, but to lose it all together was disastrous.

“Okay Rangers, divide and conquer,” Tommy ordered.

After teleporting to a spot just outside of Angel Grove Park the Rangers had summoned their bikes. Thanks to Billy’s design the bikes had adapted for their new users. The vehicles, which the teens had simply named Attack cycles were now, colour coded for each Ranger. The Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow Attack Cycles were all based on a motorbike and sidecar design. The Red Attack Cycle resembled a cross between the Shark Cycles and Zeo Cycles.

“Power them up,” Tommy instructed. Flicking the power controls on his bike he crossed his fingers and hoped the portable power cells they had found would last for a while.

“Tommy, they’re spreading out,” Aisha warned.

Tommy checked his scanners and saw that whilst the Tengas had remained in the park, the Putties were heading towards the Youth Centre and the Cogs were spreading out through the rest of the city.

“I’ll take care of the birds,” Kat said. Before anyone could argue, she had already started to drive off.

“Okay, Rocky and Aisha take the Cogs, Adam and I will deal with the Putties and then catch you up.”

“Right,” the other Rangers called as the set off on their mission to protect Angel Grove. Tommy activated his weapon systems before taking off after Adam.

Kat angled her Attack Cycle and rammed into the flock of Tengas. As expected most of them flew clear of the bike, but a few tried to slow her down and were torn to shreds by the powerful wheels. Turning the bike to make a second pass, Kat realised that she would not be able to make contact with the Tengas since they had remained in the air.

Drawing her hand blaster Kat loaded a Fire Pack, took aim and fired. With the nearest Tenga acting as the target, the blaster adjusted its power level to ensure that as the beam hit the bird it exploded into flames. The odour of burnt feathers filled the air as the Tenga struggle to remain airborne, setting fire to its neighbours as well.

“Get her!” the leader called.

As the Tengas swooped towards her, Kat changed the blaster’s power pack to Ice. Instead of aiming directly for the birds, she fired at the ground in front of her. As the Tengas landed, they found themselves frozen in place. Kat fired another shot and managed to freeze the birds. She then hurled a stone at the ice statues. The statues cracked and crumbled into tiny pieces of ice.

“Oh great,” Kat said to herself as more Tengas appeared.

Using their increased speed Tommy and Adam made it to the Youth Centre before the army of Putties. As they waited Tommy called for Ernie to evacuate everybody from the front of the Youth Centre. Ernie did not need to be told twice and soon there were no civilians in the area.

As the Putties drew nearer, Adam activated his bike’s special features. The connecting bars between the bike and sidecar extended outwards, pushing the sidecar away from the bike. Adam shifted position to sit upright as the sidecar was raised off the ground, the bottom opening and remoulding to extend the sides. Eventually the sidecar was positioned over the bike and rider.

Luckily for Adam the whole conversion process was balanced to ensure the bike did not tip over. When he was certain the sidecar was in the correct position, he pressed the button on his handlebars. The shell of the sidecar dropped onto the bike, locking itself into position. The wheel that had been used to support the sidecar dropped next to the bike’s own wheel. With a series of clicks the wheels were joined by an axle and moved outwards to provide extra support for the increased weight.

Finally a set of laser cannons emerged from the machines sides. At the front a triple barrelled rocket launcher appeared. A protective screen covered the newly formed cockpit.

“Let’s see them deal with this,” Adam said.

“Not bad,” Tommy said, taking a moment to admire Billy’s handiwork. “Watch this,” he told Adam as he activated his own weapons.

Channelling the power of the Morphin Grid, Tommy’s bike started its own transformation. The wheels duplicated themselves and extended away from the bike. The headlight transformed into a single cannon. Tommy felt his legs being drawn back behind him as steel panels formed around them. The front windscreen extended to protect Tommy from any forward attack. Then it started to spin at speeds impossible to an ordinary bike.

With the front wheels spinning forward and the rear wheel spinning in reverse, the bike started to lift off the ground. When it was floating six inches off the ground Tommy flicked a switch and the wheels dropped from vertical to horizontal positions. Miniature thrusters mounted under each of the wheels activated to keep the bike hovering. Finally a set of heavy weapons attached themselves to the bike and a pair of thrusters appeared on the back of the bike.

“Here they come,” Adam called.

“Let’s get them,” Tommy responded.

Together the two Rangers charged the Putties. While Adam drove into the Putties, Tommy used his thrusters to knock the Putties over. Within a few minutes they had managed to get all the Putties into a state where they could no longer stand upright.

“Particle Stream, fire!” Tommy called.

A thick beam of light erupted from the nose cannon. Flicking several buttons Tommy fired his side cannons as well. The Putties in front of him were soon reduced dust.

“Triple Shock!” Adam cried.

The three-barrelled rocket launcher fired, dispersing its shells over a wide area. The Putties decided they had had enough and ran away. Adam turned to see Tommy beating the remaining Putties on foot. He was using a hollow red staff Adam assumed that he had found in Billy’s vault.

“Siek-yah!” Tommy shouted as he decapitated the last Putty and remounted his bike. “We’d better find the others.”

“They’re spreading out,” Aisha said as she studied the Cogs on her radar. “Rocky, we need to keep them inside their current grid or we won’t be able to take them.”

“Why don’t you take the perimeter and I’ll pick them off from inside?” Rocky suggested knowing Aisha had the faster bike.

“Okay, but be careful,” Aisha warned. “We don’t have our powers to protect us any more.”

“Hey, it’s me,” Rocky replied with a grin.

“Exactly,” Aisha muttered. Out loud she called, “Weapons, now!”

The bike and sidecar separated, the sidecar splitting into parts. The bike’s stand lowered to stabilise Aisha as the bike morphed. The rear wheel of the bike detached, while at the same time joining with parts of the sidecar to form a rotor blade. The sidecar wheel transformed into a smaller rotor and attached itself to the rear of the bike by means of an extended axle. The larger rotor attached itself to the front of the sidecar. The front, back and sides of the sidecar then formed over the bike while the base of the sidecar split in half and formed two skies. When the transformation was finished, Aisha was sitting in a miniature helicopter.

Next a cannon attached itself to each ski and a smaller rifle appeared on the end of each handlebar. The cannon Aisha had found earlier attached itself to her shoulder ready for action. Activating the rotors, she raced off to prevent the Cogs from spreading out.

Rocky didn’t bother activating his weapons. Instead he headed towards the point from which the Cogs were spreading out. As he went, he stopped every so often to place a small device. If his plan worked and Billy had been right he hoped to be able to shut down the Cogs without too much fighting. The idea of being without his powers was scary, but Rocky had vowed to defend his planet and that was an oath he took seriously.

Trey examined his creations. In front of him were a set of devices representing the closest link ever between the Zeo and Morphin Powers. The five Super Zeo Gems had been placed in the centre of the five Power Coins. Trey was not certain if his idea would work, but since the coins operated as transformers and the Super Zeo Gems were sources of power, he hoped the combination would give his other creations some energy.

Next he turned his attention to the Zeo Crystal’s remains. The Rangers had made a valiant attempt to restore the crystal, but had lacked Trey’s knowledge about the Zeo powers. Placing the Gem Coins around the remains of the crystal Trey called on his own powers. The Golden Power Staff opened at his command to reveal his part of the Zeo Crystal. Trey places the fragment into the centre of the remains.

Energy started to flow, restoring the Zeo Crystal to its original condition. Trey’s Zeo Crystal acted as the main power source with additional power being drawn from the Gem Coins.

As soon as the Zeo Crystal was reassembled, Trey powered down. His experiment had had three effects. Firstly the Zeo Crystal had been recreated. Although it lacked power, Trey knew it would charge up in its own time. Secondly the residual energy had bonded the Power Coins and Super Zeo Gems together. Although the Rangers would have nowhere near the power they had while drawing directly from the Zeo Crystal, at least they would have a chance.

The third change had occurred within the Gold Powers. With his part of the Zeo Crystal finally reunited with the other parts, Trey’s power had been boosted. Holding out his hand Trey summoned his own Super Zeo Gem. To Trey’s knowledge only one of his predecessors had ever held the Gold Gem. It had been lost millennia ago shortly after the Golden Power Staff had been presented to the Lord of Triforia.

As Pyramidas drew closer to the Earth, Trey returned the Zeo Crystal to its place in the Power Chamber along with a message explaining to Zordon what had occurred. Once he landed Trey planned to help the Rangers, if they needed his help.

“Weapon mode, Now!” Rocky called as he finally caught up with the Cogs.

At his command the bike and sidecar separated. Time seemed to move slowly as Rocky was thrown into the air, his arms and legs spread. The bike and sidecar broke into smaller parts, the three wheels forming a base and locking onto his feet. The armour from the vehicle attached itself to Rocky’s body encasing him in a solid shell. A double-barrelled cannon formed on his chest, a pair of rocket launchers attached to each shoulder and a pulse rifle formed on each arm.

Rocky tried his new mode out and discovered it was surprisingly versatile. Apart from his feet he was able to move without restriction from his armour.

With a thought Rocky activated the devices he had placed. The Cogs froze as the devices transmitted a shutdown command. With the Cogs disable Rocky chose his targets and fired. Soon a pile of scrap metal surrounded him.

A small flashing light indicated more Cogs moving in from behind. Turning to face the new threat Rocky released a barrage of blasts from his pulse rifles.

“Fire One!” he ordered.

The rocket launcher on his right shoulder locked onto the centre of the Cogs. The rocket struck its target, throwing the inoperative Cogs to the ground.

“Time to help Aisha,” Rocky said to himself as his wheels carried him towards his fellow Ranger.

“Don’t you guys know when to quit?” Kat asked as she blasted another Tenga.

Kat was fighting a losing battle and she knew it. Every time she beat off one Tenga, several more appeared. She pulled the trigger again and sighed as she realised the power pack was empty once again.

She swore, smashing the now useless weapon into the nearest Tenga. Without her powers she knew she could not fight unarmed for too long. “Weapon mode, now!”

Kat felt herself teleported into her sidecar. A glass screen closed over her forming a cockpit. As the screens inside came to life, Kat saw the twin cannons emerge from under her sidecar and at the same time small wings spread on either side.

“Launch!” she ordered.

“The rocket like craft was launched into the air, allowing Kat to match speed with the Tengas. She targeted one Tenga at a time, and one by one the Tengas were reduced to a pile of feathers.

“No!” Minion shouted. “This cannot happen. They are unpowered but still winning.”

He looked down at the battlefield below. Somehow the Rangers had found some new toys. He had no doubt they were Billy’s handiworks. For a brief moment he considered sending some Robo Troopers down to fight, but decided his henchmen could use a workout instead.

“Silvo, Brasso, come here!”

“Yes master?” both servants asked as they bowed before their creator.

“The Rangers have managed to destroy our troops. Go down there, destroy their toys and then finish them!”

“Yes master,” the two henchmen said as they headed for Angel Grove.

“We did it!” Rocky said excitedly as the Rangers regrouped in the park.

“Yeah,” Tommy said. “Good job guys.”

After mopping up the remaining foot soldiers the Rangers had ensured the city was safe before heading back to the source of the disturbance.

“You know if this was Rita and Zedd or Mondo, he would be sending a monster about now,” Rocky said.

No sooner had he spoken, then Silvo and Brasso appeared in front of them. “You had to say it didn’t you,” Tommy muttered.

This is going to be fun. Brasso said as he turned his attention to the nearest Ranger. He charged at Aisha, grabbing her helicopter by the skies, preventing her from getting away. While he held the vehicle, Silvo struck it with his fist. Between them they tore the vehicle apart.

“Get away from her!” Rocky shouted. He unleashed the whole power of his weapons, causing Silvo to release Aisha.

Silvo responded by charging at rocky, lifting him above his head and power slamming him to the ground. From nowhere a silver sword appeared in his hands and he started to try to slice and dice the former Zeo Ranger. He was stopped when Kat slammed her vehicle into his legs.

Brasso meanwhile had managed to cripple Adam by breaking off his front wheel. Tommy tried to use his thrusters to force Brasso to move, but only succeeded in making the henchman mad. Twisting around Brasso threw Tommy to the ground. His bike lost power as Brasso drove his foot into the side.

“Regroup,” Tommy called.

The Rangers abandoned their weapon systems and gathered together a short distance away. Aisha handed her blaster to Kat as the cannon once again appeared on her arm.

“Fire!” Tommy ordered.

The weapons were powerful, but had been designed to work with powered Rangers; not humans dressed to look like Rangers. As a result the only effect the blasters had on Silvo and Brasso was to make them laugh.

“You want fire?” Silvo asked. “Try this.”

Lasers shot from Brasso’s eyes, hitting the ground where the Rangers were standing. He watched with satisfaction as the Rangers were thrown into the air.

Tommy landed hard, rolling to minimise the impact. His first instinct was to get back to his feet, but instead he took a moment to find out where he was in relation to the others. Rocky and Adam were lying next to each other barely moving. Kat and Aisha were some distance away, neither attracting the henchmen’s attention.

“Now we finish this,” Tommy heard Silvo say. He looked up in time to see the edge of Silvo’s sword pointed at his neck.

“It’s Morphin Time!” Trey called.

Instead of the Golden Power Staff appearing in his hand, a Zeoniser formed on his wrists. Trey ignored the difference, knowing it was due to his crystal now being joined with the others.

The Power told him what do next. “Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

He took a moment to examine his powers, found no real differences and teleported to find his friends. He crossed his fingers as he left hoping he was in time.

“Time to die little powerless Ranger,” Silvo sneered.

Without further conversation both henchmen raised their swords and prepared to carry out an old-fashioned execution. Tommy looked up as he saw the henchmen about to sacrifice him.


Silvo and Brasso stumbled forward as something struck the backs of their necks. For a moment they forgot about Tommy and turned to face the Ranger who had dared to strike them. In a flash of gold the Gold Power Staff connected with them a second time. Gold Zeo wielded his weapon with skills developed over years of training.

Going low he hit Brasso in the face before swivelling to kick Silvo in the chest. “It’s time for a Gold Rush!” he called.

Lightning left the tip of the Golden Power Staff, striking both henchmen at close range. Silvo and Brasso decided they had had enough and retreated back to the Moon, leaving Trey to deal with the injured Rangers.

A few minutes later the Rangers were back in the Power Chamber. Zordon and Alpha had retrieved the remains of their weapon systems and vehicles, but the majority was beyond repair.

“At least we beat them off for now,” Rocky said.

“Until the next time,” Tommy pointed out. He turned to look at his rescuer. “Thanks Trey,” he said.

“Rangers, once again you have proven I was correct in selecting you. You have fought without your powers and defeated Minion’s forces. In addition, I have some good news for you.”

The lights in the Power Chamber dimmed. Soon the only light was from Zordon’s tube and the Zeo Crystal now restored to its rightful place.

“The Zeo Crystal!” Tommy exclaimed. “Are our powers back?”

“I am afraid not,” Zordon said. “The Zeo Crystal will require time to re-energise, but in the meantime Trey will be able to use his powers to become the Gold Ranger.”

Trey considered telling the Rangers about his other work, but decided they had been through enough for one day. “Why don’t you head back to the Youth Centre?” he suggested.

Tommy and the others agreed and left the Power Chamber, allowing Zordon and Trey a short time to talk.

“Thank you for helping the other Trey,” Zordon said. “I am certain the Rangers would have emerged victorious, but you saved Tommy’s life.”

“It was an honour,” Trey replied.

“I have also detected changes in your powers caused by your sub crystal being reunited with the other parts. You will now find you are able to divide into three Rangers when necessary. Of course the other two will feel any injury to one. I am certain other changes to your powers will occur in time.”

“Thank you, Zordon,” Trey said. Ever since the occasion when he had lost control of his powers Trey had fear losing unity while morphed. With his new powers, that was no longer a problem.

“Finally, I wish to discuss your proposals for temporary powers. I have studied your plan and agree that it seems to be the best option available.” Mentally Zordon thought ~I hope we never need to test them.~

Shortly after, Trey returned to Pyramidas and Zordon returned to keeping a watchful eye on the Earth.

“Forgive us master,” Silvo said as he and Brasso kneeled before Minion. “We have failed you.”

“Indeed, you have performed at less than optimal capacity. However, the intervention of the Gold Rangers was an inconvenient and unforeseen occurrence. Under the circumstances you are forgiven.”

~What am I saying?~ Minion thought. ~I am not him. I am Minion, soon to be the ruler of the Universe. I AM IN CONTROL.~

Finally certain he was back to normal Minion returned to henchmen. “I have another task for you two on Earth.” He pointed to two targets and simply added, “Go!”

With his henchmen out of the way Minion took the time to reassess his position. The Rangers were defeated. He was sure of that. And despite their best efforts they had only succeeded in defeating a mixture of second rate foot soldiers and causing his henchmen to retreat. With Silvo and Brasso in the process of securing him a power base on Earth, Minion knew it was a question of time.

~Next time I’ll send down some monsters and trash that city.~ His eyes glowed brightly as he considered all the things he intended to do to those Rangers before he killed them.

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Glimmer Of Hope

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie.

Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic.
Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time.
This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Glimmer of Hope

“My Lord Minion,” Bronzo said as he bowed to his master. “I have finished my research concerning and I think you should see this.” He handed Minion a datacard on which he had placed the information from his computer.

Minion looked over the data and a lot of small pieces started to fall into place. “So the Green Dragon Ranger is that pathetic clone Rita and Zedd created of Tommy.” He thought for a moment. There were many ways to destroy a clone. Unfortunately most of them destroyed all the clones in a solar system. Minion knew his new body would survive such a spell, it was his mind he was worried about. He had not escaped the Dark Dimension just to be sent back there by his own spell.

“Have you located the clone yet?” he asked.

“No my lord,” Bronzo replied. “Whatever spell the clone is using still limits our ability to find him.”

Beneath his mask Minion frowned. The sensors in his Lunar Palace were more powerful than the ones Zordon used. Now they were set to search for a definite target, and they should have found him without a problem. ~Maybe this merits further examination,~ Minion thought.

“Leave me,” he told Bronzo. “When Silvo and Brasso return, tell them to await me outside. I do not wish to be disturbed.”

Once Bronzo had gone Minion closed his eyes, entering a deep trance. He searched the Earth below, trying to touch the minds of the Rangers. He felt Tommy, Kat, Aisha, Rocky, Adam and Trey, but nobody else. Minion’s eyes snapped open as he realised that six known Rangers were no longer within range of his mental touch. ~Where have they gone?~ He wondered.

He knew it was too much of a coincidence and he did not believe Zordon could shield them in the Power Chamber. Reaching out a second time, Minion searched the Earth for those he knew were closest to the Rangers. His search revealed that David Trueheart was also missing and that Billy Cranston had appeared briefly in the Power Chamber just before they had all disappeared.

~Where did they go?~ Minion wondered. The obvious occurred to him, ~Ninjor!~ He was surprised when he managed to force his mind into the Temple of Ninja Power, only to discover Ninjor was not there. ~They’ve gone after new powers,~ he realised.

With a growing sense of urgency Minion decided to ensure that the Rangers had nothing to return to. He checked on his servants’ progress and was pleased to discover they had succeeded in conquering Stone Henge and North Valley. Taking the Sword of Darkness with him, Minion teleported to Earth. He now had the means to ensure victory.


The planet of Onyx was allied with the United Alliance of Evil. No forces of good could survive on the planet, despite its appearance of mainly being towns based around western films from Earth. In truth the towns were the better areas of the planet. Beyond the so-called civilised areas, undetectable to any scanners was the largest and most ominous structure of the planet.

Built of an obsidian type rock there stood a tall pyramid measuring four miles wide and more than five miles high. The steep black walls exuded an air of power. Just a short distance from each corner, a stone pillar had been erected. On the end of each pillar was a stone gargoyle, the final defenders of the pyramid.

The statues were dedicated to the UAE’s greatest warriors, and had been carved to guard the main entrance to the pyramid. Those passing through the door did so under the gaze of Ivan Ooze, Master Vile, Dark Spectre and Rita Repulsa. Despite her reputation following her release as a bubbling hag, Rita was honoured as the only member of the UAE ever to fight Zordon of Eltare to a standstill.

Twenty metres from the entrance was another statue. Made of the same black rock as the pyramid the statue was nothing more than a featureless humanoid body. No face was shown; no weapons were evident and no clue as to what powers such a being might hold. Below the statue was a pedestal on which the destiny of evil had been carved eons before.

“When thirteen shadows fall,
United by the fight,
The true servant of evil shall arise,
To promptly crush the light.”

From all over the Universe members of the UAE had gathered. All of them walking past the statue, few bothering to spare it a glance. Nobody noticed that a pair of glowing red eyes had appeared in the head.

Dark Spectre sat at the head of a long table, awaiting the final delegates to arrive. To his left sat Master Vile, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Divatox, and General Havoc. The seat immediately to Dark Spectre’s right was empty, reserved for the third most powerful villain in the UAE, Maligore. Due to his imprisonment by Lerigot, Maligore was unable to attend. Instead his voting rights had been assigned to Divatox, a move which had pleased her family.

Next to the empty chair sat Count Dregon, Vexor, Grimlord and Nukus, all three of the latter recent inductees. All four had the knowledge of fighting enemies other than Power Rangers. Nukus had yet to prove himself against Vexor’s enemies, but Dark Spectre could see he was a strategist.

At the far end of the table sat King Mondo and Prince Gasket. Both had applied to rejoin the UAE and had been accepted immediately. Mondo’s position at the far end was more a sign of equality than a slap in the face. From there, Mondo and Gasket would have had the ear of Dark Spectre’s equal in terms of authority, Ivan Ooze. Like Maligore, Ivan was unable to attend the meeting due to being imprisoned. His voting rights had been retained and currently belonged to Dark Spectre.

Dark Spectre scowled at the spot on his table once reserved for the HydroHog. Squatt and Baboo, conquerors of Aquitar had now taken that placement. Since they were both considered equal, the ruling body had been forced to water down each member’s right, resulting in only himself, Vile, Maligore and Mondo the right to veto any decision. In a way he was glad, the very nature of the UAE meant they argued more often than they agreed. Fewer vetoes meant more decisions and less talk.

The final member of the ruling body appeared at his seat. Scorpius was an unknown factor from the distant Nebula Galaxy. He was an unknown quantity, feared by most and known to have crushed several teams of Rangers single-handedly.

“I call this meeting to order,” Dark Spectre said.

Silence fell throughout the vast room. The interior of the pyramid had provided room for the various villains, their advisors, henchmen and foot soldiers. All of the various groups sat in different parts of the room. The foot soldiers sat furthest away due to their total lack of intelligence. Nearer were the various henchmen considered too stupid to help. Not too surprisingly the events of the last few days had brought even those idiots to within Dark Spectre’s standards of competence.

The next table was for the lieutenants and strategists. This was perhaps the longest table, spreading around the main table as a three-sided square. This table consisted of those who were capable of setting out on their own, but lacking the resources to do so. Most of them would respond to a summons but were otherwise free to go their own way. Dark Spectre’s most trusted warriors, Astronema and Ecliptor sat at the head of the table, along with Nefaria and Cycloptor. The junior members of the Royal House of Gadgetry, Machina, Archerina and Sprocket sat at the other end of the table. Archerina and the Queen had found they had a lot in common.

Finally on a little table behind him sat the inventors and monster builders some of the villains felt compelled to use. Of all those members of the UAE they were perhaps the few who actually managed to get along. Yes, Porto, Finster, Klank, Orbus, the newly resurrected Professor Longnose and Colonel Icebot were a credit to their respective masters. Dark Spectre had long maintained that knowledge was power, so while in the pyramid they were under instructions to report any ideas directly to him.

“Our first order of business is the news from Earth.” Dark Spectre looked thoughtfully at the report Minion had filed. It highlighted his future strategy for the planet’s conquest. “Minion reports that despite his victory over the Rangers they have somehow managed to find new weapons and managed to beat of his recent assault on Angel Grove. Although they were victorious, he states that their new weapons were destroyed, the mysterious Green Ranger failed to appear and Earth is now guarded by only a Gold Zeo Ranger.”

Dark Spectre paused as he heard what sounded like the electronic equivalent of a groan emerge from Mondo’s mouth. Not surprising really since the metal monarch insisted that he would have defeated the Zeo Rangers had it not been for the Triforian’s intervention. “Minion suggests that instead of getting even with Trey directly we take this opportunity to conquer Triforia. I will assign that mission later.”

“On a good note,” Dark Spectre continued. “Minion reports his attacks on Stone Henge and North Valley have been successful. He now controls two of the Earth’s Ley Nexuses. He requests our permission to transfer the vortex to Stone Henge and begin the next part of his plan. All in favour?” The members of the main table voted unanimously for the proposal, a small miracle in itself.

Just days before the various villains had arrived in the pyramid, answering the call for an extraordinary meeting from Lord Zedd. Upon entering the various villains and henchman started to feel strange. When the meeting began, they realised it was too late. Lord Zedd released the power of the Dark Dimension into every living creature and entity in the room. Dark Spectre had felt his power increasing as any hint of love, compassion, guilt or mercy was stripped from his soul.

Suddenly the villains found themselves joined in purpose. No longer were they concerned with mere conquest of the Universe. Now all they were concerned with was the crushing of the light, the destruction of all Rangers and the death of Zordon of Eltare and his legacy.

“Our next order of business is the proposed plan for an all-out-assault on Edenoi,” Dark Spectre said. He noted the surprised look on Count Dregon’s face. Obviously the Edenite had never considered his request would be taken seriously enough for debate. “Count Dregon has made a valid case for the attack on Edenoi. The greatest factor in favour of this attack is the opportunity to gain possession of the fable Heart of Edenoi. With that source of power in our possession we will render the Masked Rider helpless.”

“How do you suggest we make such an assault?” Zedd asked.

“We make use of our new allies,” Dregon replied. “Instead of attacking the planet with insectivores, I propose we use some of Grimlord’s Mutants whom the Edonites have never faced.”

“All in favour?” Dark Spectre asked. Once again there was a unanimous show of hands. “I can see these meetings are going to be much more productive,” he said as he double-checked the votes. “Very well, the motion is carried. Dregon, you and Grimlord make your plans and advise the council when ready to proceed.”

Dark Spectre sat back and opened the floor to any further business. As expected the renewed members of the UAE all had something constructive to add to the debate. Rito had asked about Serpenterra and whether the former Rangers of Earth could somehow restore Lord Zedd’s Zord to operation. After some discussion it had been agreed that the Rangers could not power a Zord that size even with Zordon’s help.

Of all the various henchmen in the room it had been Rito and Elgar, Divatox’s nephew, who had shown the most change since arriving on the planet. Rito had been beaten badly by Minion before being sent to Onyx with Finster. The powers of the Dark Dimension had replaced his broken bones with reinforced steel, creating an impenetrable exoskeleton. At the same time the damage caused to Rito’s mind after thousands of years had been repaired. Now Rito was back to normal as one of the fiercest warriors the M-51 Galaxy had ever produced.

Elgar on the other hand had simply had his intelligence increased to the level of a Putty. It was not much by most standards, but compared to what he had been like before it was a miracle.

Finally after what had been a very useful and creative discussion of various strategies, targets and possible allies, Dark Spectre was convinced they had discussed all they needed to. Once again he signalled for silence, almost smiling when every villain in the room was quiet. “I think that is all we will be able to discuss today. Divatox you are free to pursue your quest for Maligore and should you find him the UAE will provide any assistance required to help. In the meantime, this meeting is adjourned, we will meet back here in two days.”

Slowly the meeting broke up, some of the villains rushing off to complete their assigned tasks. When the last few had left, Dark Spectre turned his attention to Ecliptor and Astronema. “I have a task for you two.”

“Just order great Dark Spectre and it shall be done,” Astronema replied.

A crystal ball appeared in Dark Spectre’s hand. “This is KO-35,” he told his underlings. “I want that world either conquered or destroyed. It has only one team of Rangers and limited defences. It should prove a nice warm-up for you my dear Astronema.”

Ecliptor and Astronema bowed and vanished to complete their tasks. Dark Spectre knew they made an excellent team. ~Why shouldn’t they?~ he thought. ~After all Ecliptor is her protector and she was created to be my heir.~ The last thought reminded him that he needed to visit the Prison Planet at some point and ensure his guest was still sleeping. If she ever woke up, it might tilt the balance. Deciding he had had enough of the pyramid, he left, not noticing the statue at the front of the structure now had a copy of the Sword of Darkness in its hand.

Power Chamber, Earth
2 July 1996,

“Alpha, are you ready to proceed?” Zordon asked.

“Yes Zordon,” Alpha replied. “Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, this is so exciting.”

Zordon merely nodded and began the complicated task he knew would help the Rangers in the future. Slowly, system by system the Power Chamber shutdown, leaving only the monster alarm activated. Zordon considered switching that off as well, knowing what he proposed would require a vast amount of power. The fact Minion was still on the offensive made him decide to leave the system on just in case.

“Alpha teleport now,” Zordon instructed. Alpha did so, pressing the ‘ENGAGE’ button on the console before he left. Zordon’s tube dimmed and then disappeared, leaving only the computer to carry out its new function.

Stone Henge, England

Minion appeared just outside of the barrier Silvo and Brasso had placed around Stone Henge. He planned to use the monument’s full power for his plans, but first he checked to ensure there were no Rangers around. Satisfied there was nobody around Minion walked through the barrier and into the monument.

“By the power of all that is evil, I command Stone Henge to be restored!”

The ground shook as the mystical stones shifted position to return to their original positions within the stone circle. Over the years many humans had attempted to discover the true power behind the stone circle. Some had claimed it was an ancient calendar, some said it was an ancient burial ground and some even claimed it was built by aliens. Only Minion knew the real truth, somebody within the Dark Dimension had told him the secrets of Earth and Stone Henge.

As the site reformed itself, Minion reflected on how arrogant humans were to believe for even a second that they knew the secrets of a site created long before this circular structure which became a magnet for new age travellers. He could just see the face of the country’s greatest leaders if he was to resurrect them and tell them the power that had been under their very noses for centuries.

In truth Stone Henge was a travel point in the Universe. When complete, seven stone doorways were formed, each providing access to one of the other dimensions. The power had been created to work for the forces of evil and had as a result been destroyed by the Order of the Meledon.

The final stone moved into place, forming a control station from which the portals could be opened. Minion placed the Sword of Darkness in its correct place and pushed. One of the stone doorways became active, a swirling portal of evil energy. Nothing could exit without his permission, but the link between the Dark Dimension and the Universe was now permanent. Minion retrieved his sword from the slot. Once the portal was activated, the sword’s work was finished.

“Peckster, Eye Guy, King Sphinx, Bones, Pudgy Pig, I command you to exist!”

From the portal stepped a group of monsters first set against the Power Rangers when Rita Repulsa had attacked the world. Minion knew they had all fallen in battle, but also realised they would act as a way to keep the Rangers busy and reveal any new weapons they created.

“Go to Angel Grove and destroy the Power Rangers. Do so at your full height, there is no point in fighting a losing battle and then growing.”

In a flash the monsters disappeared, leaving Minion to sort out the next phase of his plan. Raising his hand, he used his link to the villains currently on Onyx to summon three more swords, one they were unaware they possessed. From Mondo he took the Machine Sword, a weapon resembling a sharp spanner. From Nukus and Vexor he took the 2D-Sword, from which they were able to pull monsters from the Comic Dimension. Finally from Grimlord he took the VR Sword, which allowed Grimlord to move between dimensions. Had any of the three villains known how to use the swords they would have had complete control over their field. It was through the Machine Sword Mondo could control machines, but in addition it could create any machine its wielder desired.

In fact each sword had been crafted eons before by a powerful wizard. Each sword had been placed in subspace, linking to a particular type of villain and giving them immense skill. There were seven swords in total and when complete they would give the wielder total power.

As he inserted the three new swords, three more portals appeared, giving him access to monsters and weapons previous villains could only have dreamed of. Silently he sent each sword back into subspace. With four of the seven portals open he had only to find the remaining three swords. One sword would give him access to every alternate dimension; one would give him access to time and space, allowing him to go anywhere at anytime.

The final sword was an unknown factor. During its construction the forces of good had sabotaged it. As a result its place in the Morphin Grid had shifted. It now belonged in the Shadow Grid where neither good nor evil could reach it. Minion planned to beat the Rangers, conquer the Universe and then find the last sword and obtain ultimate power.

Power Chamber,

White light filled the inside on the mountain, not only the Power Chamber, but deep into its core. Above the chamber stood the light-filled the remains of the Command Centre. Then everything vanished, removed by magic. In fact the entire mountain had just been moved into another dimension and replaced by an illusion. Inside the other dimension the mountain was redesigned, hollowed out by Zordon’s power.

Seconds later it was returned to its previous location outside Angel Grove. Now completely hollow throughout the inside, Zordon and Alpha redesigned their base of operations. In place of the Viewing Globe they fitted a new viewscreen all the Rangers could watch. They added new rooms to include an arsenal, workshop, Zord Bay, Gymnasium and Simudeck. A medical bay had been added at Zordon’s insistence in case the Rangers were injured in their future battles.

The Power Chamber itself had been restored to its previous location above the mountain, allowing the Rangers access from outside. Zordon had removed the old costumes once symbolising the old Rangers. In their place, stood a series of eleven coloured tubes. In front of them, still charging on its pedestal, sat the Zeo Crystal.

“Alpha, summon the Rangers and teleport them to the briefing room.”

Alpha did as Zordon commanded, working his way around the new consoles. There were eleven workstations in all. Each was coloured to allow different Rangers access. To make things easier for Alpha, Zordon had given the little android a new method of programming the computers. He could now interface direct from his own unit.

“They’re on their way Zordon,” Alpha said as he teleported to the new briefing room with Zordon.

In six beams of light five former Zeo Rangers and the current Gold Ranger appeared in the Briefing Room. They found themselves sat behind a big table equipped with computers, monitors and hologram display units. At the end of the table was Zordon’s tube. He smiled as his face appeared.

“Welcome Rangers to Power Mountain,” Zordon said. “Alpha and I decided it was time to update the Power Chamber and at the same time provide an area where we can discuss the recent events. As you know, Minion has been successful where Rita, Zedd, Vile, Mondo, Gasket and Louie Kaboom all failed. He has left the Rangers powerless and destroyed the Zords.”

“What I don’t get is why he hasn’t finished us,” Tommy said. “He has access to foot soldiers that were able to beat us, and a henchman who was able to stand up to even Trey’s attack. Yet he sends Tengas and Putties after us.”

“Then to make it worse he moves away from Angel Grove and takes control of two Ley Nexuses,” Adam added.

“I do not suppose anybody knows where Minion came from, do they?” Trey asked.

“I am not sure,” Zordon replied. “His energy readings are familiar, but I have yet to be able to find his point of origin. I do detect that he is drawing on powers similar to those used by the Rangers, from the Dark Side of the Morphin Grid.”

“How?” Aisha asked. “I thought only we Rangers could draw power in that form.”

“That is true Aisha, However many thousands of years after the first Rangers were created a Dark Side wizard discovered the evil spirit animals, one of which is the Jackal. Unlike the Ranger Powers there are no aspects.”

“The question is how he got the powers,” Alpha added. “The only known way to create an evil Ranger is to turn a Ranger evil and then kill him or her before the Morphin Masters can strip the power away.”

“That means that not only do they have to find a Ranger they can turn to evil, they then have to find a way to bring that Ranger back to life,” Adam said.

“So in short, we don’t know anything useful about Minion,” Rocky said. “So what can we do about powers?”

“I have been working on something that might allow you to morph for a short time,” Trey said, revealing the Gem Coins he had been working on. “Of course they won’t be as strong as your previous powers and I can’t provide any Zords.”

“What about Red Battlezord or Serpenterra?” Kat asked.

“I am afraid not, Rangers,” Zordon replied. “Although Tommy would be able to pilot the Red Battlezord he would only have a partial interface due to his weakened powers. Serpenterra is just too big for you to take into battle.”

“So what if we use Serpenterra to build some new Zords?” Trey asked. “The Zord is big enough to build all our previous Zords and then some.”

“I believe that might be the answer,” Zordon replied. “Alpha and I have already prepared the Zeo and Super Zeo Zords for repairs when the Zeo Crystal is completely recharged. In the meantime we shall work to create some Zords you can use with partial powers.”

“Okay, so we’ve covered Minion, powers and Zords, the next question is why?” Tommy said. “Why choose North Valley and Stone Henge? There are other Nexuses more powerful with less protection.”

The Rangers considered the problem for a while. Finally Kat had an idea. “Alpha, can you bring up a profile of the Stone Henge Nexus and the North Valley Nexus?”

Alpha complied with the request and the Rangers found themselves staring at the answer. Whereas the North Valley Nexus was small, the life it attracted was strong and athletic. The Nexus had very little influence over their lives. Stone Henge meanwhile was powerful, the Nexus had been used for ancient rituals for centuries.

“There,” Kat said pointing to a line that ran between North Valley and Stone Henge. “The Nexuses are linked. North Valley has very little power while Stone Henge is almost off the scale.”

“They’re opposites,” Tommy realised. “He can draw energy from one to feed the other.”

“So if we were to retake one area, the other would weaken,” Trey said. “Maybe we should work on a plan to infiltrate and liberate North Valley.”

The Rangers agreed and soon the team had split into smaller groups to work on the problems. Alpha and Zordon meanwhile returned to studying the Stone Henge Nexus. ~It cannot be that simple,~ Zordon thought. ~Minion is up to something else.~

The sound of the alarm caused the Rangers to drop what they were doing and report to the main control room. On the screen they could see five monsters making their way through Angel Grove.

“Zordon, are our Zords ready yet?” Aisha asked.

“No,” Zordon replied. “Alpha and I will keep working on them. In the meantime Trey will have to handle the monsters with Pyramidas.”

“Maybe not,” Trey replied. “Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

In an instant he was transported into his Gold Ranger uniform. Holding the Golden Power Staff out he called, “Gold Ranger Triple Team, now!” A beam of gold light shot from his Power Staff, creating two identical copies. “You two take Pyramidas,” Trey told the copies. They nodded and teleported away. “Now it’s my turn, Super Zeo Zord X!”

On the view screen a new Zord with a ten sided body appeared. It was covered in gold plate, giving it a powerful body. Trey vanished from the Power Chamber and was soon inside his new Zord.

Super Zeo Zord X landed in the path of the five monsters and was soon joined by Pyramidas, now converted to warrior mode. Between them the three Gold Rangers started to play a game of tag with their opponents. Super Zeo Zord X punched Pudgy Pig and the Peckster before drawing them into range for Pyramidas to finish.

“Super Zeo Zord Power Weapons!” Gold Ranger called. A larger version of the Golden Power Staff appeared in the Zord’s hand. Using the staff, the Super Zeo Zord was able to blast Eye Guy in its main eye, destroying the monster. Bones attempted to blast him from behind, but found himself on the receiving end of a super-powered Gold Rush.

King Sphinx had chosen a different strategy. Instead of attacking directly he blasted both Zords with his wings. Even the mighty Pyramidas could not remain standing and landed on its back, converting back to pyramid mode. Inside the two copies started to flash as the temporary power split ended and they rejoined with Trey.

“Pyramidas, carrier mode!” Gold Ranger called.

As the giant Zord transformed into carrier form, Super Zeo Zord X climbed on top, taking up position near the front. Using the combined energy of the two Zords he blasted King Sphinx out of existence.

Minion felt the surge of energy indicating his first wave of monsters had been destroyed. It didn’t matter. Holding out his hand he recreated the five former monsters and added the Giant and Minotaur to his force. Using his powers, he sent them back into action to the Financial District of Angel Grove.

“Pyramidas, Power Down!”

Trey watched as the giant Zord flew away before preparing to return to the Power Chamber. The Super Zeo Zord lurched as it was struck violently from behind and carried forward by some unknown force. Looking down he could see a horn sticking through the Zord’s body.

Minotaur finally stopped moving, throwing the Super Zeo Zord to the ground where the other monsters closed in. Minotaur blast the Zord with energy from his horns; Giant and Bones moved in with their swords, hacking the Zord’s arms; King Sphinx fired energy bolts from his sceptre and Pudgy Pig started to feed on the Super Zeo Power Weapon.

“We have to help him,” Kat said as she watched the Zord take yet another blow.

“She’s right Zordon,” Tommy added. “We need some Zords now.”

Zordon nodded silently. He did not like the idea of the Rangers using the reserve Zords, but he had no choice. “Rangers, observe the Viewing Screen.”

The Rangers did as they were told. On the screen appeared what looked like a streamlined version of the Ninja MegaFalconzord. In its right hand it held a thin metal sword.

“This is the prototype of the Ninja MegaFalconzord designed for the Rangers of Aquitar. The Zords are not as powerful as the real Zords, but will work with your limited powers. Unfortunately since there are only five of you the Wolf will have to be operated by remote control.”

“Will we be able to use the Ninja Ultrazord?” Adam asked.

“Yes,” Alpha replied. “I have reconfigured Titanus to act as the Carrier Zord for you.”

“Rangers step up to the table,” Zordon instructed. As he spoke, a six-sided table appeared. It was split into six segments: red, yellow, blue, pink, black and white. In each of the red, yellow, black, pink and white segments was one of the Gem Coins that Trey had been working on. “These are Gem Coin Morphers. They will allow you to tap into the Morphin Grid and to use your remaining Zeo Powers. These powers will only last for a short time and are not strong enough to power new Zords, but they should be able to control the prototype.” Tommy looked at the blue segment and saw the old remote unit Billy had built for the Falconzord.

“How?” Adam asked. “I thought the Zeo Crystal was under repair and the Power Coins are not linked to the Grid.”

“You are correct Adam,” Zordon replied. “However, even when not linked to the Morphin Grid the Power Coins are capable of transforming magical energy into a physical form. The Super Zeo Gems although part of the Zeo Crystal, each contain a small amount of power. By combining the two sources Alpha and I were able to create a new power source for you.”

“Will we look like the Zeo Rangers of the Aquitian Rangers?” Rocky asked.

“I am afraid I cannot be sure,” Zordon said. “Although normally the Power would create your costumes based on your subconscious, the power source you are using does not draw directly from either the Grid or Zeo Crystal. If allowed to flow naturally, the combined magic would produce little more than a bright glow.”

“Therefore we had to include a miniature computer to control the energy flow,” Alpha said.

“But the program we are using is very old and I am unsure about the results,” Zordon told them.

“In other words the only way to find out is to morph,” Tommy said.

“Aisha, I welcome you back to the team and request that you assume the duties of Zeo Ranger II – Yellow Bear.” As Zordon spoke, Aisha felt the power growing inside her. The familiar spirit of the Bear awoke, happy to be reunited with its surrogate cub. Even though Aisha knew she was not meant to hold the Yellow Ninja powers, she was happy to be back.

“Kat, you will once again become one with the Crane as Zeo Ranger I – Pink Crane.” Kat felt the power returning to her, weaker than before, but still there.

“Tommy, Adam and Rocky your Ranger colours will change to reflect the Morphin powers. Rocky, you shall be Zeo Ranger III – Red Ape; Adam, you shall be Zeo Ranger IV – Black frog. Finally Tommy, you shall become Zeo Ranger V – White Falcon. I am afraid your Zeo Power Weapons are not available, but the Power Axe, Power Bow, Power Daggers, Power Sword and Saba shall be available for the time being.”

“Thanks Zordon,” Tommy said.

The six Rangers strapped their Gem Coin Morphers onto their wrists. The powers were voice activated so all they had to do was speak. Tommy looked at the others and asked, “Ready?” When he saw them all nodded, he called out: “It’s Morphin Time!” At once the computer program switched on and awaited them to call forth their powers.

“Zeo Ranger I – Crane!” Kat cried.

“Zeo Ranger II – Bear!” Aisha shouted.

“Zeo Ranger III – Ape!” Rocky called.

“Zeo Ranger IV – Frog!” Adam cried.

“Zeo Ranger V – Falcon!” Tommy called.

The five Rangers found themselves in the uniforms they had used as Morphin Rangers. In place of the diamonds on their chests, Red, Black, Pink and Yellow Rangers each bore the symbol of their Zeo power. White Ranger found himself back in his old uniform, but instead of the black armour over his chest and shoulders, he had a golden shield similar to the one worn by the Green Ranger. His helmet had his Zeo symbol on the front. On checking each Ranger found they had a small blaster on the right hip and a small sword on their left hip.

“Let’s go guys,” Zeo Falcon said.

In five beams of light the Rangers left to help their friend.

“We need Ninja Zord power, Now!” the five Rangers called as they appeared near the spot where Trey was still taking a beating.

As they teleported into their Zord cockpits, Tommy reflected on how good it felt to be finally back in the sky. His cockpit was a lot simpler than the Falcon Zord he remembered. Taking the controls in his hands, he headed toward the place where the monsters were still beating on the weakened Super Zeo Zord.

“Wing Rockets, launch!”

The wings of the Falcon Zord folded together revealing eight rocket launchers. On his original Falcon Zord Tommy had been able to pick the size of the rocket and the force to put behind it. Since this version was experimental, there was only one size built in. Nevertheless they did the job, driving six of the monsters away from the fallen Zord and destroying Pudgy Pig.

The other Rangers meanwhile had activated their Gestalt systems and were trying to merge their Zords together. “It’s no good,” Zeo Frog said. “Tommy, we need the Falcon Zord to make this work.”

“On my way,” Zeo Falcon responded. He flew the Zord back into range of the others. “Okay, insert Gem Coins, now!”

[Ninja MegaFalconzord sequence initiated. Wolf remote control online.]

Zeo Falcon read the message displayed and smiled. It had been a while since they had done this and he hoped the prototype was an easy Megazord to pilot. With his Gem Coin in place Zeo Falcon pressed the ‘commit’ button and let the Gestalt System take control.

The arms and legs of the Ape detached from the body, the legs of the Bear split away from the body and legs and head of the Wolf retracted into the Zord’s body. The bodies of the Ape, Bear and Wolf joined together to form the upper torso and arms of the Megazord. The legs of the Ape joined together and connected to the base of the upper torso to complete the main body.

Meanwhile the Frog had transformed into a pair of legs, joining with the Bear’s legs; which had transformed to make two feet, to form the lower body. The arms of the Ape had converted into fists, which connected to the arms.

Finally the body and arms merged with the legs, allowing the Falcon Zord to clip onto the back and the Crane to slide into place as the head. As with the previous Megazords the Rangers were all grouped together in a single control room. Unlike the Ninja MegaFalconzord they were used to, there was a definite lack of padding on their seats and the controls were simplified, limiting their options.

“Prepare to use the Double Power Punch,” Zeo Falcon instructed.

“Um Tommy,” Rocky whispered quietly. “There’s no such function on this version of the Megazord.”

“Okay, change tactics; we’ll just punch him out.”

Moving in between the fallen Super Zeo Zord and the six monsters, the Rangers started to fight back. Catching the Minotaur they used him as a shield against the Peckster. The Peckster’s beak reduced the Minotaur to dust, allowing the Megazord to punch it in the face.

“Power Sword!” the Rangers called.

“Pyramidas!” Gold Zeo called, abandoning the Super Zeo Zord for the time being.

With the Ninja MegaFalconzord using the Power Zord and Pyramidas striking the monsters with lightning bolts the Rangers were soon victorious.

“Ninja Ultrazord, Now!” Zeo Falcon called.

“Tommy we’re finished,” Zeo Crane told him.

“Not yet,” Zeo Falcon replied, “Watch.”

When his monsters returned the second time, Minion had not bothered asking what had gone wrong. He was using the monsters Rita had relied on during her disastrous attempts to conquer Earth. The fact the Rangers were now weaker than ever did not seem to have made them any less able to beat the monsters.

“Go again,” Minion ordered. He knew they would not win, but every moment the Rangers spent fighting, drained their powers and allowed him to move forward with his plans. Already Silvo and Brasso had reported his first batch of new troopers were ready, allowing him recycle the Robo Troopers into his next project.

Now was the time Minion had planned for. At long last he was able to access the whole of the Dark Dimension and by doing so, had found himself some deputies to deal with pests other than the Power Rangers.

“By the power of the Sword of Darkness, I command the Queen of the Crown to come forth and destroy the Beetleborgs!”

In flash of black a dark mist rose from the portal. When it subsided, a woman dressed in a long white robe stood looking at her new master. He face was a dark pink with black lips and blue rings around the eyes. On her chest was a dark red crystal from which Minion could hear the screams of lost souls.

“Any prisoners you take you may deal with in your own way,” Minion told her. The Queen bowed gratefully and then vanished. Minion turned his attention back to the portal.

“By the power of the Sword of Darkness, I summon Golobulus and his legions to conquer the VR Troopers and take their rightful place in my army.”

Unlike the Queen of the Crown, Golobulos did not form in front of his master. Instead he teleported to start on his mission. Minion nodded in approval. He hated grovelling and knew his servants were all capable of doing their jobs without harassment. They all knew what happened if they failed him, so they all did their best.

“Finally, by the power of the Sword of Darkness, I summon the Mandarin to step forth and destroy the Masked Rider.”

Minion knew Mandarin had never died in battle, but the Sword of Darkness gave him control over all minor villains, especially Earth-based villains. After a short debate, Minion increased the powers of the Mandarin’s rings and sent him on his way.

After a few minutes of waiting, Tommy’s hunch paid off. The seven monsters appeared yet again. This time they did not take the Rangers by surprise. As they finished teleporting the Rangers had already formed the Ninja Ultrazord. The Rangers measured their opponents and fired their weapons, the full power of the Ninja Ultrazord ripping the monsters to pieces.

Finally victorious the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber. For the first time in the last few days the Rangers were victorious and had managed to keep their Zords intact to fight again.

When they entered the Chamber, they found Zordon and Alpha waiting for them. Before he could congratulate them, Tommy spoke. “Those Zords are great Zordon, just what we needed.”

“Indeed,” Zordon boomed, his voice filled with pride. “Although not as powerful as the Zords you have used, hopefully they will aid you until either the other Rangers return, the Zeo Crystal is recharged or I can create some more powerful Zords.”

“What about Super Zeo Zord X?” Rocky asked.

“Not a problem,” Alpha told him. “The damage is within the Zord’s repair capabilities.”

“So for once we win?” Rocky asked.

“Yes,” Zordon boomed. “Minion’s monsters have been beaten back. However, there is more work to do. We must help to free those he has captured and I detect some new disturbance over Stone Henge. We must still be cautious. But for now you should go and relax while you can.”

In a flash, the Rangers were gone. With them gone Zordon turned his attention back to the Zords he had been designing with Alpha. On the View Screen three Megazords were shown. One was made of aeroplanes; one was a mixture of futuristic vehicles; and the third was made of emergency vehicles. All three were designed so the limbs could be interchanged to provide maximum utility. Zordon had thought of building Zords using racing cars or rescue vehicles capable of transforming into small robots. He dismissed the idea as silly.

Each set of Zords had been designed so they were capable of working with the weakened power, whilst at the same time providing strength and speed to the Rangers.

“Alpha begin construction of the new Zords immediately,” Zordon commanded.

“Okay, it’s done,” Rocky said, setting Billy’s homemade voice duplicator on the table. “Billy is staying with Zack and Jason at Jason’s house, Kim and Tanya have arranged to visit Kim’s mother in Paris and Aisha is just staying out for a few nights with Trini in Kenya as part of a Peace Conference project.”

It was the first time since Minion had attacked that the Rangers had considered explaining to their parents where they had been. Trini, Jason and Zack had all had an excuse for their parents, but not for the Peace Conference staff. Billy provided an explanation since he was supposed to live on his own and not on another planet. Using the voice duplicator, Rocky had phoned each group of parents and told them where their children were. Aisha had been to tell her aunt she was helping the Rangers and together they had come up with a believable story.

“What about Trey?” Kat asked.

“He said something about going back to Pyramidas,” Adam said. “I don’t think he wants company right now.”

“Maybe,” Kat replied. “Or maybe he’s just shy. I think we should go and get him.”

“There’s no need,” Tommy to her. “I had a word with him earlier. He has some things he needs to take care of and somebody he wishes to see.” He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Aisha, Rocky and Adam, “I hope he doesn’t get beaten up like we did.”

Comprehension flickered in Rocky’s eyes. “Dex?” Aisha and Adam burst out laughing as they remembered the time they had travelled to Edenoi only to get their butts kicked by Dex and his friends.

Ernie watched the Rangers at their table. ~Enjoy it kids, you’ve earned the break.~ He watched them a while longer before turning back to his duties.

2 July 1996,

“Kim, look out!” Billy called as he ducked another monster.

The eight teens had no sooner arrived at their destination than they were attacked. Eight lizard like creatures had taken them by surprise, each armed with a spear.

Kimberly leapt out of the way, narrowly avoiding the lizard’s tail. Landing on one foot she pushed herself into the air, performing a spin kick that would have made Tommy jealous. For some reason, despite being unable to morph the Rangers were able to execute moves they had only ever managed successfully when the power was flowing through them.

“Come on you overgrown handbag,” she heard Tanya call.

Looking over to where the former Zeo Ranger was fighting she could see the lizard was having problems. Tanya kicked it from behind and quickly rolled away as it turned around. Once again behind her opponent, she kicked it a second time.

Jason meanwhile had not bothered with fancy kicks. Instead he was trading fists and solid kicks with a powerful looking lizard. He pulled away as he saw the tail swinging towards him, waiting for the correct opportunity and then stomping on the tip of the tail. “Hi-yah!” He threw the lizard to the ground, driving his fist into its skull just above the eyes.

Zack had gone back to the techniques that had given him the best results as a Ranger. Distracting his opponent with his footwork, he waited until the lizard had lost interest in fighting him before kicking it in the head. A few extra kicks to the creature’s midsection and it keeled over.

In a pocket dimension composed of neither light nor darkness a small group watched the former Rangers in battle. One of them had worked with the Rangers before. Two had been watching over the Rangers at various times in their careers. The final member of the group was a powerful ally of Rangers throughout the Universe who might one day have become their mentor, had not Minion’s existence changed events so she would never join forces with them.

“They are good,” the first watcher said.

“I told you they were,” a second added. “I only served with two of them, but I believe Zordon has chosen correctly.”

“As do I,” a female voice said. “But I feel we must test them. They are the first to ever try for this power. If they are unworthy, nobody will be able to stand up to them.”

“Then it is decided,” a fourth, deep voice said. “We will wait until they have completed this challenge before introducing ourselves.”

The pocket dimension returned to silence as four of the most powerful beings for good watched the Rangers finish off their first trial.

Working back to back David and Sam had formed a good team. While David drew the lizards towards him, Sam would catch them by surprise.

“Ready?” David asked.

He got his answer when he felt Sam step onto his hands, then his shoulders and then launch himself into a bicycle kick. The first lizard didn’t even realise what was happening until Sam landed, using a reverse chop to bring the creature down.

David slammed his fist into the side of his opponent’s head. Turning his back on the lizard he pulled its chin over his right shoulder, holding it in place by positioning his arms around its neck and dropped to his knees. With an effort he dragged the semiconscious form back to its feet before repeating the move. This time though he turned his body as he descended, causing the lizard to rise into the air slightly.

Unexpectedly, the lizard Sam was fighting managed to knock him off his feet. Sam fought back as best he could until the lizard man collapsed. Behind it was Trini, offering her new friend a hand up.

“What happened to yours?” Sam asked.

Instead of answering, Trini pointed to where Billy was beating two lizards simultaneously. “Do you think we should help?” David asked as he help Sam up. He noticed the looks on his friends’ faces and added, “I meant the lizards.”

“Billy’s angry!” Jason said as he walked over with Kim and Tanya.

“You can’t blame him,” Zack said as he also joined his friends.

“Heeyah!” Billy cried. “And don’t you ever try that again,” he told the last lizard as it collapsed to the ground. The workout had done him almost as much good as his time in Ninjor’s Temple.

“Congratulations Rangers,” Ninjor said as he moved to greet them. He waved a hand around the lizards and they vanished. “For those of you I have not met, I am Ninjor, Blue Morphin Master, protector of the Temple of Ninja Powers and keeper of the Spirit Aspect of the Power.”

“Congratulations indeed,” a deep voice boomed. “Know that I am Saurian, keeper of the Body Aspect of Power.”

“I am Thalian, keeper of the Mind Aspect of Power,” A white-faced humanoid said.

“And I am Dulcea,” the bikini clad female said. She smiled as Sam, David, Jason, Zack and Billy struggled to pick their jaws off the ground. Rangers they might be, but she was glad to see they were still young at heart. “I am the keeper of the Ranger Aspect as well as the power of the Ninjetti, an offshoot of the Ranger powers. I am here to oversee the tests that you must face to see that you are worthy.”

“Come,” Saurian said. “We will talk more when we reach my temple. Your training for the Ranger Aspect shall begin at dawn tomorrow.”

Stone Henge, England
2 July 1996,

“Yes Minister, I understand. Goodbye Minister.” Finally able to put the phone down Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart returned to his assignment.

The previous day a strange energy barrier had appeared around Stone Henge. Although he had retired from UNIT many years before, the ageing Brigadier had been asked to return to action to resolve the unknown problem.

“Sir?” The Brigadier turned around to be confronted by his old second-in-command, Mike Yates.

“Captain Yates, good to see you again.”

“Thank you, sir,” Mike replied.

“Well, what do you make of this?” the Brigadier asked indicating the reason UNIT had been called in.

“It’s similar to the energy field the Daemon used back in Devil’s End,” Mike said. “All we need is the Doctor to show up with some ingenious way to get through it and we can find out what’s on the other side.”

“Somehow I knew you were going to say that,” the Brigadier muttered. “Sergeant Groves!”

“Sir!” The young Sergeant snapped to attention as he saluted his superior.

Younger than most of the Sergeants who had served under him in the past, Groves looked cool, calm and efficient. His short dyed hair was hidden under his Green Beret. The Brigadier noticed the Sergeant was carrying a small revolver at his hip.

“At ease Sergeant,” the Brigadier said. “Right, I want a five-mile exclusion zone around the monument. Anybody you find in the area I want detained and taken to a safe area for debriefing. Then post some men around the monument itself. Nothing is to go in or out of that barrier.”

“Yes sir,” Groves said as he hurried away.

“Now,” the Brigadier continued. “Let’s go take a look at this barrier, shall we?”

Temple of the Body, Zyuella
3 July 1996, 0500 hrs

Eight hopeful humans stood awaiting their first test. Saurian had warned them that their day would be long and tedious, but during that day they would learn whether they would be able to hold the Ranger Aspect.

“I am sorry to tell you that you must be separated into smaller groups. Some of you are connected to one aspect of the Morphin Grid already and your tests must take place within those aspects.”

Thalian stepped forward to look at the hopeful Rangers in front of him. “Zachary Taylor and Kimberly Hart, you will accompany me to Dairon.” He held out his hand to both of the former Rangers. Kimberly and Zack took his hand and vanished.

“Trini Kwan and William Cranston, you are both to accompany me to the Desert of Despair,” Ninjor said. Billy and Trini stepped forward and vanished.

“Samoht Revilo and Jason Lee-Scott, you will remain here with me,” Saurian said. Above him a door opened in the temple and the two boys followed him in.

“And that just leaves us,” Dulcea said to David and Tanya. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” David asked.

“Phaedos,” Dulcea replied. “Neither of you ever held a Morphin Power, so I need to ensure you are suitable candidates. It will also allow you to find your spirit animals.” In a flash they all disappeared, heading for Dulcea’s home.

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Trial Of The Body

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie. Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic. Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time. This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Trial of the Body

Zyuella, a warm jungle world untouched by civilisation for as long as anyone could remember. The planet was one of the few places where even the animals could touch the Morphin Grid. Saurian looked out over his world pleased that after so long he finally had some students. In the past he had been a great warrior, proudly fighting alongside Zordon of Eltare. Now he was a retired teacher, knowledgeable in the ways of the Body Aspect.

Saurian raised his head to the sky, his dark skin absorbing the Sun’s rays. He opened his eyes wide, hoping that he would be inspired as to how to test the two Rangers in his care. In the time they had been with him he had trained them in the ways of the warrior. Swordsmanship, unarmed combat, climbing and survival techniques had all been part of his course. But Saurian knew these Rangers were trying to reach the level of the Ranger Aspect, a level only four others besides Saurian were worthy of reaching.

Dulcea, Ninjor and Thalian were all worthy of the final power. Zordon had also been in line to ascend to the final level. Rita Repulsa had ended that goal. Now trapped in a time warp, Zordon could no longer touch the Body Aspect of the Power. Technically he was a full master, but in truth he was as limited as some of his students.

Saurian needed a way to test them. He knew it was not enough for them to be able to touch the Body Aspect. Jason and Sam both needed to prove they could use their other spirit guides, the Mind and Spirit Aspects as required. He doubted Zordon would have sent them if they were not worthy, but he needed to be sure.

~I need to push them to break the rules of the Power,~ he thought. ~Tempt them to take the easy option and see how they respond.~

The question of course was how? He did not believe a simple offer of power would do the trick, unless the power was one the Rangers had been led to believe was theirs’. He remembered from his conversations with Zordon that Sam was reliant on the Green Power to exist. Maybe when faced with no alternative Sam would opt for the easy way out. Saurian hoped he would be proved wrong. Luckily he had separated Jason and Sam as soon as they had entered the temple. Both believed they were seeing each other on a regular basis, in truth they had never been in the same place at the same time since training had started.

Jason looked around his room. Large enough for him to move about in and furnished with a bed and chair, none of the space inside was wasted. On the end of the bed he found a red pair of pants and a T-shirt. He quickly changed into the clothes provided for him and sat down on the chair, awaiting Saurian. The Guardian always visited him to discuss the day’s training. It seemed like they had been in the temple for weeks, but Jason knew time was probably moving faster than it was on Earth.

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a knock on the door and Saurian entered the room. He nodded his approval when he saw Jason had chosen the clothing he had provided. Jason indicated for the Guardian to sit down.

“I just thought that I would come and ensure you were ready for the trial ahead,” Saurian said.

“I am ready,” Jason said.

“Good,” Saurian replied. “As I am sure Zordon explained to you before you left, I am only allowed to recommend either you or Sam for the power, and position as leader of the Morphin Rangers. You have both done well in your training and now I am forced to set some tests in order to determine the new Red Ranger”

“I have to compete with Sam?” Jason asked.

“Unfortunately, there can only be five Rangers initially,” Saurian explained. “David and Tanya were preselected by Zordon. The remaining three Rangers will be determined by Thalian, Ninjor and myself. Billy and Trini will be competing for the role of Blue Ranger; Zack and Kimberly will be competing for the role of Black Ranger. You and Sam will be competing for the role of Red Ranger.”

“What about the three Rangers who are not picked?” Jason asked.

“They will eventually be given their own powers, serving as the White, Purple or Green Ranger, and act as backup while the others do the fighting.” Saurian smiled sympathetically as he turned to look Jason in the eye. “I’m sure now you understand why I kept you apart from Sam. To face each other in combat is one thing, but to face a friend in combat is another. Of course, you’ve been in that position with Tommy before and he turned out to be a suitable leader for the Rangers. I am sure Sam would make a good leader as well, eventually.”

With that Saurian stood and left Jason to think about his words. Once outside the door, he took a few deep breaths. Lying to Jason had not been easy. He hoped the teen had fallen for it. Reaching out, he could sense the boy’s inner turmoil. Soon Jason would start hearing the voices of his darker nature. If he could conquer them, he would be worthy of the powers Zordon had sent him in search of.

Once again calm, Saurian set off for Sam’s room, hoping the Green Ranger’s magic did not allow him to detect lies. In the case of the Green Ranger it was even more important to ensure he was worthy of the Power. The Green Rangers had always walked the line between good and evil. Over the years, many had lost their powers when they stepped over to the other side.

Sam lay back on his bed waiting for Saurian to summon him. When he had entered his room, he had put on the green pants and top Saurian had provided. Then he had settled back to wait. Eventually Saurian entered the room and took a seat next to the bed.

“Are you prepared for the test?” he asked.

“As ready as I can be,” Sam replied.

“That’s what Jason said when I asked him as well,” Saurian smiled. “It’s a shame really that I cannot choose both of you to become Rangers.”

“How do you mean?” Sam asked.

“There can only be five Rangers at this time. We need to select those best suited to the task at hand. Therefore we’re not having a Red Ranger, so you and Jason will be competing for the Green Coin.”

“What happens to the loser?” Sam asked.

“Well in Jason’s case if he loses, he will just wait until we have the power to create a Red Ranger and then rejoin the team. With you it’s a little bit more difficult because your existence is linked to your coin. I think we can probably arrange for you to be placed into a sleep chamber until we can find a new coin for you.” Saurian turned to look Sam in the eye as he made his final comment. “Of course you have proven yourself to be a valued ally to the Rangers, so I wish you every success. And rest assured, Jason has held the Green Power Coin before and I’m sure he will use it as well this time as he did then.”

Saurian could sense Sam’s anger. Whereas Jason had been confused, Sam was furious with Zordon for sending him in search of a power, knowing he could lose the powers he already had.

“Of course, at the end of the day, victory is what counts. I have already told Jason and now I’m telling you, during the trials ahead, anything goes.”

Without saying another word, Saurian stood and walked out.

“The test is set,” Saurian said, holding the palm of his hand outwards. “One believes his role as leader is at stake, the other believes his existence is forfeit to failure.” He closed his hand again. “Now the test begins,”

Jason glanced over at Sam as they stood at the start of the assault course. It hurt him to see Sam dressed in red, a colour he had always felt was his.

“Ready,” Saurian said raising his hand. “Set, go!”

The two boys set off through the maze Saurian had arranged for them. Up the long cargo net, across the balance beam, over the rolling tree trunks and down into the swamp below.

Saurian watched from his vantage point high above the forest. Both Rangers believed they were running against each other. In truth they had never started to move. The only running was happening in their minds.

Sam took a moment to catch his breath. He was a few seconds ahead of Jason and determined to win. Seeing Jason dressed in Green had been hurtful. *You know you could use your magic to get ahead a bit,* a voice said. *Used the spell you used on Zordon and Saurian will never know that you cheated.*

Sam was tempted for half a second. The voice was not the one he normally heard. This voice was more seductive. He considered using a small spell just to slow Jason down. Then he shook the idea away. ~Being the Green Ranger is not worth that.~

Sam started to run again as he heard Jason approaching. He quickly waded through the swamp, careful not to let the murky water drag him under. With a splash Jason landed just in front of him, having jumped from above. Sam realised Jason had seen him in the swamp and had assumed it was safe.

Jason landed in front of his friend and kept moving, struggling to gain as much of a lead as possible. He heard a moan behind him and looked around. Sam had lost his footing and was sinking into the swamp.

*Leave him,* a voice said. *A leader must be strong. The others need you. It’s worth the loss of Sam to save Earth.*

Jason ignored the voices and looked for a way to help his friend. He knew wading back into the swamp could lead to them both being sucked under. His last conversation with Zordon came to mind and Jason found himself wondering if all three aspects of the Morphin Grid were within him. Reaching down he found the Tyrannosaurus. He reached further until he felt the Red Dragon. From there it was a small step to find the Ninja Aspect within him. The Ape bounded into being, filling his mind with the knowledge he needed to rescue Sam.

Bending his knees, Jason leapt into the branches of a nearby tree. In his mind he could see how the Ape would accomplish its task. Standing on the branch he grabbed a vine, tied it down and then used it to lower himself into position above Sam.

“Grab my ankles,” he told Sam.

He saw the former Green Dragon Ranger reach up to grab his ankles. When he felt Sam grab on, Jason pulled them back up to the branch.

“Thanks,” Sam said.

“Come on, let’s finish,” Jason said.

Working together the two friends easily negotiated the rest of the obstacles, at the same time learning about their spirit animals. At one point a huge white dragon, which bombarded them with fireballs attacked them, causing both Rangers to duck. Drawing on the power of their own Dragon powers, Jason and Sam managed to overpower the beast.

Together they finally finished the course, exhausted and in need of rest. They looked up to see Saurian watching them.

“Congratulations to both of you,” Saurian said to both of them. To Jason he added, “You know with the Red Ranger powers on the line you took quite a risk by going back to help him.”

“Congratulations to both of you,” Saurian said to both of them. To Sam he added, “Allowing Jason to rescue you showed you must have a lot of faith in your abilities to win later on. With the Green Ranger powers on the line I would have done anything to win.”

“We’ll break for half an hour and then begin the combat test,” Saurian told them.

“The purpose of this test is very simple,” Saurian explained. “These are simulations of all the foot soldiers that Rangers throughout the Universe have faced at some point. You are both armed with a variety of weapons you can summon at any time. You may not use energy weapons whatsoever. If you are hit by one of their weapons you will lose points, but their blades are blunt.”

Sam and Jason stood back to back. Each had chosen a sword as their first weapon. Sam quickly calculated the number of foot soldiers he would need to destroy in order to win the contest.

“Begin!” Saurian instructed.

Zordon’s rules for combat buzzed in their head. NEVER ESCALATE A BATTLE UNLESS FORCED TO DO SO. Both Sam and Jason stayed in place, waiting for the attack.

From the sidelines, Saurian smiled. Both Rangers had learnt their lesson well. He almost hated to finish the test, but knew it was essential for them to go through the entire test. The test was to see if the Rangers would abandon a teammate to get ahead. He was almost certain now that Jason was as pure as the Power required. Sam was still an unknown factor; Saurian sensed great anger and bitterness. If Sam decided to cheat, Saurian needed to know.

From out of nowhere a group of Putties charged. Sam rolled to the left, jumped up, swinging his sword as he did so and neatly took off the head of the nearest Putty. Jason had done almost the same, but instead of standing up he sliced the Putty through the waist.

From there on in there was no holding back. Each time they were attacked, the two Rangers fought them off. Within a few minutes they had killed many of the henchmen and knocked out a lot more. Jason jammed the blade of his axe into a Cog’s chest and turned around to see Sam strike four of the Z-Putties in the chests at the same time with a bo-staff.

Down to the last five opponents, Sam was one point ahead. He successfully ducked the Quantrons, smashing them with a pair of Nunchuks. He watched as Jason did the same to another two. All that was left was one Tenga, one of the easier opponents. Selecting a bow and a quiver of arrows, he took aim.

The Tenga sensed danger and flew into the air, picking Jason off the ground and flying to a great height. *Shoot it anyway and you win,* a voice said. Without a second thought Sam threw down the bow and arrow. Instead he concentrated on using his own magic to grab Jason and guide him back to Earth. Once he was sure his friend was safe, Sam turned his attention back to the Tenga in time to see it flying for his neck.

The bird dropped to the ground, a blade emerging through its neck where Jason had stabbed it. Once again Saurian walked over to them.

“Once again you have both excelled yourselves,” the ancient teacher told them. “There will be one more test. I will call you when it is ready.”

With that said, he transported Jason and Sam back to their rooms and prepared for their final challenge. So far both Rangers had performed exactly as he had hoped. Not only had Sam refused to cheat to win, he had used his magic even though he knew it would cause him to be disqualified. Now if they passed the final test Earth would have its new defenders.

Sam sat alone thinking about what Saurian might have in store for them next. It was no longer a question of whether he became Green Ranger again. It was a question of whether he would cease to exist. He had survived two hundred years in the past in order to protect the Morphin Grid. When time had finally caught up with itself, Sam had reluctantly allowed himself to be drawn back into battle. Now after all he had done he was facing his own doom, not from an enemy but a friend.

*He doesn’t have to win,* a voice said. *Use your powers against him and there is no way he will survive the final test. You deserve to be the Green Ranger. Why should Jason take what is rightfully yours?*

Sam pushed the voice away. He had no intention of doing anything that would hurt Jason. ~Being a Ranger is not worth Jason’s life,~ he thought.

*What about your own life?* The voice asked. *If are separated from the Green Power Coin you will cease to exist. Use your powers and beat Jason. He’s taken the power of the Green Ranger from its rightful holder before. Don’t let him do it again.*

~There has to be another way,~ Sam thought. ~I won’t kill to remain a Ranger.~

Sam had been so lost in his thoughts he had not noticed Saurian enter the room. The ancient master took his time to watch Sam struggling against his own desires. The boy was strong willed, but the thought of cheating in some way was growing stronger. Saurian decided Sam had debated with himself long enough.

“It is time Sam,” Saurian said solemnly.

Sam followed Saurian out of his room and deep into the depths of the temple. For what seemed like another eternity they descended until finally Saurian stopped in front of a large stone door. From out of the air he plucked a double-edged sword and handed it to Sam.

“Your opponent waits within. Remember the rules of this combat: only fight to win, never trust an opponent, and a Ranger without power is not a Ranger. Good luck, Ranger.”

The stone door rolled open and Sam stepped through. Behind him he could hear the stone door close again. Sam looked around and recognised the scene. It was the tournament where Jason had first fought against Tommy. Sam checked around and discovered there was only one other person in the room.

“Hello Jason,” Sam said in a cold voice, noticing that his opponent was still wearing green.

Jason said nothing, choosing instead to walk onto the mat and take up a ready stance, his own sword ready to strike. Sam walked onto the mat, and held his own sword out ready for action.

*Strike!* The voice said in the back of his mind. *Kill him before he attacks you. Use your powers and strike!*

Sam ignored the voice once again. For a moment he had been tempted, but seeing Jason waiting for him he decided to hold back and wait for his friend to strike first.

Jason followed Saurian down the steps of the temple, far below his room towards the place where Sam would be awaiting him. He had been wondering how he could defeat Sam and still be able to call himself worthy of the prize. ~Is being the leader so important to me that I need to beat up a friend to prove it?~

*Of course it is,* a voice said. *Tommy took your role from you before, why should Sam get to do it again?*

~There has to be another way. Fighting just to be a Ranger is wrong. I could defend Earth without my powers.~ Jason was tempted to give in and just fight, but he knew there was always an alternative.

Since Zordon had first selected them to be Rangers, Jason had always been the centre of the team. He had been the one who had helped Billy with his martial arts, he was the one who had given the others the strength to carry on when Zordon had been missing and he had been the one to free Tommy from Rita’s spell and bring him into the team.

Then Zordon had tossed him aside, demoting him so Tommy could be the leader. Jason had accepted his role until Zordon had insisted he surrender his powers to go to the Peace Conference. The conference had been worth the time he had spent there, but Jason wanted to be where he could make a difference. And being a Ranger meant he could make a difference.

*And now you’re going to let somebody come along and take it away from you, again? Fight, do whatever you have to, but win!*

Saurian finally stopped in front of a pit. He held out his hand and produced an unpowered version of Jason’s Power Sword. Jason took the weapon, reassured by the familiar feel of the weapon in his hand. “Your opponent is down there,” Saurian said. “I know you don’t want to fight Sam, but remember the Rangers need a leader, they need a Red Ranger and they need you.”

Jason nodded and climbed into the pit. Once inside he saw it was a tunnel. Following the tunnel to its end he found himself in the Youth Centre, or as near a mock up of the Youth Centre as Saurian had managed to create. The whole area was empty except for Sam working out in the far corner. Jason noticed Sam was still wearing his red uniform, paying no heed as he continued to kick the punching bag.

*Strike him now!* The voice said. *If you catch him by surprise you will be victorious and can return to Earth. Tommy and the others need you. They won’t hold out forever. Strike him!*

~No,~ Jason thought to himself. ~I took an oath only to use my powers for defence, never attack.~

That decided he noticed Sam turn towards him and walk across to the mat. The would-be Red Ranger had drawn a sword and was waiting for Jason. Jason walked over the mat and took up a defensive stance, ready for action.

Sam slowly worked through his kata, waiting for Jason to make the first move. Despite the voice in head he felt compelled to wait until he was attacked. Eventually Jason lunged, a fierce powerful blow to his ribs. Sam twisted at the hip, dropping his own sword and grabbing hold of Jason’s arm as he followed through. Using his body for leverage, he threw Jason to the ground. He used a quick kick to disarm his opponent and then backed off.

Sam watched as Jason recovered his sword, a sinister grin appearing on his face. ~He wants these powers so bad he’s willing to kill for them.~

*Or die trying,* the voice said. *Fight back, he doesn’t deserve the Green Power if he would kill to get it.*

Sam thought about what the voice said. It was true; Jason was attacking him with no sign of magic. Why shouldn’t he fight fire with fire? He deserved to be the Green Ranger, why not use his powers to obtain what was his.”

“Now that you are part of the team, you must swear to uphold three rules or lose the protection of the Power. Never use your powers for personal gain; never reveal to anybody that you are a Power Ranger; and never escalate a battle unless you are forced to do so.” Zordon’s words came flooding into Sam’s head. He suddenly knew what he needed to do, not to win, just because it was right.

“I won’t fight you Jason,” Sam said. “I won’t kill for the Green Coin, I won’t kill for my own needs and I won’t fight my friend. If you want the Green Power Coin, it is yours. I’ll find another way to help the Earth.”

That said Sam walked away. In a flash of light he found himself outside the temple. Saurian was standing on the steps, a solemn look on his face. Sam felt his fears grow, especially when Jason did not appear with him.

Jason parried Sam’s thrust. Swinging around he tried to reach under his opponent’s blade, but to no avail. With each block Sam made Jason angrier until finally the former Red Ranger snapped. Deciding it was best to disarm his opponent, Jason lashed out with the flat edge of his sword, catching Sam across the face.

As expected he saw Sam lose his footing and struggle to regain his balance. At that point Jason launched himself into the air, landing under Sam’s guard and catching him with a forearm. He swivel-kicked the sword from Sam’s hand before rolling away to reclaim his own.

*Now!* The voice said deep in mind. *Do it now!*

A picture of his loved ones formed before him. All of them were screaming, begging him to become the Red Ranger and help them. He saw Aisha and Kat screaming as some unknown monster struck them. Tommy, Rocky and Adam replaced them, their throats slit. Finally Emily, his girlfriend appeared, begging him to take the power and become the Red Ranger she knew and loved.

~Emily?~ The image remained in Jason’s mind. Something was wrong. Emily had never known he was a Ranger and she hadn’t arrived in Angel Grove until the Zeo Rangers took over.

He looked at Sam kneeling before him begging for mercy. He remembered a battle from his time as Red Ranger. A monster had disguised itself as Tommy, trying to convince them they could never stand up to Zedd. Jason had seen through the disguise, knowing Tommy would never give in to fear.

“You win,” Jason said, throwing his sword down and walking away.

Behind him he heard a howl and turned in time to see Sam being attacked by a black Ape. *Leave him,* the voice said. *Leave him and you can be the Red Ranger once again.*

“Never!” Jason cried angrily. “I will not use my powers to attack for my own means. I will not kill unless provoked. And I will not allow a teammate to die unnecessarily, either by an action on my part or a refusal to act.”

Without thinking he ran in front of the Ape and called on his spirit animals to defend the Green Ranger. The other Ape backed down and Jason turned to his friend. “If being Red Ranger means I have to kill a friend for nothing more than power, I don’t want it.”

That said Jason turned and walked back into the corridor. In front of him there was a bright flash and he found himself teleported to the temple front where Sam and Saurian were waiting. Saurian’s face was grim and Jason feared the worse.

“Well,” Saurian said. “You have both failed to claim the Morphin Powers. I find neither of you worthy of holding the Power. I strip both of you of any powers you might have had before coming here. I realise that this will mean you can no longer defend your planet, and in your case Sam will lead to death if you leave the temple. I therefore invite both of you to stay here until the battle is over and Earth is either safe or destroyed.”

Jason and Sam exchanged a look. Both of them had failed and both of them were looking to the other for inspiration.

“Can you send me back to Earth?” Sam asked finally.

“Yes,” Saurian replied. “But you will last only an hour on Earth.”

“Send me back,” Sam said sternly. “If I am going to cease to exist, I would rather do so fighting to help my friends. I may not be a Ranger, but I still have my magic.”

“Me too,” Jason said. “Tommy and the others are fighting without their powers to buy us some time to find these new powers. If I’m not going to have new powers the least I can do is return home and buy some time for the others.”

A smile spread across Saurian’s face. “Congratulations, you have proven yourselves to be true and worthy of the Power. You have upheld the rules, proven yourselves loyal and have shown that even without your powers you are willing to fight for the forces of good. It is with this in mind that I bestow upon you the powers of the Ranger Aspect.”

In front of Jason a Power Coin appeared. As he watched, the insignia of the Tyrannosaurus, Red Dragon and Ape formed on one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin a picture of a Ranger appeared.

“Jason Lee-Scott, you have proven yourself to be a leader. You a strong warrior in body and spirit, always willing to help those under your command. It is with this in mind, I bestow upon you the full power of the Red Ranger.”

The Power Coin seemed to fold in on itself, forming a small golden ball. The ball floated into Jason’s hand and a morpher formed around it.

“Samoht Revilo, you have proven yourself to be selfless and true. You have ignored the call of your dark side even though you knew it would ensure your survival. It is with this in mind that I bestow upon you the power of the Dragon, Lion and Panther. I also remove your reliance on your Power Coin. You will live as long as the Power regardless of whether your coin is intact. Take it. It belongs to you.”

Sam did as he was told, placing his old coin away. In front of him four coins formed. The first three contained the symbol of the Dragon, Lion and Panther with the Dragon glowing brightest. The fourth coin showed the picture of the Green Ranger. All four coins merged together, forming a golden ball, which floated into Sam’s palm. A morpher formed around the ball.

“Call on your powers and make the ceremony complete,” Saurian urged. “In the words of an old friend of mine, It’s Morphin Time!”

“Green Ranger Power!” Sam called.

“Red Ranger Power!” Jason called.

Sam and Jason found themselves in an armoured version of their Ranger uniforms. Jason was completely red, with a black belt around his waist to hold his morpher. A blade blaster hung from his right hip and a Power Sword was strapped to his back. On his chest was a gold coin with the image of the Tyrannosaurus standing over the Dragon and the Ape. In the very centre was the picture of a Ranger.

Sam was in the same armour as Jason. Instead of being red though his was a light green. The traditional shield and gauntlets of the Green Ranger were covering his chest, shoulders, arms and knees. On his back was the sword he had been using since he became Green Ranger. On the centre of his shield was a coin showing the Dragon over the Lion and Panther with a picture of the Green Ranger in the centre.

“Tyrannosaurus Power!” Saurian called. He appeared in a slightly heavier version of Ninjor’s armour. “Come, now you need to make sure you know how to use these new powers and discuss your new Zords.”

In a flash of light the three powered beings left the temple to enjoy the rest of the planet and discuss their future. Sam and Jason had passed the test, Saurian hoped the other Rangers were also up to the task.

Stone Henge, England, Earth

Minion sensed the sudden change in the balance of the Morphin Grid. From somewhere the forces of good had managed to find new powers. It didn’t affect his plans though, Minion had always known Zordon could send the Rangers to get new power and had expected them to do so since he had failed to find them on Earth.

The only thing that concerned Minion was the fact he could not identify the power. It felt like Morphin energy, but was more intense than anything he had ever encountered. Minion vowed that if the Rangers had indeed found new powers he would ensure they had nothing to return to.

Looking outside the barrier he noticed the UNIT troops moving in. Normally he would have ignored them, but Stone Henge was vital to his plans. If that meant killing a few worthless humans, so be it.

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Dark Genes

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie.

Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
When a replica is mentioned or being addressed there is emphasis placed on one of the vowels in their name. So Billy is called Biilly, etc. Also when morphed Trey is split he is referred to as Gold Zeo I, Gold Zeo II and Gold Zeo III. Morphed Gem Coin Rangers are referred to as Zeo -ninja power-. So Tommy is Zeo Falcon. When Drew, Roland and Jo are Beetleborgs they are referred to as Blue, Green and Red Borg.
Timeline: This story is set in the “CoE” series shortly after Glimmer of Hope. This story features mainly around Jason and Sam and their search for their new powers. The events in the Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Beetleborgs have taken place earlier than they would have in the television series. For further details see the Timeline.
At the time this story takes place, Dex has already received the Super Gold and Super Blue powers, VR Troopers is near the end of last series and Beetleborgs would be about to become Metallix.
All times given are based on Angel Grove time. Time for the Rangers on the quest for new powers will be different.
This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different. I hope that’s everything! If this disclaimer gets any longer I’m going to have to submit it as a separate fanfic.

Dark Genes

North Valley, Earth

“Run!” Sam shouted as the metal soldiers drew closer.

His two friends did not need telling twice. Both of them turned and ran as fast as they could through the smoking remains of their town. They had already tried to leave North Valley, but had found their way blocked by an unknown force-field. Sam doubted these things were part of Kilokahn’s army. He had seen footage of them on television fighting the Power Rangers. That was shortly before the attack. Afterwards there was no electricity left to run a television. The metal warriors had invaded quickly and then left only a small force to round up the town’s members.

Malcum Frink ran for his life. When the attack had come, Malcum’s computer had been destroyed along with any chance he had for power. Now all that mattered was staying alive long enough to find a way to ingratiate himself with the new villain in town. He turned the corner, hoping that Kilokahn had managed to store himself as a backup file on his laptop. He knew some of the new guards were Cogs, highly-developed robots but robots nonetheless. Robots had miniature computers to control them and that meant a way for Kilokahn to take control.

Sam stopped behind the remains of a building. His family and most of his friends were gone, but his only concern was survival. Behind him was a bright flash. Sam and his friends turned around in time to see the Queen of the Crown standing over them.

“Perfect,” she said. “Humans, young and weak, you will make useful Slaver Lords.”

The Queen signalled for her servants to grab the three youths and then teleported away. North Valley was not her assigned target, but a town full of much needed resources, was too good to miss. She had studied Charterville and knew the Beetleborgs would never surrender. Using her Slaver Lords though would give them no choice. Especially since Minion had given her new powers.

Sam Collins struggled briefly, but his powers would not help him since Servo did not exist outside the computer world. Soon he was over powered and held down while the Queen slipped a crystal over his head. He screamed briefly as he felt his soul being stolen by the Queen. The Queen seemed to smile in satisfaction as she retrieved the two crystals she had attached to his friends. “Three crystals, three Slaver Lords,” she said.

Power Chamber,

The five Rangers teleported into the Power Chamber and promptly collapsed to the ground. Since Minion’s first attack they had had little rest. Now Minion was sending monsters against them to wear them down. Zordon considered removing the Rangers from duty, but knew that was not an option. If the other Rangers did not return from their quest soon, Zordon believed there would be nothing left for them to return to.

After teleporting the Rangers to the Medical Bay so they could rest, he turned his attention to another project. Despite Rocky’s trick with the voice duplicator Zordon knew it would not be long before the Rangers were missed by their families. Even the Zeo Rangers would be questioned eventually and Zordon decided to take action to delay that from happening.

He remembered a conversation he had had with Sam concerning the fake family he had created to cover his true identity. He also remembered a time when the Rangers had been in danger of having their identities revealed by Rita. Although they had managed to stop her plans, Billy had decided that they needed a way to explain their occasional absence or to make appearances for them to disprove they were Rangers.

As a result Billy had started construction of some artificial replicas. They were created using basic cloning techniques, placed within suspension chambers and linked directly into the teleportation system. This way whenever a Ranger teleported their memories and personalities were downloaded, along with details of physical attributes. This allowed the replicas to look and act like the original Rangers whenever needed.

Originally Billy had designed replicas of Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Tommy and himself. When Aisha, Rocky and Adam joined the team, Billy had created three more replicas, one for each of them. Finally he had added Tanya and Trey to collection during a moment of boredom. He had also created a replica of David Trueheart. This had been in case Mondo tried to kidnap him again and left one chamber empty just in case. The system had been set so that in order to clone someone all they had to do was activated a set of Rito proof controls.

Using his magic, Zordon had managed to activate the replicas. He sent the copies of Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Aisha, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Kat, David and Tommy to their respective homes. Each of them had instructions to go about their normal lives and to stay away from monster attacks. He had not bothered with a duplicate of Sam, since his family was a trick anyway or Trey, since the Lord of Triforia was currently visiting Dex in Leewood and his family was based on another planet.

The copy of Billy however presented another possibility. Zordon had scans of each Ranger’s he used to create their memories and personalities. By creating a copy of Billy, Zordon provided the Rangers with a mechanic, inventor and friend.

“Zordon?” the replica of Billy asked.

“Welcome back Billy,” Zordon said.

He had missed the former Blue Ranger since he had left for Aquitar. He had always known Billy was one of the most sensitive Rangers and Zordon had found himself wondering whether leaving had been purely due to his feelings for Cestria or whether he had been unhappy at losing his powers. Upon hearing of her death, Zordon had worried about Billy. He hoped that Ninjor had managed to work through the boy’s feelings. The consequences if Billy used his powers to attack for revenge would be devastating.

“I’m not Billy though, am I?” Biilly asked

“No, you are one of the Facsimile Constructs Billy built some time before he left for Aquitar. I have activated you because the Rangers need your help.”

“I will do anything I can to help,” Biilly said. “But I am not going to be Billy. Billy was a Ranger who ended up stying in the Power Chamber and fixing machines. Now, since I doubt I was created to be a Ranger I assume you want me to be an assistant here, don’t you?”

Zordon thought about what Biilly had said. Duplicating the other Rangers had been a necessity, but duplicating Billy had been his own idea. Reflecting on his reasons, he realised he had indeed created Biilly to act as an assistant.

“You are correct,” he said at last. “If you do not wish to be known as Billy, you may change your name.”

“Thank you, Zordon. I will give the matter some thought. In the meantime, why don’t I take a look at these new Zords you are building.”

Stone Henge

If Billy Cranston’s inventions had one major flaw, apart from being makeshift unpredictable short-term solutions to ill-defined problems, it was that they were sometimes too good. The Facsimile Constructs Billy had built had been programmed with the memories of all the Rangers up to the present time. One of the little known abilities of the teleportation system was that anybody who used it transferred their memories, personalities, feelings and physical details into a buffer. Zordon and Billy had designed their duplicate Rangers using this process, not realising it would also allow the duplicates to touch the Morphin Grid. All fourteen duplicates could touch the Power without the need for Power Coins.

Even though Zordon was unaware of that fact, Minion was. He sensed the new links to the Morphin Grid as soon as they were activated. At first he thought it was the Rangers Zordon had sent on the quest, until he discovered they were powerless. Now a plan was starting to form in Minion’s twisted mind. He had seen the results of Rangers turned evil. He himself had died as a Ranger fighting for evil. In most cases the Morphin Masters on Eltare were able to strip the rogue Ranger of his or her powers before they died.

Of course if the Zeo Rangers were to become evil, they would still be able to draw power. The Zeo Crystal was only partial magic and as a result it would provide power to anybody capable of using it for whatever purpose they saw fit. Minion had only ever heard of one Zeo Ranger who had used the power for evil. In the end it was only the power of the crystal itself that destroyed him. The creators of the Zeo Crystal had added a failsafe to the design: should anybody truly evil touch the power for an extended period of time, they would be consumed by their own dark power.

There was an exception to the outcomes of either the Zeo Crystal and the Morphin powers being used for evil, one even the Morphin Masters were unaware of. If an artificial life form was turned to evil and was capable of holding the power, the Morphin Masters could not strip it of those powers. In addition as soon as the Ranger was to become evil with no chance of rehabilitation, they would automatically start to draw from the Dark Ranger Grid. This was the part of the Morphin Grid where Minion had first found his powers.

Minion also knew that normally only those who were unlikely to fall to evil were linked to the Morphin Grid. The duplicates were different for two reasons. Firstly the replicas were physical copies of the Rangers and as a result shared the physical link to the Grid. Secondly, Minion knew of some sabotage that had taken place whilst the replicas were being built.

Minion remembered that there was a flaw in the system Billy and Zordon had selected for transferring memories. The teleport system failed to recognise clones as separate entities from their originals. That is why Zordon had been unable to determine which Billy was the clone. This also meant that when Zordon had been looking at the project he had not noticed the minor alterations the clone had made.

The clone had placed certain filters in the personality buffers of all but one of the duplicates to eliminate the weaker emotions such as love. Originally the clone had planned to gain control of the replicas and replace each Ranger one at a time. But he had been destroyed before he could complete his mission. However, the sabotage had not been fixed. Slowly the buffers would purge the filtered material, causing the replicas to become unpredictable. A gentle push and they would become evil. Only a blast of pure energy would cure them if used before they took the final step.

Billy had designed the duplicate Rangers to match the real Rangers almost perfectly. That was their greatest strength, and their fatal flaw. They held not only the strength and power, but also their personality flaws, desires and darker emotions. Knowing Zordon, Minion suspected the duplicates would have been programmed using the memories stored in the teleport buffers. Those memories had feelings mixed in, dark feelings which over time would have festered and grown deeper. Minion planned to use those dark emotions to create a new force able to finish the Power Rangers forever.

“Silvo, Brasso, Bronzo, come here!” Minion commanded.

His three most trusted henchmen appeared in front of him. Brasso and Bronzo bowed and took a step back while Silvo bowed and moved alongside his master.

“Brasso, there are some annoying humans outside, deal with them.” Brasso bowed and vanished to do his master’s bidding. “Now, Silvo and Bronzo, Zordon has made a fatal error and I intend to make sure it is the last mistake he will ever make. Find me a monster to capture the duplicate Rangers. I want them all brought back here by nightfall.”

“Yes master,” Silvo and Bronzo said together before leaving to work out a plan of action.


Three typically average kids walked inside a haunted house and screamed. Since becoming Beetleborgs they had seen some of the most hideous monster Vexor had been able to create. Unfortunately Vexor’s monsters nowhere near as bad as the sight of the House Monsters spring-cleaning Frankenbean’s head.

“Hey Flabber,” Drew said as they entered the house, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Flabber replied. “That’s the problem. There have been no monster attacks for a while now and I’m starting to think maybe Vexor has given up.”

“Isn’t that good news?” Jo asked, unable to understand the reason why Flabber looked nervous.

“It’s not the simple Jo,” Flabber told her. “You remember when you defeated the Shadowborg, don’t you?” Jo, Drew and Roland nodded. “Well. The same thing is true with Vexor. If he has given up then we have no further need for Beetleborgs. It’s a question of good and evil, Ying and Yang. No Ying, no Yang, no villain, no need for Beetleborgs.”

“You mean we have to give up our powers?” Roland asked.

Being Beetleborgs had been the centre of their world for a long time. Now they were going to lose their powers not because of something Vexor did, but because they had won.

“Not yet,” Flabber told them. “We need to find out what happened to Vexor first.”

“Maybe there are some clues in the crypt,” Drew said finally. “Why don’t we Borg and take a look?”

When the other two agreed, Drew decided it was time to leave. “Beetle Bonders, Beetle Blast!” As they transformed Drew found himself hoping, this was not the last time he would get to do so.

Stone Henge, England

Brasso walked through the force-field to confront the UNIT soldiers advancing on the stone circle. Deciding to demonstrate to them why they should leave, Brasso charged toward the nearest solider.

“Brigadier, look!” Mike cried as he pulled his commanding officer to the ground. Running towards them was a brown metal warrior.

“Open fire!” the Brigadier called. “Lay down a volley of warning shots, five rounds rapid!”

The three nearest soldiers dropped to a kneeling position and opened fire, the bullets striking the ground just in front of the charging warrior. He stopped for a moment and then deliberately stepped into the volley of bullets. As the shells bounced harmlessly off his body, he laughed, knowing he could not be harmed.

Something powerful struck Brasso in the back. Nowhere near powerful enough to hurt, but enough to get his attention. He turned to see another soldier holding a still smoking bazooka. From his position on the ground the Brigadier smiled. The soldier in question had served him well over the years and had finally made the rank of Captain.

“Benton, look out!” the Brigadier called as he noticed Brasso starting to move again.

Faster than they thought possible the metal warrior turned and ran towards Benton. The Captain had little time to move as he was lifted and thrown into his commanding officer.

“I think we need a new plan,” the Brigadier said as he helped Captain Yates to pull Benton away from the attacking monster. “Maybe the Yanks can help.”

“Or the other lot,” Mike said, remembering the last time they had had this discussion.


The Queen appeared inside the crypt Vexor had once used as a base. She didn’t need to come here, but she did need the essence she could only find in the place where it had been created. Concentrating on her Slave Crystal she absorbed all the life force that had once been there.

Slowly the crystal began to shimmer, a black mist rising from it like smoke. In her mind the Queen pictured the form her new Slaver Lord would take. It was an ability that thanks to Minion’s power was now limited only by her imagination.

On the floor of the crypt a pool of darkness formed. Slowly it grew until it formed into a being the Beetleborgs knew well.

Youth Centre, Angel Grove

Toommy watched the scenes on the television, unimpressed by the Rangers’ skills. “Those guys aren’t so hot. I bet if we were to go up against them we could take them.”

After teleporting to their homes and giving some excuses for where they were going, the replicas had gathered together at the Youth Centre. Currently they were watching the Rangers in action against some more of Minion’s resurrected monsters. They had managed to hold their own against Mutitas and Shellshock, but Gnarly Gnome had somehow managed to sneak up on them.

“You’re right Bro,” Jaason said. “Together we could take those wimpy Rangers.”

Ernie shook his head, hardly able to believe the contempt he could hear within the lookalikes’ voices. These teenagers might have looked like the group of friends he had seen in his Youth Centre over the last few years, but they were definitely different. Of course he wouldn’t have noticed had they not told him.

Power Chamber

Biilly finished his tests and turned to face Zordon. “We have a problem. The duplicates were created to resemble the Rangers. That means they are susceptible to evil as anybody else. In addition you have given them complete memories of their time as Rangers, but without the experience to handle some of the feelings those memories will generate.”

“Biilly, what are you saying?” Zordon asked.

He had feared that any duplicate Rangers would never possess the hearts of their real counterparts, but had hoped they would at least pass as the Rangers in normal life.

“Zordon, we need to get the duplicates back here now,” Biilly said. “There’s something wrong with them. If we don’t hurry, they could go crazy.” The console he was working at went blank and he turned to Alpha to find the little droid trying to repair a blown circuit board. Biilly grabbed Alpha, a scowl on his face. “Why am I always surrounded by incompetent idiots and forced to work with second rate junk?”

Without thinking Billy slammed his fist into Alpha’s dome top head. The little droid stumbled around the Power Chamber as Biilly went on the rampage. Zordon thought quickly. It was within the powers of a White Master to heal the wounds of an injured Ranger. Zordon hoped he could help heal the mind as well as the body.

Biilly found himself bathed in a white light. Despite his first impulse to smash Zordon’s tube, the light felt warm and friendly. He decided to remain within the light and slowly felt his anger and bitterness disappear. He saw the images of his mistreatment by Bulk and Skull, the Rangers taking him for granted and finally the Deathbringer killing his wife. There in the image of his wife he felt love.

Zordon finished as he noticed the change in Biilly. Now he needed to do the same to the other duplicates. First though he needed to get the Zeo Rangers to safety. After that they could deal with the other replicas.

Stone Henge, England

Minion felt the change in the duplicate Rangers. Now was the time to capture and enslave them. First though he needed to buy Silvo some time.

“Skug!” One of Grimlord’s foot soldiers appeared before him. Although the Skugs had never had a victory over the VR Troopers, Minion had a plan to ensure that his Skug could not be beaten. “Go to Angel Grove monster size. Battle the Rangers until they destroy you or they surrender. Under no circumstances are you to multiply.”

It was a simple plan, and one Grimlord should have thought of before. Skugs were always defeated when they touched each other. A single Skug did not have that vulnerability. Minion thought it would be interesting to see how much punishment one lone Skug could take.

North Valley,

Malcum skulked through the remains of his town. He found it ironic that the boy he been trying to destroy for so long had been reduced to a crystal. Now he was aware of the fate in store for him should he ever be captured. There would be no negotiation. Malcum Frink was as good as dead.

Inside Malcum’s laptop, Kilokahn was thinking the same thing. Malcum would not last much longer. The stress had finally driven the boy over the edge and together with Kilokahn’s own actions the boy was finally ready to serve his true purpose.

“Malcum, look at the screen, I have good news for you,” Kilokahn said.

Malcum foolishly looked at the screen, hardly noticing the tiny flash as Kilokahn left the computer and entered his mind. Once inside the virus started to take over, building on the gradual damage he had done over the time they had worked together.

Malcum’s body mutated, growing two extra arms and becoming covered in a slimy green skin. “At last, I Kilokahn, am free.”

Angel Grove,

The Rangers launched themselves into battle, their prototype Megazord slashing at the Skug with their sword. Charging the sword to full power they struck, slicing the Skug from left shoulder to right hip. With a scream the Skug collapsed to the floor, before standing again to continue to fight.

A long double bladed weapon appeared in the Skug’s hand and it began to hit the Megazord randomly. The odds were in the Skug’s favour and it managed to damage the Zord.

“Zordon, we need help,” Tommy called into his communicator.


“Here’s your pizza Dex,” Barbara Stewart said as she laid the plate on the table.

“Try it,” Dex told his guest. “Earth food is definitely better than it looks.”

Trey laughed as he relaxed on the sofa next to his old friend. They had lost touch when Dregon had attacked Edenoi, but when he had realised Dregon was attacking Leewood, Trey knew the Masked Rider would be nearby.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing you, but I think it’s time to go,” Trey said.

Dex nodded just as Trey’s communicator sounded. “Looks like they need you,” Dex said. “Remember, if I can help you need only to call.”

Trey nodded as he summoned his morpher. “Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Wow, that was new,” Barbara said as she watched Trey leave.

“You get used to it,” Dex replied, hoping the Rangers would be all right.

Angel Grove Youth Centre,

Toommy, Jaason, Roocky, Kaat, Triini, Kiim, Adaam, Taanya, Aiisha, Zaack and Daavid left the Youth Centre, not to help the Rangers, simply to have some fun. They did not expect to step outside and come face to face with Minion’s latest monster.

“Greetings Rangers,” the leather clad creature said. “I am Huntron. My orders are to bring you in alive.”

“Well you obviously don’t know who you’re dealing with,” Kiimberly sneered.

“Yeah, we’re the Power Rangers,” Toommy said.

“Only better,” Jaason added.

“Because we don’t have to stick to any stinking rules,” Aiisha said.

“So you can either surrender,” Roocky said.

“Or we can kick your butt so hard you’ll never stand upright again,” Zaack finished.

“All right, that’s enough talk,” Kiim said, “Let’s take this moron down.”

Huntron responded by shrugging off his leather trench coat to reveal a human with some type of face helmet. A set of grenades had been strung over his shoulders, a pistol was mounted on each hip and he had what resembled a hunter’s rifle on his back. Instead of a monster as they had expected, the Rangers realised he must be a bounty hunter.

Without a second thought Huntron threw one of his grenades towards Triini, Kiim, Kaat, Aiisha and Taanya. All five were caught in the explosion, instantly frozen in place. Before Adaam or Roocky could fight back, Huntron punched them both.

Jaason and Toommy tried to double-team him, holding his arms long enough for Daavid to strike him in the face with his foot and Zaack to connect with a move he called the ghetto blaster. Huntron shrugged off the attack, shaking Toommy and Jaason away. He drew his pistols and fired. One shot struck Daavid in the leg the other caught Zaack. Zaack and Daavid collapsed to the ground. Converting his pistols into a pair of nightstick type clubs, he struck Adaam and Roocky a second time.

Jaason and Toommy were not stupid, they knew when to stay and fight and when to run and hide. In this case they chose the latter, taking off with Huntron in pursuit. As they left, their fallen friends were teleported away.

Huntron chased his prey for a few minutes before deciding he had had enough. Drawing his rifle he fired a single shot. The shell whizzed past Toommy and Jaason, striking the ground ahead of them and exploding. The shock wave was enough to knock them both unconscious. Huntron pressed a button on the top of his rifle and watched as the two duplicate Rangers were teleported away.

“Ninja Ultrazord!” the Rangers called.

“Pyramidas!” Gold Zeo called.

As the golden pyramid appeared, Trey left the Zord on automatic and transferred to Super Zeo Zord X. Now with three Zords the Rangers fired again. Between them the three sets of Zords had enough power to vaporise most of Angel Grove. Therefore the rangers were less than pleased when they saw the Skug rebuild itself again.

“Any other ideas,” Zeo Frog asked.

“We need another of those things,” Zeo Bear noted. Aisha had seen Skugs on the news before her Zeo quest. She remembered they had a habit of eliminating each other on contact.

“I heard that,” they heard Biilly say. “Reconfiguring your Power Sword now.”

For a moment the Ninja Ultrazord seemed to be under its own control. Without the Rangers moving it summoned the Power Sword, stepped out of the Ultrazord mode and slash at the Skug.

“Hit it now!” Biilly shouted to Trey.

As he spoke, Pyramidas released a lightning bolt, once again destroying the Skug. This time it did not stand back up.

Bronzo’s Laboratory, North Valley,

Bronzo made a quick check of his subjects. Most of the population of North Valley was currently undergoing surgery to make them more productive. The remainder had been made available to any of Minion’s forces who needed spare parts. In a smaller laboratory eleven duplicates of the Power Rangers had been strapped to the wall. Each had been implanted with numerous tubes and electrodes.

Minion had insisted that the duplicates remained unharmed until he arrived. Bronzo had no idea what his master had in mind, but he knew it would be impressive.

Minion teleported into the laboratory, anxious to start work on his new project. He knew something that even Zordon did not realise about the teleportation system. When clones teleported into the Command Centre or Power Chamber their memories and feelings were recorded as though they belonged to the original. Therefore Zordon was under the impression the duplicates had been built by Billy. Instead they had been started and finished by Billy, but the clone Rita and Zedd had made of Billy had done some of the intermediate stages.

The clone had placed certain filters in the personality buffers of all but one of the duplicates to eliminate the weaker emotions such as love. Originally the clone had planned to replace each Ranger, one after the other. Now Minion planned to use them to create his own team of Dark Rangers. First though, he had to purge them of any remaining emotion.

“I found them Zordon,” Alpha cried excitedly. “They’re being held inside North Valley.”

“We need to rescue them,” Kat said.

“Or destroy them,” Biilly said solemnly. “I just made a discovery I think might be important.”

As the others nodded for him to proceed, Biilly surprised them all by calling out, “Triceratops!” He was instantly transformed into the Blue Dino Ranger.

“You mean these replicas can morph?” Adam asked.

“I am afraid so,” Biilly said. “These powers are only a fraction of what they would be if tapped through a Power Coin, but in your weakened states that might be enough to beat you. In truth they’re in a better position to fight Minion than you are.”

“And if they do switch sides, Minion is sure to win,” Aisha noted out loud.

“Let’s go,” Tommy said at last. “We have work to do.”

Minion stood victorious in front of his new forces. After being let down by Finster he had at last found the bodies capable of becoming Dark Rangers. Ten of those in front of him were worthy. The last one, Taanya was a problem. He had tried every spell he knew to remove the good from her heart. In the end he concluded that Taanya was the one the clone had failed to sabotage. If it had not been for the fact, he felt no capacity for evil within her he would have been convinced. Instead he made a note to do some research into Tanya Sloan as soon as he got the opportunity.

The remaining replicas had been easy to seduce. First he had cast a spell removing their skin and hair. Now the replicas had been reverted to their original forms. Humanoid in shape and size with identical in faces and hair, there was no way to tell they were different from each other.

Second, Minion had carefully wiped their memories, removing non-Ranger activities, altering battles to his version of events, permanently altering Zordon’s rules of the Power and any morals they may once of had. With their memories gone Minion created his own rules: Obey the will of Minion and the only goal is victory. He did not need to worry about them revealing their identities because they existed only to be Dark Rangers.

The final act to seal his spell in place was to give them life through the Sword of Darkness and the Lin Kuei Crystal. He had planned to build his own Rangers using Finster to build the bodies, but Finster had failed him. Now Minion planned to use the bodies and their natural connection to the Morphin Grid to provide a channel for the Dark powers.

Opening the vortex to the Dark Dimension, Minion pointed his sword at his ten new servants. “Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Silver, Gold and White Psycho Rangers, arise!”

Ten streaks of light flew from the vortex, tracing their way down the sword into Minion’s chest where they merged with the Lin Kuei Crystal and then back again to strike each of the replicas.

“Now the Rangers are doomed!” Minion gloated.

He knew that it would take him a short time to prepare his soldiers, so he decided kill two birds with one spell. “Huntron!”

“You called,” Huntron said, amusement showing in his voice.

Minion’s response was to blast the bounty hunter with energy from the Dark Dimension. Huntron transformed into the ultimate hunter. Claws started to grow from his fingertips; the joints and muscles in his legs strengthened to allow jumping; and his eyes became as keen as an eagle, enhanced by computer graphics. Wings sprouted from his back giving him the power of flight and his leather coat transformed into a thick leather skin to protect him from attack. His hunter’s rifle was transformed into a bow and arrow.

“New contract,” Minion told him. “I want the Rangers and their Zords finished once and for all.”

“As you wish,” Huntron said as he vanished.

Rocky groaned as he heard his communicator start beeping. He already knew the Minion’s forces would keep attacking Angel Grove. The Rangers had spent the last couple of hours trying to break the barrier surrounding North Valley. So far every time they came close a new monster would draw them away.

“Go ahead Zordon,” Rocky said.

“Rocky, I have detected a new monster in your area. Please be on your guard.”

As Rocky looked around he caught sight of something moving not far away. Before he could identify what it was, the Huntron pounced on him.

“Zeo Ranger III – Ape!” Rocky called quickly, already he was rolling away from his attacker, Power Sword drawn and ready. “Tommy, we’ve got company!”

“On our way,” he heard Tommy reply.

A moment later the Zeo Falcon landed behind Huntron, using Saba to strike him. Zeo Bear and Zeo Crane followed soon after. Zeo Crane released a volley of arrows allowing Zeo Bear to get close enough to use her Power Daggers. Zeo Frog leapt high into the air, striking with his Power Axe. Huntron blocked the blade by raising his bow high to block. He was unable to block the blast from the Cosmic Cannon.

Huntron fell back, cursing the Rangers. Then he made his own assault, using his speed to get past the Rangers’ defences and his claws to strike them. Using his wings he launched into the air, able to fend his opponents off and attack them when it was safe.

“Time for a Gold Rush!” somebody called.

Huntron braced himself for the blast he knew would be coming, but instead he was hit from three sides. Zeo Gold had split himself into three parts and was closing in.

“Heeyah!” The Triceratops Ranger landed in front of Huntron and struck him with the Power Lance he had borrowed from Zordon.

“NO!” Minion cried. “It can’t be him!”

He had been busy preparing his warriors for battle when he had sensed Billy Cranston outside. Of all the Rangers, Cranston was the most dangerous to Minion’s schemes.

*Huntron, do not let Cranston near the barrier.*

He understood that in all likelihood it was the replica of Billy that was outside. The trouble was that even the replica might be able to interfere with his plans.

Huntron resumed his attack, aiming for Biilly. Each time one of the other Rangers intervened he threw them aside. Triceratops Ranger found himself on the receiving end of Huntron’s energy arrows. He ran for cover, hoping to draw Huntron’s fire.

Huntron fired faster as he realised Biilly was heading in the wrong direction. Before he could stop him, Biilly ran into the barrier and passed through. A moment later he emerged again, recharged by the barrier.

“Form the Power Blaster!” Zeo Falcon called.

“Power Axe!” Zeo Frog cried as he threw his axe into the air where it hovered in Cosmic Cannon mode.

“Power Bow!” Zeo Crane called as she placed her weapon on top to form a crossbow type shape.

“Power Lance!” Triceratops Ranger cried, splitting his weapon in half and throwing both parts in the air where they attached to the Power Bow.

“Power Daggers!” Zeo Bear called throwing both her weapons into the air where they attached next to the Power Lance.

“Power Sword!” Zeo Ape finished. He placed his sword along the length of the Power Blaster, activating its full power.

“Saba!” Zeo Falcon called. Saba took off on his own to float next to the Power Blaster. “Power Cannon!” Without the Morphin Powers Alpha had redesigned the Cannon to draw power from Power Mountain through Zordon

“Gold Rush, Triple Attack!” A version of the Golden Power Staff appeared in each Gold Ranger’s hand.

“Fire!” the Rangers called together.

Their blasts struck Huntron, giving him no chance to survive. The monster tried to shield itself by bringing its wings around to guard its face. It failed hopelessly and exploded.

“Not that easy, Rangers,” Minion said. “Grow Huntron, GROW!”

Minion had many ways to make Huntron grow, but he liked to think that an order was enough without further magic. When he saw that was not the case he blasted the ashes with his sword.

“Draw them away from the barrier!”

“I think we need some Zords” Biilly noted.

“We haven’t got time,” Gold Zeo I replied. He nodded to his other copies and seeing them nod their approval raised his Power Staff. “Power of Triforia, make us grow!”

“Keep the Power Blaster together,” Zeo Falcon instructed. “Trey and I will keep him busy.”

Huntron followed his master’s instructions, drawing the Rangers away from the barrier. When he was sure they were clear, he turned and fired razor sharp darts from his fingers.

Gold Zeo I, II and III, along with Zeo Falcon attacked from all sides, wearing him down until they were sure the others had a good shot.

“Now!” Zeo Falcon called.

Gold Zeo merged together again and drop-kicked Huntron into position, allowing the other Rangers to open fire and destroy him.

“Let’s get back to North Valley,” Zeo Falcon said.

“You’re too late Rangers,” Minion said. The Rangers turned to see Minion’s image appear in the sky. “I have already stabilised the barrier. You will not be able to walk through again.”

Disheartened the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber, hoping Zordon had some good news.

Minion raised his hand in victory. At last his creations were ready. Now all he needed was a way to introduce them. To begin with he had wanted to merely conquer Earth. Now his mission had changed. Now he wanted to destroy everything the Rangers cared about, everybody they loved, everything they stood for. In short, Minion did not want to conquer Earth. He wanted to destroy it.

UNIT Temporary Headquarters, Stone Henge

“Sir,” Mike shouted as he stood to attention. “Message from the Yanks sir.”

“Anything useful?” the Brigadier asked.

“They’re sending one of their experts, a General Norquist. They say we should wait until he arrives before trying anything else.”

The Brigadier nodded. In his experience acting when advised not to do so usually made things worse.

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Trial Of The Mind

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie. Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic. Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time. This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Trial of the Mind

Temple of the Mind, Dairon

“Welcome to the Temple of the Mind,” Thalian said. The bright sun reflected off his shoulder armour.

“Looks more like a tower than a temple,” Kimberly noted.

Thalian smiled, not the forced smile of a teacher trying to deal with a child who shouts out during class, but a deep friendly smile that spread all the way to his eyes. “Okay, welcome to the Tower of the Mind. All you have to do to pass your tests is reach the main chamber inside the tower.”

Unlike the Temple of the Body, which had been large and impressive, complete with stone pillars and long steps, the Temple of the Mind was simple. Made of dull grey stones the temple did resemble a tower, tall and square walled without decoration. Behind the spot where Thalian stood, was a simple doorway. To each side of the entrance was a moat, filled with green ooze.

A map appeared in his hand showing a picture of the temple. “Those who into the tower would go; must choose above, between or below.”

“What does that mean?” Zack asked.

“There are three entrances,” Thalian explained. “One is on the roof, one is below the moat and one is behind me. Each will lead to the main chamber and each has its own challenges. The question is which will you choose?”

Without saying another word Thalian disappeared, leaving Zack and Kimberly to find their own ways in. If they were true Rangers it would take them a while, but they would eventually find the answer. Deciding to help them on their way, he had left them with was a small clue. “This task is as simple or as difficult as you decide it should be,” he had said.

Finding no obvious entrances or secret methods of opening the temple door Kimberly and Zack had split up to see if they could find any entrances elsewhere. Thalian watched from the temple entrance. He had expected nothing less from two of Zordon’s chosen. They had been taught to assume that the obvious way was wrong, meaning they had not followed him through the middle door.

He had no question they were worthy of the power. He had watched them during the time they had used his powers. He had seen them both grow wiser. If it had been his choice, he would have given the power to all of them without testing. Well, nearly all of them.

There was one whom Zordon had sent who caused Thalian concern. The feeling was weak, but no-less evil and strangely familiar. He had watched over Kimberly, Zack, Billy, Jason and Trini, and he knew them to be pure. That meant that the problem was with one of Zordon’s other choices.

David had never been a Ranger, but Thalian could sense a purity within him equal to Zordon. Tanya had been chosen to replace one of the Rangers and Thalian knew the Morphin Powers would not accept anyone unsuitable. Sam was another matter. Thalian had seen the trouble the Clone of the Green Dragon Ranger had caused when Rita and Zedd had created him. He secretly wondered whether Sam had truly conquered his dark side.

~Stay alert,~ he told himself. He had expected the Rangers to miss the easy option and to go searching for a way in. Now he needed to check they passed the three tests they were required to fulfil in order to gain the power. ~Good luck Rangers,~ he thought. ~You might need it.~

“Great, just great!” Kimberly muttered as she climbed her way up the side of the Temple of the Mind. She had soon realised how little Thalian’s advice had helped. Walking around the side of the tower, she had noticed a set of footholds carefully carved into the walls. She had started to climb as quickly as possible, knowing the climb was going to be a long one.

As she reached what should have been the halfway point she looked up to see how much further she needed to climb. ~That’s impossible,~ she thought to herself as she saw how far she still needed to climb. Despite climbing as quickly as possible she had hardly covered an eighth of the wall. Sighing she resumed her climb, hoping that she had enough energy to keep climbing.

~I’m not going to make it,~ she thought to herself. She looked up again and noticed how much further the top seemed to be. *So give up now,* a voice in her head said. *Why do something when you KNOW you will fail?*

Kim ignored the voiced and kept climbing. Despite the wall becoming steeper and the footholds smaller she kept going. She knew the others were relying on her. She had missed being a Ranger and having her friends around her. Especially Tommy. She had known almost as soon as she arrived at Gunther Schmidt’s compound that she had made the wrong choice. She had left the man she loved and the friends who meant more to her than anything behind, just for a chance at a dream that might never happen.

After a few months she had sent Tommy the letter, not having the nerve to face him herself. There had been no new boyfriend, Kimberly had simply noticed how Kat had been attracted to him and did not have the heart to come between them. ~Why should he have to wait for me, when there’s already somebody he could be happy with?~ Once the letter had been written Kimberly soon realised it was a good decision.

Being away from Tommy had made her realise that they had never really had a future together. Tommy could be fun and friendly and he was one of the gentlest people she knew, but there was always a shadow in the back of his eyes. A secret darkness that kept him held back always scared to get close in case he hurt her.

~For Tommy,~ she thought as she kept going, moving faster. The climb seemed to become easier, the footholds closer together as though her determination was helping her.

~The top has got to be within reach,~ she thought, knowing she had already climbed a long way. She looked up and noticed how close the top she was. ~Almost there.~ She looked a second time and noticed that the top had moved even closer.

Zack climbed down the stairwell that had appeared. It was obvious he would be trying to enter from below. At the bottom of the ladder he found himself confronted by a blank wall. Looking around he located a button and pushed it. The wall moved to reveal a room at the end of, which was written the word ENTRANCE next to a small door at the right far right-hand side.

Zack’s first impulse was to run across the floor as fast as possible to reach the temple. With an effort he suppressed that urge, deciding instead to try the cautious approach. On the ground he noticed some stones and he began throwing them on the floor ahead, which had suddenly transformed into a chessboard pattern.

The first stone had no noticeable effect. The second was equally disappointing, only creating a hollow thud. He tried the third and fourth rows, once again nothing happened and he was almost tempted to go ahead and cross. He had one last stone in his hand and without thinking threw it across the floor. As it hit, a laser beam blasted the floor from above in rapid fire, destroying the stones as it did so.

With a low grinding sound a stone rose from the ground next to him. Zack carefully read the words engraved on the stone: IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU HAVE ALREADY SHOWN YOUR INTELLIGENCE BY NOT GETTING KILLED. TO CROSS SAFELY FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE BLACK KNIGHT, EVER FORWARD FOUR TIMES.

Figuring the riddle referred to chess, Zack quickly found his way to the black square on the right-hand side. ~Two forward, one across,~ he thought. Slowly he moved across the board, somehow knowing he could only go forward and could only move four times. ~This is too easy,~ he thought. ~Something must happen soon.~


As if on cue, a loud noise sounded behind him. Zack turned around to see the floor he had just stepped on collapse into a pit. On the wall was carved: YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE THAT EASY, DID YOU?

From the corner of his eye Zack noticed a black Knight moving towards him, sword drawn and ready for action. He rolled forward as it struck the floor, cautious in case the floor gave way. Forgetting the words on the stone, Zack ran for the exit. The knight was in fast pursuit. As Zack reached the exit, a wall of flames rose from the floor, the heat causing him to retreat.


The words were now scorched into the floor beneath him and the knight was still closing. ~Zack,~ he thought to himself, ~you need to find a new day job.~

Ducking the knight’s charge, Zack ran around the board, trying to shake his pursuer. ~Come on Zackman, he’s not so tough.~ He looked around, and was surprised to see the knight had shrunk. It was no longer as fierce and seemed to be moving slower.

~This will never work,~ Zack thought as he attempted to distract the knight with his dance steps. For a moment the knight followed his steps, then it attacked.

“Okay, new strategy,” Zack said to himself. He looked around trying to find a weapon or anything he could use as a lever. All he saw was the stone on which his original challenge had been written. ~That’s it.~

“Hey ugly!” Zack called, drawing the knight towards the back of the board, making sure he was on a white square. “Let the challenge resume.”

He quickly followed the move a knight would make in a chess game. He moved forward two squares and one to the left. As he had expected the floor behind him gave way, as did the floor to his left. The knight who had been chasing him fell into the chasm, allowing Zack to complete the test and enter the next room.

Kim finally made it to the top of the temple and climbed over the battlements. She rolled onto the cold hard floor happy to be one step closer to her new powers. In front of her she could see the small wooden door leading inside the tower. Carved into the wood were the words: YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE THAT EASY, DIDYOU?

The door creaked as it changed to form a face. It seemed to snarl at her. Kimberly took a step back, just to be on the safe side. A dark shadow appeared over the roof, taking the form of a pterodactyl with white specks for eyes.

“Cease,” the door creature said. “To enter you must get past me, by answering my questions three.”

Kim took a deep breath. “I can do this,” she told herself. “Go ahead,” she told the face.

“In the morning I move on four legs, in the afternoon I walk on two legs and in the evening I walk on three legs. Tell me now, what am I?”

“You’re a human,” Kimberly said. “In the morning of its life a human crawls on four legs. Later it is able to walk upright on two legs. And in the evening of its life, a human walks with the help of a cane, the third leg.”

“Correct!” the door said. Behind her, the shape was becoming more solid and changing to a link pink colour. “Unfortunately one won’t do, so answer for me riddle two. How many sides has a circle?”

Kim was tempted so say “none,” remembering from the maths that Billy had taught her that a circle had a circumference. Then she thought about the question, visualising the circle in her mind. “Two,” she said at last. “An inside and an outside.”

“Correct!” the pterodactyl, said, now a bright pink. “Speak one more true and you may walk through.”

~This one will be difficult,~ Kim thought. ~I don’t know if I can do this.~

“What is Kedjenr of Finra’s famous recipe for ice?”

Kimberly’s face went blank as she struggled to understand the riddle. She had no idea what he had said. At least she assumed the door was male. She had no idea who Kedjenr of Finra was or what he put in his ice

The pterodactyl swooped at her, knocking her face down to the floor. She looked down at the floor below her, just making out the words written on the stone: YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE THAT EASY, DID YOU?

~Come on Kimberly, think! What do you use to make ice?~ The answer was so simple she almost dismissed it outright. ~But what else could it be? It has to be right!~

“Water!” she shouted, knowing he would have to accept the answer.

“I am forced to accept that as a correct answer,” the face said. “Three answers have you. You may go through.”

Kimberly turned to look at the pterodactyl as it flew into her head.

Thalian had known Kimberly would find the answer. In fact there was no such creature as Kedjenr of Finra. The whole thing had been a test of Kimberly’s confidence. He hoped she had learnt the lesson ready for the next test.

Zack had also impressed him. He had not been sure whether the Black Ranger would be able to beat his first test, but as soon as Zack decided he could beat it, he had to succeed.

With the first test complete, now came the more difficult tests. Both Rangers had emotional baggage that the tower would attempt to use against them. They could fight against it, but first they had to realise it was part of the test. Their faith in their friends and their belief in themselves were al they needed. Thalian hoped they would figure that out themselves.

Zack walked along the plain, grey walled corridors, constantly on the look out for the next challenge. He seemed to be in a maze that did not follow the rules a student at the Peace Conference had taught him. Compared to the corridor the long hours of protocol and research seemed exciting.

But he had been called back to action. Back to the friends he had missed in Geneva and the family he had never wanted to leave. Zordon had not given him a chance to choose whether or not he left for Geneva. Instead he had been sent with the others to retrieve the Sword of Light and pass on his powers.

For a time everything had been all right. Zack had thrown himself into his work for the Peace Conference determined to make the best of a bad situation. Then Jason had left and Zack had never felt more lonely or jealous in his life. Why did Jason get to be a Ranger again when he had wanted it just as much? When Zordon had asked him to return, Zack had jumped at the chance.

And now he was trapped in a seemingly endless maze. He used his intelligence and stopped walking, deciding to work out how far he had walked. Once he had the answer, he came to the conclusion the exit was around the next corner. He wasn’t sure how he knew, he just knew that when he rounded the corner he would have passed the test.

Standing up Zack walked around the corner and exited the maze. Before him was another wooden door, the entrance to the third and final test.

“Hey, where are you going?” a familiar voice asked.

Zack turned to see Jason, Billy, Sam, Kimberly, David, Tanya and Trini all decked out in their new Ranger uniforms. Each of them had removed their helmets and placed them under their arms.

“Yeah, we have all the powers we need Zack,” Trini told him. “There’s no need for you to finish the test. We can all just return to Earth and you can go back to the Peace Conference”

“But what about my powers?” Zack asked.

“We don’t need you Zack!” Billy shouted. “The Rangers have never needed you. The only reason you stayed around was because you were in the Youth Centre at the same time as us. Otherwise, there would only have been five Rangers.”

Zack choked back the tears, trying hard not to believe what Billy was saying. This had been his worst nightmare since being called back.

“You were never one of us,” Jason said.

“Yeah,” Kimberly agreed. “Give it up and go home.”

“No!” Zack said firmly. “I came here to get some new powers to protect my world from the forces of evil. Now if you won’t have me, that’s fine. But I’m going to complete this quest.”

Zack moved towards the door. As expected, Jason moved to intercept and Zack found himself eye to eye with his former leader. ~This isn’t happening. Jason is my friend!~

“You’re not Jason,” Zack suddenly realised. “And if you are not Jason then I can fight you and win.”

A loud banshee like scream filled the room as Jason and the other disappeared. Zack took a final look around before walking through the door and into an even worse nightmare.

The second test for Kimberly was a long empty corridor. On the far wall she could make out the words: YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE THAT EASY, DID YOU?

Now she knew there was a trap set for her. She looked carefully at the walls and could make out the thin outlines of laser emitters, not powerful enough to shoot at her, but evidence of a trigger mechanism. Above them she could see a series of holes possibly indicating where something could be released.

“There’s got to be another way,” she said out loud, knowing that if she had to her gymnastics would allow her to avoid the lasers, ~If I could only see them.~

Kimberly looked up at the roof and spotted a set of rungs sunk into the concrete. ~I can make that jump,~ she thought. Lowering herself to the ground, she sprang upwards, reaching out to grab the first rung. Swinging hand over hand, she moved across the ceiling, using all her strength to take up as little space as possible.

About halfway over she detected a movement. Without warning the rung she was holding broke away, threatening to throw her to the floor. Kimberly acted quickly, hooking her foot around the nearest rung and hanging upside down. Her hair passed through one of the lasers, causing the room to shake. As she looked down, the lower parts of the wall closed together. Then at high speed they opened again revealing an empty space where the floor had once been.

~Time to stop hanging around,~ Kim thought.

Reaching backwards she grabbed the next rails and recommenced her journey across the ceiling. Finally she reached the end of the corridor and landed on the floor. The wooden door was right next to her and she reached out to open it.


Kim turned around towards the new voice. On the platform just behind her stood Tommy. He fixed her with his puppy dog eyes and gave her the smile that had melted her heart so long ago.

“Hey beautiful,” he said, running his hand through her hair.

“T-tommy, what are you doing here?” Kim asked.

“I’ve come to take you home Kim,” Tommy told her. “I never loved Kat. I just missed you. Come home and we’ll find a place to settle down.”

“What about the Rangers?” Kim asked, taken aback by the way her dreams were coming true. She had hoped she still had a chance with Tommy.

“They can manage,” Tommy said. “As long as we’re together, nothing else matters. Let’s go.” He attempted to kiss her, but Kim pulled away sharply.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “I know Tommy Oliver and he is devoted to his duty as a Ranger. He would never give up being a Ranger for his own selfish reasons.”

The Tommy look alike retreated slightly as Kimberly looked at him sternly. “Please Kim, don’t go!”

Kimberly opened the door and walked through, realising that she no longer loved Tommy Oliver and that he had been a small piece of her life. They might be friends forever, but they could never be together. He was devoted to his duty, but she needed somebody who would not need to close her out on a regular basis.

~Two down, one to go,~ Thalian thought. Both Rangers had come to terms with some of their feelings. Zack had realised his friends would never turn their backs on him. Hopefully one day Zordon would reveal the true reason why he insisted Zack, Jason and Trini had gone to Geneva. Kimberly on the other hand was starting to understand her feelings for Tommy. She still had some way to go, but had at least admitted the truth to herself.

Now the Rangers would need to show they could cope if they were to lose something valuable to both of them. The tower had discovered what made both of them special and was about to take advantage of it as part of the test.

~Be strong Rangers, ~ Thalian thought. ~The power will be yours if you are true to yourselves.~

~I’m old!~ Zack realised as he walked into the room. His skin had shrivelled like an old prune, his eyesight had grown poor and every move hurt due to arthritis.

He looked around at his surroundings and found himself in a nursing home. He caught the attention of a young nurse who walked over to him.

“There you are Mr Taylor, we’ve all been worried about you. What with the monster alarms.”

“You know me?” Zack asked, confused.

“Of course we do Mr Taylor,” the nurse said cheerfully. “Don’t you remember? The others brought you here when you failed your quest for the new powers.”


“Yes Tommy and Jason. They were very concerned about you and told us you were once a Power Ranger.” The nurse looked around to ensure nobody could overhear them. “Of course, apart from the director and myself nobody is aware of this small fact. Your secret is safe and I am sure the others will be able to save you once again.”

“Thank you,” Zack said as the nurse helped him sit down. “Is Minion still on the loose then?”

“Of course not Mr Taylor. The others dealt with him as soon as they got back. I don’t think you need to worry about him again.” As she spoke, the nurse wheeled Zack around the nursing home towards his room. Normally Zack might have noticed that he had not been in a wheelchair when he had sat down. At present, Zack was too scared to think straight.

Of all the things Zack had valued, his youth and ability to have fun had been one of them. His time as a Ranger had made him even more aware of how precious life was. Now it was gone. He was too old to help his friends, have fun or even remember what it had been like to do so.

As the nurse entered Zack’s room she made a quick check to ensure everything was as it should be. She caught sight of the tape player Zack had stored in one corner, a collection of his favourite music nearby in a neat pile.

“Now Mr Taylor, you have been warned that policy forbids the playing of loud music of any type. I suppose your friends smuggled this in?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Zack replied.

“Well I’m sorry Mr Taylor, no music allowed.” That said the nurse turned and left the room, leaving Zack alone with his thoughts.

Angel Grove High School had always been the place where Kimberly was the centre of attention. She had numerous admirers who would watch her closely when she was in the hallways. Today though nobody seemed to be looking at her. In fact, most of the students were going out of their way to avoid looking at her.

“Miss Hart,” Mr Caplan called from down the hall. “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

Seeing the blank look he received, the principal reached into his pocket and produced a brown paper bag. He handed it to Kimberly who looked at it questionably.

“For your head,” Caplan explained. “Put it on.”

“You must be joking,” Kim retorted.

“Young Lady, put that bag over your head or you will be removed from the premises.”

Kimberly looked at the bag again; thinking it was a prank and put it over her head. Around the corridor students sighed in relief.

“Thank you, Miss Hart,” Caplan said. “You may go to your lessons now.”

Kimberly did as she was told, leaving the lockers and heading to the girls’ toilets where she could see what was on the bag. Once inside she looked in the mirror and was amazed to find it was nothing more than a bag.

“I tell you, if Mr Caplan hadn’t stepped in with that bag I could have vomited.”

Kimberly ducked into a cubicle as two of her classmates entered. One was Aisha and the other was Trini. They were talking about someone and for a moment Kimberly was tempted to join in. Until that was, she realised they were referring to her.

“I can’t help feeling sorry for her,” Trini said. “I mean if it hadn’t been for that accident during the quest to Dairon she would still have her looks.”

“I know,” Aisha replied. “I just can’t bring myself to talk to her. Do you think she remembers what happened?”

“I doubt it,” Trini replied. “Zordon made sure she had no recollection of the events that happened. Unfortunately it means we have to leave her alone or she might start to remember.”

“It’s just that she looks…”

Kimberly lost the rest of the conversation as Trini and Aisha left. Gingerly Kimberly walked outside and looked in the mirror. Taking a deep breath she lifted the bag, looked in the mirror and fainted.

*You’re old,* a voice said, waking Zack from his sleep. *You’re weak. Why don’t you give up now and go back home? It’s not too late. Zordon can turn back time so you never took the test. All you have to do is agree.*

~No,~ Zack replied.

*Why not?* The voice asked. *You gave up your youth to become a Ranger. You served well and held Rita and Zedd at bay for a long time. And how does Zordon say thank you? He sends you away from your home and your friends without even asking what you wanted.*

~Zordon had his reasons,~ Zack thought, trying to convince himself.

*Face facts, Zack: you’re washed up, yesterday’s Ranger, ready for the scrap heap.*

Zack thought about everything that being a Ranger had cost him. That he had to lie to his parents and friends, constantly worrying when the next strike would come and even when Rita didn’t attack, he still had to deal with growing up. Except every time he had a problem somebody would create a monster to make it worse.

Then Zack thought about what he had gained. As a Ranger he had learnt to have confidence in himself. Jason had even taught him karate to help him in battle. Billy had helped him with his homework. Kim and Trini were always there when he needed someone to talk to or cheer him up. Being a Ranger had secured him five of the closest friends he had ever had. Before becoming a Ranger, he had had a strong friendship with Jason, Kimberly, Trini and Billy, but as Rangers that friendship became stronger.

Then Tommy had joined them and he had another friend. The six of them had been inseparable over their time as Rangers both in fighting and in the other aspects of their lives. And now when he had a chance to become a Ranger again, he had failed.

~Wait a minute! If Zordon can arrange for me to travel back before I took the test, I could still help the others without powers.~

*Why?* The voice asked. *You’re old.*

~I’m as old as I feel,~ Zack thought. The idea of shouting with his thoughts was a new concept and Zack was amazed how forceful he could be.

Zack noticed that as he started to become positive, so he started to get younger. His mind started to work overtime, calculating why this had happened. Then he realised, ~Failing and not being able to be a Ranger is my worst fear.~

Suddenly things started to make sense. All through his journey things had got more difficult every time he had been negative about his quest. The chessboard had been a test of his ability to think quickly. His confrontation with the others had been based around his fear of rejection. And this was based on his own fear of failure.

“I haven’t failed!” he cried out loud. “And I’m not going to fail.”

He watched as his body reverted to its previous form. In front of him the room change and a door appeared in the far wall. On top of the door were the words: IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Zack turned the handle, opened the door and walked into the main chamber. Inside he saw Kimberly arrive through the other side. She too was smiling. Thalian appeared in the centre of the room and looked at both of them, nodding happily.

~I’m hideous,~ Kim thought as she regained consciousness. Her faced was horribly disfigured and twisted. She began to wonder what had happened to make her so ugly.

*But you’ve always been ugly,* a voice said. *Why else would Tommy have left you for Kat?*

Kim knew it was true. Although she had written the letter, it had been as a precaution against Tommy dumping her. She knew Kat had been desperately trying to get her hands on Tommy since the day she arrived in Angel Grove. Kat was tall and blonde, while she was a short brunette. She seriously doubted had it come down to a choice that Tommy would have chosen Kat.

~No,~ Kim thought. ~You left Tommy because you didn’t want him be lonely.~

*Yeah right,* the voice said. *You knew you’d lose him because you’re nothing but an ugly, worthless piece of human excrement.*

Kimberly sank to the floor as the word ate away at her. She knew they were true and nothing she could do would change that.

~Come on Kim,~ she thought, ~you know that looks are not everything. And if you lost them trying to help the others, so what?~

She started to think more clearly, suddenly realising this was one of her deepest fears. She had always been known for her looks and although a fine athlete, it would have been her face she was judged by. In that moment of time Kimberly understood what had been happening. The three riddles had been a test. She could have given any answer as long as she believed it was true. The image of Tommy had been based on her own desires and she had conquered them. Now the tower was testing her abilities to conquer her fears.

~I am not ugly!~ She thought. ~And if I am, then I am not going to let my looks rule my life.~

In the mirror Kimberly saw her face revert to its normal appearance. The room changed into an empty room with the familiar door. Above the door were the words: IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Kimberly walked through the door to see Zack already there, waiting for her. Thalian appeared and seemed to smile as he gestured for them both to come close.

One hour later,

Kimberly and Zack had recovered from their ordeals and had spent the last hour talking with Thalian. It turned out the Temple of the Mind chose their tests by selecting either fears or desires they may be carrying as well as a simple test of will. Thalian also revealed that had they walked through the middle door, they would have been in the main chamber without testing.

“Of course if that had happened you would not have received your powers,” Thalian explained. “A true Rangers knows the obvious is usually either a trap or the path to evil. You were true to yourselves.”

“Now, it is time to receive your powers,” Thalian told them.

“Stop!” a deep voice boomed. “Do not take the Ranger powers. Come to me and I will give you all the power you could desire.” An old man in a long red robe stood before him.

“No, come to me and I will give you the power to crush Minion without endangering your friends,” a light female voice called.

Zack and Kimberly exchanged looks and then looked at Thalian. The Guardian shrugged, indicating it was their choice whether they accepted or not.

“The Temple does not like to lose,” he told them apologetically.

“I don’t desire power,” Kimberly said. “All I need is the power to protect my planet. And as for you,” she said pointing at the woman. “Rangers are a team,” Zack finished.

“Good choice, you have overcome temptation and proved yourself worthy of the Ranger Aspect,” Thalian told them. “Now step forward and claim that which is yours.”

Zack watched as Thalian flipped four coins into the air. For a moment they moved around. Then they stopped as though waiting for Thalian to tell them what to do. “Zachary Taylor, you have proven yourself to be the embodiment of the Black Ranger. You have overcome your fears and shown that you are capable of studying an opponent before acting. Because of this, I grant you the Body, Mind, Ninja and Ranger Aspects of the Black Ranger.”

On the four coins images started to engrave themselves. On the first coin appeared the Mastodon; on the second coin appeared the Pegasus; and on the third a picture of the Frog appeared. The three coins join together, waiting for the final coin to join them. On that coin a picture of the Black Ranger appeared. It grew larger and thinner. Before too long it was able to fold around the other three coins to form a small golden ball. As Zack held out his hand, the coin landed in his palm. Zack examined it and could make out all four Aspects.

“Kimberly Ann Hart,” Thalian said next. “You have proven yourself to be true to yourself even when the truth is unpleasant. You are the confident heart of the team, willing if necessary to fight whatever the cost. It is to you I grant the Body, Mind, Ninja and Ranger Aspects of the Pink Ranger.”

Kimberly found herself surrounded by the animal spirits of the Pterodactyl, Firebird and Crane. As one they flew into her chest, emerging again as a coin formed in front of her. As they hit the coin, their features became engraved on the surface. Then the Ranger Aspect entered the room, floating through Kimberly and into the coin. Its image formed on the reverse side of the coin. In a flash the coin was transformed into a golden ball and came to rest in her hand.

“You are both now and forever Power Rangers,” Thalian told them. “Now I sense Jason and Sam have both succeeded as well. We should return to the Temple of the Body and join them in training. It’s Morphin Time!”

“Black Ranger Power!” Zack called.

“Pink Ranger Power!” Kimberly called.

Both of them appeared in armoured versions of their Ranger uniforms. Kimberly’s was pink complete with Blade Blaster. On her back was her Power Bow. In the centre of her chest was a golden coin showing the Firebird flying above the Pterodactyl and Crane. In the centre was the image of the Pink Ranger.

Zack’s uniform was completely black. Even the small holster for his Blade Blaster was black. On his back was the Power Axe he had once used. In the centre of his chest was a coin showing the Pegasus on top of a Mastodon and Frog. In the centre was the image of the Black Ranger.

“Griffin Power!” Thalian called. Silver armour grew around him to make him appear similar to Ninjor. Then the armour changed colour to yellow.

North Valley, Earth

Minion charged through the laboratory in North Valley towards the containment cells. He had felt yet another shift in the Morphin Grid, this time in the Black and Pink colours. ~Two more Rangers have gained new powers,~ he thought angrily.

He opened the cell and moved inside, spotting his target chained to the back wall. Firing a bolt of energy from his hands, he cut Taanya down from where he had left her hanging. As she hit the ground, he started to beat her.

He began with a few slaps, taking out all his aggression on the helpless human. Then he intensified the assault, kicking, hitting and blasting her with energy bolts. When she was within an inch of her life, Minion turned and left. He had not been able to use her in his plans, but she did make an interesting punch bag.

His new servants were complete and now Minion planned to use them. Marching back into the laboratory he confronted his creations. “Go to Angel Grove, draw out the Zeo Rangers and destroy them!”

The ten warriors bowed and vanished, leaving Minion to check on his other servants’ progress. Mandarin had just finished summoning his troops; The Queen of the Crown had set a trap for the Beetleborgs and Golobulus was about to start his attack on Crossworld City. All in all things were going better than planned.

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Testing Times

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie. Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic. Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time. This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Testing Times

“They are the force that stands between Earth and conquest at the hands of the forces of evil. They are powered by magic and technology complimented by awesome fighting machines known as Zords. First they were the avatars of the Morphin Grid, then the Zeo Crystal and now thanks to the intervention of the Gold Ranger, Gem Coins.

For years they have defended their planet, never allowing their fear to get the better of them. But now…

They stand frozen, fear paralysing them and preventing any movement. They know now it is the time of their deaths. The only sound they can hear as their pitiful lives flash in front of their eyes is the blood chilling and merciless battle cry of the Psycho Rangers!

At my command the Psychos attack, their one goal to destroy every last Ranger. It takes longer than expected, but at the end of the day the Power Rangers of Earth are destroyed.

Tommy dies first. As leader of the Zeo Rangers it is a devastating blow to the others’ morale. Still morphed and drawing on the Power, Tommy becomes a weapon my Red Psycho can use against Aisha. Two down with less than a single blow. Rocky dies next. He believed he could hold his own against Blue Psycho, but against Yellow and Purple as well? No chance. HE screams in agony as they rip him apart.

The two remaining Rangers try to summon their Power Cannon and fire. Even if White Psycho felt the blast, she does not show it. Using her mental powers she lifts the weapon and hands it to Gold Psycho. He charges it with energy and then blasts the remaining Rangers, knocking them to their knees. Silver Psycho finishes them; her Psycho Whip wrapped around their necks. With a small jerk, she cuts through their necks. I laugh as they collapse to the ground.”

Minion sat back and watched the tape of his Rangers in action again. He enjoyed adding the commentary it made him feel like he had been there and fought with them. It was a pity that the Psycho Rangers’ opponents were not the real Rangers. If they had of been, he expected they would still have won. But he needed a real test. He could just capture the Rangers from another world and put them into battle. The trouble was Earth’s Rangers were unique. Nobody had expected them to last five minutes against Rita Repulsa. And yet they had faced not only Rita, but also Zedd and Mondo.

In the end he decided to take a collection of Rangers, but not from anywhere apart from Earth and the now dead world of Aquitar. Instead of going to different worlds, the victims had been pulled into Minion’s reality through the Dimensional Vortex he had created using Stone Henge. He had gone to separate realities, taking the Dino Rangers from one, the Thunder Rangers from another, the Ninja Rangers and Alien Rangers from a third dimension, the Zeo Rangers from another and brought them to his training site deep within North Valley.

The little town had served its purpose as a source of raw material for his foot soldiers, but now served as a storage area and training ground for his troops. Minion had used his power to convince the captured Rangers they were part of the same team. He had given them a chance to organise themselves and the ability to call on their Zords if needed.

Then it had simply been a case of sitting back and allowing the Psycho Rangers to prove themselves worthy. They had performed as expected. “Prepare to go again,” he ordered as he sat back enjoying the show.

“Twenty-nine Rangers, representing all their former incarnations stand terrified, unsure how they should react. Twenty-nine of them versus ten Psycho Rangers, they know they don’t have a chance, even when Ninjor and the mighty Auric the Conqueror join them. They stand together, terrified by the blood chilling cries of the Psycho Rangers.”


“You ready?” Blue Borg asked.

“Yes,” Green and Red Borg replied together.

All three of them cautiously made their way into the crypt Vexor had been using as a base. They knew he was long gone, but needed to check just the same. Although the idea of no longer being Beetle Borgs was devastating, but if it meant the Earth was safe then that wasn’t so bad after all.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here,” a sinister yet familiar voice said.

The three Borgs turned to see Shadow Borg walk into the room. “Hello Kiddies, I’m back!”

“You, but you’re dead. We destroyed you,” Blue Borg said anger showing in his voice.

“What can I say Drew? I got better.”

Without another word he blasted the three Beetleborgs with his gun. He snap kicked Green Borg and punched Red Borg in the chest, sending her to the ground.

“Why don’t you try Mega Blue?” he asked Drew. Then shrugging he smashed the Blue Borg in the face. “On second thoughts, don’t.”

Three crystals appeared in his hand and he placed one on each Borg. Drew looked up in time to see the Queen of the Crown looking down at him. “I think we’re in trouble,” he murmured.

Neither Roland nor Jo were able to reply.

Power Chamber

“You guys ready?” Biilly asked.

“Go for it Man,” Tommy replied.

~Ah well, here goes,~ Biilly thought to himself. “Ladies and Gentlemen; Boys and Girls; Power Rangers of all ages. Power Mountain proudly presents to you the newest Defenders of the world; the Sky Zords flying high, the Defender Zords all round and Techno Zords as backup!”

Biilly looked at Tommy’s face and could not help laughing. The blast of pure energy Zordon had given him had altered his personality to the extent now where his only resemblance to Billy was his intelligence. He knew for a fact Billy would never have said such a thing, in fact it sounded like something a degenerate might say.

“Look,” Biilly said, sounding serious again. “The Ninja MegaFalconzord you are using is only a prototype and not meant to work with your powers. These three sets of Zords are meant to act as replacements. They’re limited in power, so we created three sets for you.”

As the Rangers watched, five fighter craft roared over head, each in the colour of a different Ranger. Although they resembled fighter jets, Tommy imagined they were many times more powerful. Next came a selection of rescue vehicles, an ambulance, a police car, rescue helicopter, a police motorcycle and a fire engine. Finally came a set of futuristic type vehicles. First was a type of plane, followed closely by another plane with a cannon on each side of the cockpit, then a sleek car, a covered motorcycle and finally a high-powered dune buggy.

“These Zords don’t have any names and before you ask, yes they are a bit small for Zords.” Biilly pressed a control and watched as the Zords grew. “Each Zord can either be piloted or work by remote control. In addition the Megazords can work with only two Rangers, except the Techno Megazord, which can operate with one Ranger, so you can have all three sets operating at the same time.”

“What’s that big thing over there?” Trey asked, pointing to a large plane that was heading towards them.

“That’s the Drop Zord,” Biilly explained. “When you need Megazord power, you will find it invaluable.”

Let’s give it a try,” Tommy said. “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Crane!”

“Zeo Ranger II – Bear!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Ape!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Frog!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Falcon!”

Trey did not morph. Instead he teleported back to the Power Chamber and watched the events unfolding below. “How do they call them?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Biilly said. Unlike previous Zords, the powers would not tell them how to call them. “The Sky Zords form Megazord I, the Defender Zords are Megazord II and the Techno Zords are Megazord III. To call them just say ‘we need Gem Coin Megazord power,” he advised the others.

“We need Gem Coin Megazord power, now!” the Rangers called.

Almost immediately a link was established between them and the new Zords, knowledge of the weapon systems was transferred into the Rangers’ minds.

“Megazord I, power up!” Zeo Crane called.

The five planes reverted to their normal size and flew towards her. Then at the right time, they switched upright and headed towards the sky. The White plane’s nose cone retracted into the cockpit to be replaced by a head, the wings folded toward the bottom of the plane and the fuselage shrunk to half its normal size. The Pink and Yellow planes transformed into the arms, and the Red and Black planes formed then legs. As the Zord touched down it grew in size until it resembled a normal Megazord.

“Drop Zord, now!” Zeo Crane ordered. The plane flew past; dropping the fists, feet and chest plate of the Megazord as it did so.

“Gem Coin Megazord I, online!” Zeo Crane ordered.

“Megazord activated,” a computerised voice. From his position in the Power Chamber, Biilly smiled. Only one of the original Rangers or Tommy would appreciate the joke. The voice was based on the computer inside the original Megazord. Adding the voice had made the Zord seem friendlier.

“Kat, call on the SFC,” Biilly advised. The Pink Gem Coin Ranger did as she was told and a long rifle appeared on the Zord’s right arm. “Now try flying.”

Zeo Crane did as she was told, but found it difficult to control the whole Megazord in flight. Biilly watched the readings and swore in disgust. “Damn, I should have known the interface was too weak. We need another Ranger.”

“How about you?” Trey asked.

“No good,” Biilly replied. “The power is Zeo based. I need someone who has been a Zeo Ranger.”

“Why not ask Trey,” Zordon offered. It had been the first time the giant head had spoken for a while

“I can reconfigure the spare Sky Zord to link with the Megazord,” Alpha suggested.

“All right, do it,” Biilly said after a moment’s thought. He knew the Zord would not have enough power to link with Trey. It still needed a part of the Morphin Grid. “Trey, morph and give me your Super Zeo Gem.”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold.”

Trey did as Biilly asked and Biilly disappeared into the depths of the Power Chamber. Trey took that as an invitation to go.

“Sky Zord Gold, power up!”

It took a few minutes to get used to the Zord. It was more manoeuvrable than either Pyramidas or Super Zeo Zord X. In most ways it resembled the other jets, except that the wings had been inverted so they curved towards the nose instead of the tail.

The Power told Trey exactly what to do as he arrived next to Megazord I. “Winged Megazord mode, now!”

The nose cone of his Zord flipped over onto the top on the plane. The wings moved nearer the cockpit and both of the engines deactivated. The Megazord hovered just above the ground as the sixth part clamped into place.

“Your Zords are now reconfigured,” Zordon advised. “Congratulations Trey and Kat, you are the new pilots of Gem Coin Megazord I, the Sky Megazord.”

“You ready Adam?” Biilly asked over the communicator, his voice sounding distorted.

Adam looked at Rocky and when the other boy nodded he called out, “Gem Coin Megazord II, power up!”

The fire engine’s cab rolled up and over the top to reveal the Megazord’s head, the rest of it shifting shape to form the body. The helicopter’s rotor blade flew of as the tail detached itself allowing the helicopter to form the right arm. The ambulance attached itself to the left side of the body and the motorcycle and police car formed the legs.

Once again the Drop Zord appeared, releasing the hands, feet and chest shield for the Defender Megazord. When the Megazord was complete the rotor blades and tail transformed into a Power Sword.

“Megazord II, activated,” the computer reported.

“Impressive,” Rocky said, testing the reflexes of his Zord.

“You can combine the Megazord with the Drop Zord if you need to,” Biilly told them. “Tommy, Aisha, your turn.”

“Gem Coin Megazord III, form up!” Zeo Bear and Zeo Falcon called together.

The two planes flew away from them for a moment, but soon appeared again with a large gun emplacement in tow. The high speed of the two jets caused the chains dragging the emplacement lift off the ground. As it drew near the chains were released. The gun detached itself from the emplacement, allowing it to form the lower body onto which the larger of the two planes formed to create the upper torso, shoulders and head. The dune buggy and motorbike transformed into the arms and the other plane and car formed the legs.

A panel opened on the lower back of the Megazord from which the hands and feet for the Megazord were released along with the chest panel. The gun had in the meantime split in half and appeared in each hand.

“Biilly, Alpha, Zordon, you’ve excelled yourselves,” Zeo Falcon said.

“Thank you, Tommy,” Zordon replied. “However Billy deserves most of the credit for the construction of the Zords and the integration of your powers.”

“We’ll head back to the Power Chamber and wait for a chance to use them,” Zeo Falcon said.

The Rangers powered down and returned to their base. It had been a long time since hey had last had any real time off. Minion’s attacks just kept intensifying and the Rangers were starting to wear down. In a way, Tommy wished they could break the rules and teleport to Stone Henge and finish the villain once and for all. That was not an option though and Tommy knew it.

As they left, the Rangers failed to notice the brown figure teleporting back to report to Minion. Brasso had considered taking the Rangers on himself, but that was what monsters were for.

North Valley

At his command the Psycho Rangers charged. Each of them armed with weapons based around their powers. Despite odds of almost ten to one, they proved who the superior warriors were. Red Psycho used his sword to battle the Red Dino, Red Thunder Ranger and Red Aquitian Ranger. In a single sweep, he killed the Red Thunder Ranger, handing the fallen Ranger’s helmet to his teammates. Drawing his sword back he drove it into the Red Aquitian Ranger’s chest.

Pink Psycho found herself facing Pink Dino, Pink Thunder and Pink Ninja. Minion had not bothered checking who was inside the Ranger costumes, but he could tell from the attack that all three Pink Rangers were in reality Kimberly. As they moved, they unleashed a volley of arrows. Pink Psycho ignored the arrows, drawing her own bow and returning fire. Whereas the Rangers’ arrows could not pierce Pink Psycho’s armour, the energy arrows she fired back had no problem against their spandex suits.

The Pink Dino Ranger took a shot to the centre of her chest. The Thunder and Ninja versions managed to avoid a direct hit but were thrown into the air by the concussion blast from the arrows.

Black Psycho did not bother fighting back. He was only facing Black Aquitian and Black Dino Ranger. As they hacked away, he watched the others fight, making it obvious how boring he found his opponents. Black Dino managed to get his attention by firing the Cosmic Cannon at point blank range. Black Psycho’s reaction was to demonstrate his own axe. Swinging at both the Black Rangers he turned the axe so the blade was under his arm and fired an energy blast. Black Dino’s body swayed for a moment and then collapsed to the ground, his bones and organs reduced to ashes leaving only the uniform.

Yellow Psycho had already finished playing with the Yellow Dino and Ninja Rangers. She discarded them both, retrieving her deadly Psycho Daggers as she did so. She turned as Yellow Aquitian brought his sword down across her head, laughing at his pitiful attempt to break her armour. She did not even bother drawing her daggers, choosing instead to grab him by the neck and choke the life out of his worthless body.

White Psycho was one of the most powerful of Minion’s creations. She found himself facing the White Thunder, Ninja and Aquitian Rangers. The fact they were some of the most powerful Rangers combined with them all having the experience of leading the Rangers in battle was of little help to them. White Psycho’s weapon had no physical form. Instead she lashed out with her mental powers, strangling the White Ninja and White Aquitian Ranger. White Thunder Ranger charged at her, holding both his sword and the blade belonging to the White Ninja Ranger. He placed the swords in an ‘X’ shape and struck White Psycho in the chest.

The sword fired a bolt of plasma, at the White Rangers’ command scorching the White Psycho’s armour. With the back of her hand she slapped the White Ninja Ranger, knocking him aside.

Green Dino along with Green Zeo and Blue Zeo had formulated a plan. Green Zeo jumped high, bringing his Power Hatchets down across Green Psycho’s shoulders. At the same time, Green Dino drove his Dragon Dagger into the Psycho’s chest. This allowed Blue Zeo to use his Zeo Axe and spin towards his opponent, ending by driving the blade into the Psycho’s chest. All three of them moved away and watched, expecting to see their opponent fall to the ground and explode.

But when the Rangers looked at their weapons, they were horrified to see they had disintegrated against the Psycho’s hardened shell. The Psycho Ranger did not even offer the Rangers a second try. It ran at them, jumped over their heads and snapped their necks with a quick movement.

Somehow Yellow Thunder had managed to summon the Power Cannon and fired it at the Gold Psycho. Gold Zeo joined in using his Golden Power Staff and Yellow Zeo summoned the Zeo Cannon and added her own firepower to the mix. Gold Psycho held out his left hand, absorbing the energy through his palm. The energy flowed though his body to his right hand in which appeared a boomerang.

A blade containing their own powers struck the three Rangers, causing all three to fall to the ground and demorph.

“Excuse me, my lord.” The voice caused Minion to turn away from the simulated battle towards his second henchman.

“What is it Brasso?” Minion asked.

“The Queen of the Crown reports she has succeeded in capturing the Beetleborgs and is draining their power as we speak.”

“She is at Stone Henge?” Minion asked.

“Yes, draining the power into the Dark Dimension.”

“Very good, what of Mandarin and Golobulus?”

“Both have completed their tasks and are on their way back to Stone Henge as we speak.” Brasso hesitated before mentioning the next point. “There is one other matter. The Rangers have acquired three new Megazords.”

“Cranston,” Minion spat angrily. Turning to Brasso he said, “Send a monster to Angel Grove and find out how tough these Zords are. The Rangers are to be allowed no technological advantages. On second thoughts, use one of our three friends’ servants.”

“As you wish,” Brasso replied. Summoning a crystal he picked the monster, a creature known as Grey Gargoyle and deposited it in Angel Grove. If it won, all the better. If not, Brasso could always send another monster.

It was then he sensed a disturbance. Those foolish humans were trying to break through the barrier at Stone Henge again. ~This time I will not be so merciful,~ he thought as he teleported to destroy the latest threat to his master’s plans.

UNIT Mobile Headquarters, Stone Henge, England

The Brigadier waited for his guest to emerge from his staff car. The two soldiers exchanged salutes and then shook hands. In their time both had seen numerous threats from other worlds defeated. Both also had a sound knowledge of the other’s skills and history. What neither realised was, they had both worked with the same man. The Brigadier had employed him as his Scientific Advisor and General Norquist had met him in the future (although Norquist did not know that yet).

“General, it is good to have you here, sir,” the Brigadier began. “I just wish the circumstances were different.”

“As do I,” Norquist replied. “Now what exactly is the problem with this barrier?”

“We can’t penetrate it, sir,” Yates told him. “Every time we attempt to get through this metal guy shows up and starts fighting us.”

“Hmm, I think I might know someone who can help you,” Norquist said after a moment’s thought. “May I borrow your radio?”

The Brigadier found he liked this Yank already. Unlike some of the others the Brigadier had served with Norquist seemed to be smart and able to act quickly.

“This is Norquist to NASADA, come in.”

“NASADA here, please state clearance authorisation and password.”

“What do you mean, password? There is no password and I have already given my authorisation. Who is this?”

The voice on the other end went quiet for a moment then a quieter almost embarrassed voice said. “Sorry sir, we thought it was a joke. Patching you through to Command now, sir.”

The Brigadier smirked as he realised that jokers like Yates and Benton existed around the world.

“We’ll talk about this later,” Norquist warned the radio operator at the other end. “In the meantime don’t put me through to command, I want to be patched through to channel Alpha-five.”

In the Power Chamber a little used communication system came to life.

“This is General Norquist of NASADA calling Zordon of Eltare. Are you there, Zordon?”

Biilly raised an eyebrow as he heard the voice. He had not realised the military on Earth had a direct link to Zordon. He was even more surprised when Zordon answered him.

“This is Zordon. It is good to hear from you, General. My sensors show you are in England.”

“Stone Henge actually. Looks like one of your local trouble makers has decided to take up residence down here.”

“Be careful General, Minion is a dangerous adversary and has already destroyed the Zeo Crystal.” Zordon turned to where Biilly was standing and an idea hit him. “General, I will send you one of my Rangers. He is a clone of an ordinary human, but he has the Power. I am sure he might be able to break through.” He exchanged a look with Biilly. No words were needed; they knew each other well enough by now. Biilly nodded and teleported away to Stone Henge.

“By all means send him,” Norquist said. “Never mind,” he said a moment later when the morphed Blue Ranger appeared outside the stone circle.

“Halt, raise your hands above your head and turn slowly around,” a voice said behind him.

Blue Ranger turned to see a soldier pointing a sub machine gun to his neck. It was a stupid thing to do and Biilly knew it. As long as the gun remained close to his neck Biilly had nothing to fear. So he went back to the task at hand, analysing the barrier.

“I said: raise your hands and turn around!” the soldier shouted angrily. He placed his hand on the Blue Ranger’s shoulder and Biilly reacted.

Besides touching an unknown enemy the soldier’s main problem with placing the gun next to Biily’s neck was that Biilly knew exactly where the gun was at all times and how the soldier was balanced. When he felt the second hand on his shoulder, he knew the soldier was off balance. Using his right leg as a pivot he swung around and swept the leg out with his left leg.

He heard the soldier arm his weapon and knew he had to disarm him. He could have used his martial arts to throw the soldier to the ground and quickly dislodge the magazine from his gun, or wait for him to fire and duck every shot. Biilly however had had enough. He drew his Blade Blaster and fired at the ground. The soldier fell back and dropped his gun. Biilly pointed his blaster at the gun and fired. In a beam of red light the soldier’s weapon disappeared.

“Very well done Ranger,” Brasso said from behind. “Now, you get to die.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, unknown monster attacking Angel Grove,” Alpha said, panic evident in his voice.

The Viewing Screen showed the Grey Gargoyle already grown and attacking the city. Brasso had changed it as it grew. It now had wings and claws, though retained the ability to turn people into stone.

“Alpha, send the Ranger and tell them to use the new Zords if the Ninja MegaFalconzord and Super Zeo Zord X are not enough.”

“They’re on their way Zordon,” Alpha reported.

Biilly turned, ready for battle, a quick thought summoned his Power Lance. Launching himself at the brass warrior standing in front of him Biilly slammed his foot into Brasso’s chest. Using a quick two-way slash he struck the Brasso on either side of his neck, following up by splitting his Power Lance in half and blasting Brasso with the chest.

Brasso shrugged off the effects of the Blue Ranger’s weapon, throwing the annoying Ranger to the ground. A brown and shield appeared in Brasso’s hands. He moved in on the fallen Ranger, planning the best way to cut the Blue Ranger and present him to Minion.

A ball of flame hit Brasso again, forcing him backwards until a soldier could grab Biilly and haul him to safety. “Suppose I better go and report back,” Brasso muttered.

“We need the Sky Zord power, Now!” the five Rangers called inside their cockpit.

Six planes launched from Power Mountain, heading towards their operators. Biilly had constructed Gem Coin that Trey could use when he joined Kat. Trey was not sure how the replica had managed to get hold of a Power Coin, but with Biilly acting so weird he probably did not want to know.

“Take them in one at a time,” Zeo Falcon instructed, leading the way in his white fighter. As he approached his target, he unleashed a selection of cluster bombs, forcing the Gargoyle into the air.

“My turn,” Zeo Ape called excitedly. As he neared the target, he activated his after burners creating a sonic boom, which threw Grey Gargoyle back to the ground.

“Null Beam, activate!” Zeo Bear called.

A beam of yellow light shot from the nose of Aisha’s jet. Grey Gargoyle found himself enclosed imprisoned by the energy.

“Golden Ram Dive!” Trey called.

The golden jet started to glow as it dove into the monster, severely damaging it. The jet disappeared in the impact, reappearing seconds later in distance.

“Kat, you ready?” Zeo Frog asked.

“Let’s go,” Zeo Crane replied.

“Fire!” they called together.

A ball of fire struck the monster care of Adam’s black plane, followed by an ice shot from Kat’s pink jet. Large cracks started to appear in Grey Gargoyle’s stone skin.

“Bring them together,” Zeo Falcon said, knowing it would take the Megazord to finish the job.

“Gem Coin Megazord I – online!” the others replied as their Zords twisted and joined to form the mighty Sky Megazord.

“Megazord activated,” the computerised voice told them.

“Remind me to talk to Biilly about this computer,” Tommy commented. “If I hear that every time we join together, I will go insane.”

“Wah!” the monster shouted as it broke the ice holding it in place. It flew into the air, digging its claws into the Megazord’s chest.

The Megazord responded with a series of punches and kicks, all the time getting nearer to the Gargoyle. When inside its reach, Zeo Bear pushed the button mark ‘Death Dive’. The Megazord grabbed the Grey Gargoyle around the waist and flew into the sky. At the edge of the Earth’s orbit, it changed direction. Using speed, friction and gravity to guide the Zord to a deserted part of the desert, the Megazord crashed monster first into the ground.

“SFC online and ready,” Trey said.

“Lock on and fire!” the Rangers all called

A tiny, almost insignificant beam of light emerged from the tip of the large cannon. For those watching, it would have been easy to assume the cannon had malfunction. But that was the way the SFC or Stress Fracture Cannon as it was referred to by Biilly worked. The tiny beam searched the monster’s body for the weakest point on his body and then acted as a guide for the massive release of energy stored in the Sky Megazord’s weapon.

Grey Gargoyle laughed when the beam first touched him, followed soon after by a touch of concern as he felt his joints being tested and then finally into a scream of agony, as he was torn limb from limb by the power of the blast. In a ball of flames he exploded.

The Rangers teleported away exhausted.

North Valley,

Minion watched as his Psycho Rangers finished off the last of their opponents. Silver Psycho had wrapped its whip around Black Ninja’s neck. With a quick pull, the Black Ranger’s neck was severed, his head rolling away.

“Stop,” Minion instructed. “You have done well against these Rangers. In half an hour you have destroyed them. Now I need to give you a real test.

As he finished speaking, Brasso appeared at his master’s feet. “Minion, the Rangers have destroyed your monster and UNIT is close to breaching Stone Henge.”

Minion glared angrily at his underling. “Brasso, you are a validium-skinned moron. I will make a deal with you. If you survive my Psychos, I might let you live.” Having finished speaking, Minion threw Brasso to the Psychos.

Brasso was a first generation warrior built by Minion himself from one of the strongest metals ever. He never stood a chance. The Psycho’s used all the powers against him, before leaving him in a heap, still smoking.

“Well-done Brasso,” Minion said. “You get to live.”

“Now,” he said as he hauled the fallen henchman to his feet, “you will send a monster to Earth constantly until I say otherwise. If you run out of monsters, then you will face them yourself.”

“Yes, my lord,” Brasso said kneeling. In a ball of orange and brown light he was gone.

Power Chamber
4 July 1999

Zordon watched the images unfold on the Viewing Screen. His Rangers had been in battle after battle during the day. Their energy was drained and he could tell the stress was getting to them.

His mind drifted to the Eight hopeful Rangers on the quest to find their powers. Zordon hoped they would be back soon. Otherwise, the Earth might have lost all hope.


Dark Spectre, Supreme Monarch of Evil stood alone in the Pyramid. He wondered what it was about Minion that bothered him. The other members of the UAE had failed to return to the meeting as arranged. Instead they had spread out to complete the tasks Minion had assigned them.

A black vortex opened behind him, and a power light struck Dark Spectre. Suddenly he understood the reason why he had to obey Minion, and why he had to surrender to the servant of evil?

Outside the pyramid, the statue started to glow.

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Trials Of The Spirit

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Madarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie. Thanks to Matt for the continued feedback about this series, it does help. If anybody else reads this series, feel free to email me even if it’s just to say hi. Also thanks to Chris for some of the ideas and proofreading this fanfic. Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message. Timeline: This story is set shortly after Golden Light. All times given are based on Angel Grove time. This story is a part of my take on the IDWar storyline. It is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

Trial of the Spirit

Temple of Ninja Powers

In three columns of light Billy, Trini and Ninjor appeared inside the temple. Ninjor had removed his battle armour and now appeared before them as a deep tanned American with long black hair. This was not his true form, but like any other master his powers allowed him to appear in a form comfortable for humans to look at.

Billy and Trini were both wearing unmasked versions of the uniforms the Rangers had worn on their first trip to find Ninjor. Billy’s chest already had the image of the Wolf engraved on a golden coin. Since the Ninja powers had been linked to his spirit, he had never lost them when the Power Coins were destroyed. His experience with the Aquitian Power Coins had taught him he could still touch the Power. The weeks he had spent meditating with Ninjor in the Timeless Dimension, where a year had amounted to little more than a few days on Earth, Billy had used to accept his loss and control his anger. It had been there that he had convinced Ninjor to help the former Rangers regain their powers.

Trini’s uniform was undecorated by coin. Although Zordon had told her that the Bear would be her Spirit Guide, he had also told her she must first prove herself worthy. For Trini it was a chance to once again back up her words with actions. The Peace Conference had been important to her and she had learnt about a wide variety of countries and people. But there had been times when she understood how Jason had felt. More often than not debates broke down into deadlocked arguments requiring hours or days of negotiation for even simple compromises.

“Welcome Billy and Trini, it is good to have you here,” Ninjor said in his very unique voice. “To gain your powers you must simply repeat the journey that Billy and his friends made when they first came here to gain their powers, with a few minor changes to keep things fair of course.”

“I am afraid that you must each face the challenges ahead alone and unaided. Billy has already walked through the Desert of Despair and would find the path too easy. Therefore, I will send Trini to the Desert of Despair to prove herself worthy of the Power. And for you Billy, I believe the Caves of Self will provide a more interesting challenge.”

In two columns of yellow and blue light, the two hopeful Rangers left for the unknown. If either Billy or Trini had been upset by the fact that they were to be separated, then they his it well from Ninjor. Billy had looked almost relieved that he would be alone. Ninjor assumed that the former Blue Ranger was still feeling responsible for the destruction of Aquitar.

~It’s a natural enough reaction,~ he thought.

Billy’s grief was still influencing the boy’s decisions and would be something Billy would either deal with or be consumed by.

Trini had seemed slightly nervous at being alone, but that was also to be expected. The Rangers had always been a team and this was the first time Trini would not have her friends to turn to. Ninjor knew that Trini would be strong enough to cope. After all, she had been with the Rangers when they had started. She had probably witnessed some of Rita Repulsa’s scariest creations and still remained as a Ranger. He knew Trini would soon discover that no Ranger is ever truly alone.

When the lights had disappeared, Ninjor returned his attention to playing his part in the final test. The Rangers could pass some of the other tests providing they had the strength of character and determination to pass his test. Having ensured his props were ready Ninjor decided it was time to learn his lines. “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows…. Wrong part, ah here we are… Be gone, I have no time to deal with outsid…”

Despite his sacred duty to protect the Temple of Ninja Power, Ninjor was not the type to allow himself to become a workaholic, at least not anymore, but he was still capable of being witty when he wanted. Life inside the Temple was lonely and Ninjor was used to making himself laugh. Whether anybody else would find him funny was a question he had never even considered asking himself.

~Good luck Rangers,~ Ninjor thought. ~With luck you will soon be returning to Earth and putting and end to evil.~

Billy appeared outside the Caves of Self and looked around. On the ground in front of him were the remains of several creatures, nonhuman in origin. ~This isn’t going to be easy,~ Billy thought as he entered the cave.

The first thing Billy noticed, was how dark the cave appeared, or rather, it didn’t appear dark at all. The cave seemed to be illuminated by small crystals hidden within the cave all. Somehow they managed to illuminate the way ahead, giving Billy a clear view of the way ahead. The crystals also allowed him to pick out the jagged edges of the floor, causing him to tread carefully.

As he moved slowly forward, he kept his eyes open, searching for any sign of the first test. He stopped abruptly as the ground ahead opened into a wide chasm. Warily he looked for some way across and found none.

~This is illogical,~ he thought as he kept searching. ~There has to be some way across or there would be an alternative route.~

Trini had heard the Rangers tell of their experiences in the Desert of Despair and believed she knew what to expect when she arrived. She quickly dismissed that thought when she arrived and found the real Desert of Despair to be a whole lot worse. The cold wind howled with the sound of a thousand lost souls.

She could feel the heat of the sand even through her uniform’s boots. The sun beat down causing her to sweat and she had not even begun her journey. Deciding it was better to keep moving than be roasted by the hot sun Trini began her trek through the desert towards the Temple of Ninja Powers. She had no idea where the temple was, but somehow felt compelled to follow the sun.

Slowly trekking across the sand, she found her progressed slowed by the sand underfoot. The dry thin powdered grains caused his feet to sink below the surface. The wind whipped her eyes, blowing sand into her face. Nevertheless, she struggled onwards into the sandstorm determined to reach her destination.

Billy examined his surroundings. There was no evidence of concealed doorways or secret controls to activate a bridge. The ceiling and walls had no notches carved into them. Billy wondered if perhaps the chasm in front of him was as deep as it looked. Gathering some small stones, he threw them into the gap. The first few stones disappeared into the darkness. There was no evidence that there was a surface below. The fourth stone however seemed to float in the air.

~There’s something down there,~ he thought to himself as he tried to get a better view.

Billy reached out and touched the stone as it hovered in space. Then he moved his hand to one side and could still make out a solid surface. ~This can’t be real,~ he thought.

No sooner had the thought entered his head than the effect was felt. The stone, which had been hovering in the air until that moment, fell into the chasm below. The hardness below Billy’s hand was also gone and he realised the bridge was real, so long as he believed it was real. ~So to cross this chasm, I must have faith in myself that I can cross and faith that the bridge will support me,~ he thought, ~Almost a leap of faith.~

“I can do this!” he shouted, more to himself than anybody who might be listening. Taking a small run up he leapt into the air, landing safely on the invisible bridge and kept running until he could see the ground beneath him again. He turned back to see the way he had just journeyed and could just make out the path, barely visible against the darkness below.

Once he was rested, Billy resumed his journey, deeper into the cave, knowing that he had to complete his quest or die in the attempt.

*But death is such a tempting option, isn’t it?* Billy was not sure how he heard the voice. It might have been telepathy or even empathy. Either way he was forced to listen as it continued to speak. *Just think, if you die you can be with Cestria again. Why live without her when you can join her now? Just give up and you with be free.*

It took a lot of effort, but Billy was able to overcome the temptation and continue his quest. It worried him though that he had come so close to giving in, when his journey had barely even begun.

For Trini it was impossible to tell how far she had travelled or even where she had stepped just seconds before. The sand beneath her moved almost as soon as she did, covering her footsteps and leaving no evidence she was ever there. ~How long am I going to be here?~ She wondered.

*Forever,* an unknown voice said. Trini looked around, but could find nobody and knew the voice was in her head. *No single person has ever crossed the Desert of Despair. Only a team can complete the journey, but nobody wanted to come with you.*

Trini pressed on, realising the voice was trying to slow her down. *Even on Earth nobody wants to be with you. Why else do you think Zordon banished you to the Peace Conference? Why else do you think Jason left you there and returned to Angel Grove? Why else would Billy leave for another planet? It’s because you drove them to do so. You are weak, Trini Kwan, weak and useless. Nobody wants you back, but they had to send you along so they could say they tried, but even if you succeed, Zordon will take your powers away again as soon as he can.*

The words were having an affect not only on Trini, but also on her environment. The Sand became watery and less substantial. It was no longer able to support her weight, causing Trini to start to sink. All the time the voice kept talking to her, telling her how useless she was and how she should just give up. Trini stopped moving. Not because every movement drove her deeper into the sand, but because she started to lose the will to complete her mission.

*Give it up,* the voice insisted. *You don’t need the Rangers and they definitely do not need you!*

Images started to flash through her mind, showing all the times she had been in trouble in battle, waiting for her team-mates to help her out, all the times she had fallen victim to a monster’s attack or let her fears overcome her. The picture of her disappearing from the Island of Illusion drove her deeper into despair.

*Why not just let yourself sink into the sand and disappear, like you did on the Island?*

~But I didn’t disappear on the Island of Illusion,~ she thought. ~Quagmire helped me remember when I faced my fears and I was able to overcome them.~

The thought helped to filter out the voice for a short time, long enough to form her defences. “That’s enough!” she shouted angrily. “Zordon did not send me to the Peace Conference just because he did not want me around. He knew I could make the world a better place in more ways than just being a Ranger. And Jason did not leave me there because he hated me. He did so because Tommy needed him and he would do anything to help a friend. And Billy left for Aquitar so he could live. If once he was there, he found love then that was the way it was meant to be.”

As she spoke, Trini could feel herself lifting from the sand. “And so what if I get the Power and Zordon takes it away. If he believes I am not capable of being a Ranger I would not put the team at risk by arguing. If he believes the situation no longer requires the Yellow Morphin Ranger then my job is done. Either way, I am going to do my best until evil is defeated or Zordon takes my power. And no doubts are going to stop me!”

When she was at last able to move forward, Trini did so as quickly as possible, determined she would not stop until she was clear of the danger.

In his temple, Ninjor had finished preparing the last of the Power Coins. With each Ranger requiring four different coins, each of which needed to be able to form together to create their morphers, Ninjor had been severely tested in regards to his skills. But making Power Coins and morphers was what Ninjor excelled at. He had tried to become an active fighter again, but since the Rangers had moved to the Zeo Powers he had felt obsolete.

He turned from his work and studied the small Viewing Globe that allowed him to check the progress of those attempting to reach him. Both Billy and Trini had completed their first test. Billy had opened his mind to accept that the bridge was there and Trini had come to terms with her own feelings of isolation. So far both were well on track to once again becoming Rangers. Of course for Billy the test was just starting. Now he had to face not only his fears, but his own anger as well.

He risked taking the time to look in on Earth and was pleased to see his original Rangers were still holding on with help from Trey and a replica of Billy. Ninjor watched as they used their Gem Coin Megazords to take on yet another of Minion’s monsters. ~I wonder, who is this Minion?~ Ninjor thought. ~And I wonder what he has done with those replicas he kidnapped.~

Deciding he had spent enough time watching Earth, Ninjor turned his attention back to Billy and Trini. He felt a sudden rush of power pass through him and smiled as some of his coins vanished. Jason, Sam, Zack and Kimberly had just passed their tests. The shift in the Morphin Grid was phenomenal. Never had Ninjor felt so much good power in such a small area. He knew that if successful Trini and Billy would soon be joining their friends.

Billy found the cave ahead of him was starting to show signs of life. Along the walls tree roots were sticking out and in some places blocking his route. Algae and Moss were growing; indicating the ground must be water based and open to sunlight at some point during the day. The scientific analysis allowed him to keep his mind off the voices in his head.

They had given up telling him to quit and were not trying to build his anger concerning Cestria’s death along with various other matters. Although he tried not to let the voices get to him, some of the things they said made sense. Why hadn’t Aquitar been restored to life when the Deathbringer was defeated? The reason was staring him in the face and he knew it. The reason was because Deathbringer was not the source of the magic that had caused their deaths, Minion was.

As he grew angrier, Billy noticed a faint blue glow in front of him. He reached out and gripped something solid. As he pulled it back, he found it was a silver cylinder approximately twelve inches in length. On the top were three buttons. Tentatively Billy pressed the first button and a blue beam of light shot from the top of the cylinder to form a blade of light almost as long as Billy’s arm.

~It’s a Lightsaber,~ Billy thought in amazement. Carefully at first, but gaining confidence all the time Billy practised a few simple strokes. He could feel the power behind the blade, which was not hot, just deadly.

He pressed the middle button and felt the cylinder grow longer to allow a firm two-handed grip. It was the final button that shocked him. As he pressed it a second beam of light shot from the base of the weapon forming a second blade. Billy tried a few practice swings and was surprised at how easy it was to use the blade. He then deactivated the weapon and placed it into his subspace pocket.

He carried on deeper into the cave. He stopped as he sensed an overwhelming presence in front of him. Although he had only a little skill, Billy’s telepathy told him that the thing in front was evil. However, being a Ranger meant Billy could not destroy somebody for that reason alone. If he did, he was no better than those he fought against.

Billy walked further into the cave until he could make out a pair of red specks in the darkness. He recognised them as the eyes of his most hated enemy. Although he had never fought Minion properly, Billy felt he knew him and had reason to hate him. A deep red light came into being and Billy knew Minion also had a Lightsaber.

*Go, kill him!* The voice said. *He killed those you love. He deserves to die. Kill him now!*

Billy buried the thoughts deep inside and activated his own weapon. He had no intention of killing unless he had to. Personally he hoped he would be forced to do so.

Without warning, Minion charged forward, his weapon striking the stone walls where Billy had been just moments before. Billy brought his own blade around to block and started to fight back. He used his anger to power his blows, forcing Minion back. Suddenly, he felt compelled to activate his second blade, swinging it in a wide arc to slice through Minion’s weapon. But Billy was not finished. He used his blade to force Minion to his knees. Then he switched to single blade mode and brought it upward, ready to make the killing blow.

*Do it,* the voice urged. *He killed your wife. Kill him and be at peace.*

“No!” Billy shouted. “Cestria would never want me to murder somebody just for revenge. He is defeated and I will not murder.”

*So be it,* the voice said. *But if you won’t kill him, he must kill you.*

Minion’s weapon suddenly reappeared fully restored. He jumped to his feet and lashed out at the former Blue Ranger. Billy ducked under the blade, bringing his own blade upward to slice off the creature’s head.

“I said I would not murder him, but you forced me to do so. I regret having to kill anyone, even Minion, but I would do it again.”

The voice fell silent knowing that Billy had gained control of his rage and also the fear of losing control. He had passed the second test and now it was the time for him to prove being a Ranger was not all he cared about.

Trini could see the temple not far in front of her. She ran forward as fast as she could, hardly daring to hope she had finally escaped from the desert. As she got closer, she heard someone calling for help. The door of the temple opened as the cries got louder.

Trini found herself torn between her desire to gain her powers and the cries for help. If she got the powers, she could go back and help. She would only be a short time and then she could help. The powers would make her stronger, giving her a chance to help. And if came down to a choice between one cry for help and the chance to help save her planet, surely the needs of the many would outweigh the needs of the few, wouldn’t they?

“No,” she told herself. She spoke out loud, trying to make herself listen to reason. “I cannot justify omitting to help someone just because there’s a chance I might be able to help everybody else. The ends do not justify the means.”

That said she turned and ran towards the source of the cry for help. She arrived to find a young girl sinking into the sand.

“Grab my hand,” she called.

The girl did so and was pulled to safety. Then, she disappeared as if she was never there. Trini shrugged and returned to the temple. The doors were once again closed, but this time she ignored them. The temple was an illusion designed to test. Now she refused to believe it and walked through and into the final test.

Ninjor sensed both Billy and Trini approaching. He was pleased that Billy had managed to control his anger. It would probably take time for him to come to terms with Cestria’s death, but at least he would not break the rules in her name. Ninjor was glad; such an act would not only have serious repercussions for Billy, but would dishonour Cestria’s memory.

Now it was time for Ninjor to ensure that Billy and Trini would be able to fight as Rangers. The task was simple enough, create a few attackers and get the Rangers to fight them. Last time Billy had been to the temple, Rita and Zedd had saved Ninjor the trouble of creating some foot soldiers by sending the Tengas.

Still, there was nothing he could do but go ahead with his plan and hope that the Rangers were as good as he thought they were.

Billy and Trini reunited in a rocky valley. Together they started searching for the temple entrance. “Typical,” Billy said. “Where’s a good butt kicking when you need one?” Seeing the look on Trini’s face he explained that the first time they had found the temple because the Tengas had been kicking their butts and one of them happened to stumble on the right place.

As if on call a bunch of blue skinned ninjas appeared. “You asked for it,” Trini told him. Billy’s reply went unheard as he threw himself into battle.

After a few minutes both Rangers were tired. The attackers were armed with wooden clubs and it was difficult to get close enough to fight them. It was then Billy remembered he still had the Lightsaber from earlier.

“Trini, duck,” he called as he activated both blades and started to wade through the attackers. Their bodies crumbled as quickly as their clubs and soon enough they retreated all together.

“Congratulations,” Ninjor said, stepping out of the rocks. “You have both proven yourselves worthy of the Power. Rest now and then we shall finish the ceremony.”

Billy and Trini took the invitation and collapsed to the ground to rest.

Angel Grove, Earth

Minion’s latest monster was about to go down. The Rangers had already blasted him with the Power Blaster and olden Power Staff. Now it was the turn of the Power Cannon to finish the job.

As expected, Minion made his monster grow. Instead of the slight panic they had felt in the past though, this time the Rangers knew what to do.

“We need Gem Coin Megazord power, now!”

In the side of Power Mountain a door opened to reveal a small airstrip. Seven planes, one helicopter and one heavy-duty fighter launched into the air and headed towards the Rangers. As they approached, the Rangers split into three teams. The aircraft following suit, five of them moving left, two more moving right, the helicopter remained where it was and the heavy-duty fighter moved lower to drop off its cargo.

Near the base of Power Mountain a second door opened, releasing eight vehicles towards the Rangers.

“Gem Coin Megazord I, Power up!” Zeo Crane and Gold Zeo called.

“Gem Coin Megazord II, Power up!” Zeo Frog and Zeo Ape called.

“Gem Coin Megazord III, Power up!” Zeo Falcon and Zeo Bear called.

As the Sky, Defender and Techno Megazords formed, the Rangers activated their weapon systems. With the odds three on one, the monster never stood a chance. Megazord II and Megazord I held him long enough for Megazord III to unleash its spinning top attack. Both of its power cannons appeared and as it stopped spinning it fired at point blank range, destroying the monster.

“Let’s get back to the Power Chamber,” Zeo Falcon said.

Setting their Zords to return the Rangers left. Their task over for the time being they all hoped they would get some rest before the next attack.

Temple of Ninja Powers

Ninjor stood before his two young Rangers. Both had succeeded in passing the tests, as he had known they would. Now all that remained was to give them their powers.

“Trini Kwan, you have overcome your own doubts and were willing to give up the power in order to save a life. You understood that the ends never justify the means and have proven yourself a worthy fight. It is due to this that I grant you the power of the Saber-toothed Tiger, Griffin and Bear. You are now and forever the Yellow Ranger.”

When Ninjor finished speaking, he placed four coins in her hands. Four of them showed her animal guides. The last coin showed the image of the Yellow Ranger. Instinctively she closed her hand and felt them change into a single ball. When she opened her hand again, she found it bore the images of all her powers. Concentrating, she summoned her morpher and placed the ball inside where it resembled a singe Power Coin.

“Now for you William,” Ninjor said. “You have once again proven yourself worthy of the Ninja Powers. You controlled your anger in battle, had the foresight to use a different weapon when the need dictated and you showed you are able to trust your instincts. I restore to you the powers of the Wolf, along with the Triceratops and Unicorn. You are once again the Blue Ranger.”

As he had done with Trini, Ninjor placed the four Power Coins into Billy’s palm. Billy closed his hand around the coins and then reopened it to reveal his Power Ball. Once again a morpher formed around the ball.

“Okay,” Ninjor said. “Let’s morph and then we can start the real training. It’s Morphin Time!”

“Blue Ranger Power!” Billy called.

“Yellow Ranger Power!” Trini called.

Both Rangers were wearing armoured suits in their own colour. Each suit had a black belt around the waist and a Blade Blaster on the right hip. Billy had a Power Lance hooked to his back and Trini had a pair of Power Daggers tucked into the back of her belt.

Billy looked down at his chest and saw the picture on his coin. It showed the Wolf standing atop the Blue Ranger with the Triceratops on one side and the Unicorn on the other.

Trini saw that her coin showed a similar view. On her chest was the image of the Bear standing over the Yellow Ranger, the Saber-toothed Tiger and Griffin standing on either side. Both Rangers were smiling under their new uniforms. For both of them it was good to be back again.

“Blue Wolf Power!” Ninjor called, activating his battle armour. “Right, let’s train,” he said as he led them into the temple.

Stone Henge, Earth

Minion felt the third shift in the Morphin Grid. Almost all of Zordon’s eight Rangers now had their powers. But that did not matter anymore.

“Psycho Red, Psycho Blue, Psycho White, Psycho Pink, Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black, go!”

He watched as his six creations left. There was nothing else to say. His Rangers were on their way and Zordon’s Rangers were about to fall.

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