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Shattered Grid: How to steal a world

Angel Grove, Drakkon’s Reality (Reality:

Lord Drakkon ruled the world. That was not a boast; it was a fact. Since his emergence during early part of the 1990’s, the nations of the world had gradually handed him control over the planet, until only a few countries had remained that opposed his position. And at that point standing against the man who ruled much of the planet meant those nations were not around for long. In less than a decade, Lord Drakkon had managed to conquer the Earth and yet if asked many would declare him a saviour and certainly not a mass murderer.

Except if the natives were asked, they would never be able to state when his conquest began. Many could remember the sketchy details of forcible regime change in a few small countries – for many of the larger news organisations had been wiped out during the chaos of the war with Rita Repulsa-, but if pressed they would add that Lord Drakkon had been the ruler of the planet by that time and such skirmishes were irrelevant. It seemed that everybody who was old enough could recall the day Rita Repulsa had launched an assault on the Earth but could not recall how Lord Drakkon had ended up as its ruler.

In fact, the story did start with Rita Repulsa, or rather a person that claimed to be Rita Repulsa. She announced her presence to the world just hours before Lord Drakkon had emerged as their saviour. Many could recall the terror they felt as her Putty Patrollers stormed through the streets in every city of the world as monstrous creatures claimed the planet on her behalf. The Earth was taken by surprise and its military had fought back but had found most of their weapons ineffective.

Then Lord Drakkon had appeared on the television and radio channels to assure the people that help was at hand. His team of Power Rangers led the fight against Rita’s monsters, starting in the town of Angel Grove. As the Rangers fought town by town, city by city to release Rita’s stranglehold, Lord Drakkon was there to bring the world together as a united force. The Power Rangers made it look easy as they tore their way through multitudes of Putties, making it clear that Lord Drakkon could do something most leaders were unable to do: protect those under his care. The people flocked to support him and politicians desperate to save their positions sought to ingratiate themselves. The United States in recognition of his contribution to freeing their country, allowed him to retain sovereign control of Angel Grove and some surrounding territory as a base of operations for the duration of the war.

As his Rangers fought, they gathered soldiers and civilians to their side. Many who fought at their side failed to return from battle, but the Rangers triumphed and those that died were remembered as heroes. Lord Drakkon often remembered their bravery while explaining his actions in the years that followed. It took time to chase Rita’s forces from the planet, but eventually they were driven back, although Lord Drakkon continuously updated his allies on new attacks mounted by Rita that were often so devastating that only the Rangers emerged unscathed.

Soon after Rita’s initial invasion had ended, some nations started to reconsider their alliance with Drakkon. Questions were raised about where he had come from and the nature of his Power Rangers. Drakkon calmly answered their questions although very little was revealed. He made it clear that those that wanted to go their own way and turn down his offer of protection were welcome to do so and expressed his horror when some of those countries were targeted by Rita. It proved to those watching that it was safer align themselves with Lord Drakkon even if returning to his side robbed them of some ability to govern themselves.

Then Rita unleashed her Green Ranger and the world watched as Drakkon’s team of heroes were forced to fight one of their own. Eventually his team prevailed and Drakkon was able to announce that the Green Ranger had been terminated. He expressed his regret that due to the Green Ranger’s hit-and-run style of fighting, several world leaders and valuable military staff had been slaughtered and offered his full support to those nations that had suffered as they tried to rebuild.

It was clearly out of regret that Lord Drakkon made his next announcement. It was during a packed summit to discuss the losses suffered during the Green Ranger’s rampage and how best to defend themselves against her forces that he offered to share his technology with them. He presented them with the concept of the Ranger Sentries, uniting soldiers from across the planet with technology like that used by the Power Rangers. All he required in return was an agreement that when on assignment, those that stepped up for the role would be under his command. A desperate world was only too happy to accept and as a special gesture Drakkon allowed some of those newly assigned Ranger Sentries to stand guard over their leaders.

For the next few months Drakkon led the world’s Ranger Sentries against Rita Repulsa’s forces, although due to secrecy none of those involved could speak of their encounters with the enemy. In fact, part of the oath they needed to take before assuming their new role prevented them from giving away any details of their encounters, although Lord Drakkon and a few selected spokesmen did recount some of their adventures. As the number of Ranger Sentries increased, Lord Drakkon offered more and more of them to act as personal security for world leaders and important places. The public recognised the greatness of the mysterious lord who gave them so much without asking for any reward.

Then came the reckoning. Doomsday: the day when Rita Repulse sent what remained of her devastated forces against the planet. Ranger Sentries fought against overwhelming odds as the Power Rangers struggled against a massive metal monster named Cyclopsis. Although the people of Earth triumphed that day, many Ranger Sentries fell in battle, devastating the world’s military, nations were devastated with entire cities obliterated, and world leaders who had bravely decided to stand their ground instead of accepting Lord Drakkon’s offer of a place in his bunker, were slain; it was a personal loss for Lord Drakkon too as it seemed that Rita had discovered his bunker and had made a personal appearance to destroy it and all those within. It was at that location that Rita and Lord Drakkon had fought. Rita had lost and was destroyed, ending the threat.

In the aftermath the protection and guidance of Lord Drakkon had never been more important. Rita’s final offensive had wrecked so much of the planet’s infrastructure that the world risked plunging into chaos. Lord Drakkon offered his guidance and leadership until the nations of the world had recovered enough to resume control of their own destinies. The wounded nations of the world agreed, granting him a position of supreme power with his Ranger Sentries, now loyal to the point that they would die for him, to enforce order. The war with Rita had lasted less than two years, but recovery seemed to take forever.

Even with Rita gone some of her monsters continued to surface, attacking seemingly random locations and killing thousands before disappearing again. It seemed that just when a country was on the brink of recovery, their luck would run out and disaster would strike. After a personal investigation, Lord Drakkon discovered evidence that somebody was aiding the monsters by using magic to summon them. His only option given the possibility that people were willingly or unwittingly aiding the enemy, was to clamp down on groups he deemed likely to do so. With the Ranger Sentries acting as enforcers he outlawed several organisations, announcing his fears that they were involved as justification. A desperate world accepted what he said without question.

It was toward the end of the century, after Lord Drakkon’s purge of those that had aided Rita’s forces, that the world approached something akin to its former state. Some nations even talked of reclaiming their independence despite Lord Drakkon’s appeals for caution. When evidence emerged that suggested those nations had been infiltrated by Rita’s agents, Lord Drakkon was forced to deny their request to leave his world union and sought to replace their governments. That led to a series of unfortunate confrontations where Lord Drakkon was face with no alternative and sent his Ranger Sentries to dismantle Rita’s puppet regimes. The fighting was often brutal as Lord Drakkon later revealed that those acting on Rita’s behalf fought to their deaths.

Angel Grove, Drakkon’s Reality,

One year later and the world was a much better place. Lord Drakkon had as promised handed back day-to-day control of the world’s nations to their own governments. Admittedly those governments were for a time led by his appointees, but the world was not yet ready for the chaos caused by elections and free choice. The Ranger Sentries had helped to bring order to the streets and to direct the labour forces needed to rebuild. Their presence along with the harsh penalties made necessary by such desperate times had reduced crime and the compulsory purchase of all land and possessions by the state had led to a massive redistribution of wealth. While some complained about the lack of freedom in the new world, most were just happy that they had lived through the purges of the previous year.

The five original Power Rangers were constantly seen around the world, although they no longer took part in active assignments and rarely spoke. They were joined on occasion by what Drakkon claimed was a new Green Ranger using the powers that Rita had once corrupted. Many remembered the magnificent sight of the six Rangers united with Lord Drakkon, who had been wearing his own unique Ranger armour, as he explained that to create the Ranger Sentries, his Power Rangers had had to give up most of their power. It was for the greater good that they had made such a sacrifice, so how could the population not make the same level of sacrifice when asked?

The people loved Drakkon as the hero that had saved them from Rita Repulsa, yet they loathed him for the regime that had stolen their freedom and the purges that took away their friends and families. Yet love him or loathe him, they were in awe of his power and had seen what happened to those that dared to speak out against him. And so, they obeyed out of fear and a lack of choice.

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