Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers and any related characters. Toei owns the concept and characters from Denji Sentai, Mega Ranger on which PRIS was based. This story is set in a universe similar to Conquest of Evil and combines those elements with Mega Ranger. Chris Jones and Mara Carrington are my creations, as is Professor Fairweather.

Author’s Note: I have no intention of remaining true to any show, Sentai or Power Rangers. This is my own combination of the two formats and my own Conquest of Evil. In line with the Sentai show Mega Black is the leader of the team, and in line with many other Super Sentai series Mega Yellow is male (I realise in Mega Ranger yellow was female, but it doesn’t matter).
Thanks to Carl Turner for beta-reading for me, Matt for his continued feedback and anybody else who has written to me about my fanfics
Timeline: After the end of Conquest of Evil in the year 2000.

Rise of the Mega Rangers


Fireworks lit the sky as the world entered the twenty-first century. The greatest war ever fought was over and the Power Rangers had emerged victorious. The sacrifice of almost fifty Rangers and their mentors had left the Universe free of evil for all eternity or so the inhabitants of Earth believed.

Now six months on the might Power Chamber had been salvaged by technicians desperate to duplicate Eltarian technology and push their world into a new golden age. Machines had been an important part of human life since man first invented the wheel to help with moving materials. As the computers became even more powerful the humans became more and more reliant on them for day to day activities. Humans started to forget the very skills that had allowed them to live for so long.

Human arrogance increased as they started to believe themselves the superior race to many other planets. Only the Astro Rangers’ refusal to reveal the secrets of the hyperdrive system saved the neighbouring worlds from colonisation. Believing they were invulnerable to attack caused the human population to drop its guard and despite the Rangers’ appeal for vigilance Earth was transformed into a world where the computer ruled and the human sat around doing nothing.

But deep in space a new threat had arisen, a threat the Power Rangers tried to battle and failed. Captured or destroyed the one-time heroes were lost forever. In his final moments the last of the Rangers, Andros of KO-35 prepared a new set of powers using the technology of the Astro Morphers and the Virtualisers used by the VR Troopers of Cross World City. He hoped it would be enough, but knew the new team would lack the help of mentors.

“May the Power protect you,” he whispered as he dispatched the final Zords to their hiding places and sent his gift to Earth.

As he watched the remodelled Astro Megaship fly away he closed his eyes and prayed that humans would soon awaken to their errors before it was too late. He could not have been more wrong.

At sixteen Justin Stewart was one of the wealthiest humans in the United States. Not only had he helped to salvage the equipment from Power Mountain, he had been one of the few able understand it or work it. Today he had decided he would enjoy himself, and where else would he go apart from Ernie’s Juice Bar.

“Hey Ernie,” Justin said cheerfully to the portly bar keeper.

“Hi Justin,” Ernie replied. “Fred’s over by the games machines.”

Justin could see Ernie rolling his eyes as he said that. That did not surprise to Justin because of all the things that had changed since the Rangers’ final battle, the Juice Bar had been the most extensive. Gone were the sparring mats where Rangers would have trained or the tables where people sat to talk. In their place was row after row of video games provided by INET.

INET was a mystery company formed after the last battle by the Rangers, Lightspeed, NASADA, GSA and UNIT. Its exact purpose was unknown except that it made some of the hottest video games around.

As Justin picked his way through the throng of eager teenagers he found his best friend Fred Kellman trying desperately to learn a new game based around Power Rangers. Justin suspected the game was a major hit since anything concerning the Power Rangers was collectable.

“Mega Rangers?” Justin asked.

For some reason the name didn’t seem right. In fact it sounded like a boast about how powerful the Rangers had become in the half year following their victory. He had been surprised when instead of trying to influence the planet they simply disappeared only returning occasionally to beg the people to remain on guard.

“Don’t ask me,” Fred replied, “But it is a great game.”

As Justin pulled up a seat he watched his friend battling as the Red Ranger against some of the monsters he had seen in Angel Grove. He recognised Ecliptor and Darkonda almost instantly. Between them the two battling henchmen had almost demolished the city to settle their own feud. He was impressed by Fred’s skills on the machine. As Red Ranger he had his character punching and kicking like a true Ranger. His character summoned a weapon similar to the Spiral Sabre used by the Red Astro Ranger.

“Hey Kellman!” a voice shouted from across the other side of the Youth Centre.

Justin and Fred didn’t even need to look to know who was heading their way. Peter Sorrel was a thug born and bred. As such he delighted in picking on those he considered beneath his notice. Unfortunately since making his fortune Justin had become a target for other reasons. Peter was a strong believer in the rich looking after their own and wanted Justin to join his gang. He might have been a thug, but he was a rich thug.

When Justin had refused to join with Peter in beating up other teenagers he had made an enemy for life. At the same time he had made Fred a target for Peter and his brothers.

“I told you before Justin, I don’t want to see either you or Kellman here around. Now since I found you here I’ll have to teach you a lesson in respect.”

“And what if he doesn’t want to learn that lesson?”

Justin looked over to see Eugene Skullovitch, former bully and unsung hero of the battle to save the Universe. Skull had been the White Morphin Warrior and protector of the Power Diamond, but he had been injured during the final battle and lost his powers when Zordon died. Unlike his fellow Rangers he was not strong enough to retain his link to the now weakened Morphin Grid. It had been at his request his role as a Ranger was kept out of the official history and nobody knew whether or not he retained any of his former powers.

However Skull was now Ernie’s assistant and was well respected for his business sense and his fairness in dealing with people. He normally managed Ernie’s investment companies and music studios on the far side of Angel Grove, but today he had felt compelled to stop by the Youth Centre.

“Stay out of this Skull,” Peter warned.

Skull raised an eyebrow at the knife the younger boy held towards him. Skull was without his powers, but was one of the few humans in Angel Grove who worked out to stay in shape. He looked at Peter and noted how he was holding the blade. Then he did something unexpected. He motioned for Peter to attack, knowing the boy would make a mistake and he could take him. Sure enough Peter charged with the blade held out straight. Skull ducked to the right and grabbed the other boy’s arm as it passed by. Slight pressure to the wrist made him drop the knife and a kick to the back of the head rendered him unable to move until Detective Park showed up.

“Causing trouble Skull?” Adam’s father asked with a small smile.

“No sir,” Skull replied before asking, “How’s Adam?”

It was a simple question and anybody would have thought he was asking what the former Ranger was doing. But Skull was well aware of the Rangers’ recent mission and this was his way of finding out if there had been any word.

“He’s still on that exchange visit,” Detective Park replied.

His words conveyed just a hint of concern mixed with a father’s pride.

“I’m sure he’ll be home soon,” Skull said. He tried to make the words sound reassuring, but somehow they failed to carry the desired meaning.

Detective Park nodded politely before dragging Peter away for questioning. Skull knew he would be out within hours because his father had a lot of pull with the police commissioner. Fortunately as the father of a Power Ranger so did Detective Park.

“New game?” Skull asked looking at the machine.

“Yeah,” Justin replied. “Want a game?”

Skull nodded as he felt himself being drawn to the game. He looked at the screen and picked Mega Black as his character. He found the game was a three dimensional battle between Rangers and monsters. But he felt something more as well. Deep inside he could feel the Power calling to him again as it had during the final battle. Skull surrendered himself to the sensations and forgot about the game.

Suddenly the sensations stopped and Skull found himself surrounded by an audience of teenagers as his score disappeared off the board.

“You beat the game!” Fred told him excitedly.

Skull shrugged and went to find Ernie. On his way he found himself confronted by three men in black suits.

“Eugene Skullovitch?” the man asked.

Skull recognised the men from his time working with the Lightspeed Rangers. He had never learnt the agents’ names though and somehow doubted they remembered him.

“Yes,” he replied.

“We need you to come with us sir,” the man said. “We’re from INET.”

“Oh,” Skull said before following with Justin and Fred bringing up the rear.

“Guys wait up!” they heard as they walked out.

Chris Jones ran to catch them up. Chris was addicted to Angel Grove’s video arcade, but unlike some of the other addicts who let their bodies waste away Chris was not afraid to do a bit of work. At present he was Ernie’s back room boy, a role that gave him more than enough exercise lugging heavy tins of cocktail around. Not that Chris objected. The storage room was darker than the rest of the Youth Centre allowing Chris to move around without wearing sunglasses to protect his over sensitive eyes. His hair was white and kept short because it stained easily. He was wearing a usual yellow T-shirt and a bright smile.

With him was Mara Carrington, the daughter of Angel Grove’s former Mayor. Mara wore an off-pink jumpsuit with a black belt around the waist. Her hair was a red as Chris’ was white and Skull had often imagined fire burning deep inside her eyes. She was certainly not the type of person to take advantage of her mother’s role. In fact it was only through chance Skull knew who she was. Her parents had kept her out of the spotlight in the hopes she could make a name for herself. So far she had not let them down.

“Our instructions are for you to accompany us sir, nobody else,” the agent said.

“If you think I am going to accompany you on my own just because you asked me to, you don’t know me very well. Besides, I don’t leave my friends out of things,” Skull said.

That wasn’t quite true and he would have gone alone, but the feeling he had had whilst playing the game was starting to reassert itself in his mind. It was one of those sudden hunches he had come to associate with the Power.

“Besides,” he added so only the agent could hear, “It’ll save you looking for anybody else.”

If his words had surprised the agent Skull could see no evidence of it in his face. The man simply listened for instructions and gestured for the five youths to follow.

Professor Clifford Fairweather was in his laboratory buried deep under Angel Grove. It was actually a civilian shelter designed for use in case of invasion. Now it had been commandeered for an even more serious purpose, because using the technology sent by Andros, Professor Fairweather was about to experience the thrill his mother had felt almost four years before: the creation of Power Rangers.

He looked out of his control tower at the ship before him. Part of the Astro Megaship III, it had been built on Earth, using Andros’ designs. Based on the Astro Megazord Shuttle he had decided to simply name it the Mega Shuttle. It lacked the sophistication of the original but came close to rivalling its speed.

“Sir, I have the test results from the heat testing,” one of the assistants said.

Professor Fairweather took a look at the diagnostic report of the shuttle’s systems and nodded in satisfaction as he noted the improvements.

“Very good,” he told the assistant. “See if you can bring the resistance up by another degree. Other than that, just a few loose ends to tie up.”

One of the agents walked in and handed Clifford another report. Clifford noted the contents and dismissed his assistant after thanking him for his hard work.

“We found somebody,” the agent said. “One Eugene Skullovitch.”

“I should have known,” Professor Fairweather muttered.

“I left him outside,” the agent said. “But he insisted on bringing his friends. He seems to know something.”

“Of course he would,” Professor Fairweather replied. “I suppose I should welcome him back.”

“He’s waiting in the briefing room for you,” the agent told him.

Clifford nodded his agreement and left the room. He was on his way to the room when he heard a scream from the monitoring station. He ran into the room where frightened technicians were huddled in a corner, avoiding the various computer screens that changed shape along with anything surrounding them. A spoon one of the technicians had been using to stir his drink was warping in way it was not supposed to.

“It’s beginning already,” Professor Fairweather muttered. “Everybody out!” he shouted to his employees.

A door opened at the back of the room allowing the people inside to evacuate. As the last person left Clifford activated a forcefield to slow the spread of the distortion. ~I just hope my mother’s opinions of Skull were accurate,~ he thought as he rushed through the building in search of his saviour.

What Professor Fairweather found was less than encouraging. Skull had taken it upon himself to find some food and there were currently five youths seated around a table eating a mountain of junk food.

“That’s not exactly a balanced diet,” Clifford remarked as he studied Skull.

“No, but Rangering burns a lot of calories,” Skull replied much to the surprise of his companions.

“Nice to see you are as perceptive as ever Skull,” Professor Fairweather said. “I am Professor Fairweather. I believe you worked with my mother at Lightspeed.”

“Yes,” Skull replied. “You must be the Clifford she was talking about.”

Clifford was not Ms Fairweather’s real son. She had adopted him at a young age and raised him in much the same way as the late Captain Mitchell had raised Dana. Instead of training him to fight though she had trained him to be a scientist and provide support for the Rangers. So when Andros had sent his gift to Earth it had seemed somehow fitting for Clifford to be given the role of mentor.

“Do you know why you are here?” Clifford asked.

“No,” Skull replied. “But I imagine it has more to do with that game than with me being a former Ranger.”

“Indeed,” Clifford agreed. “The game was a means of testing various skills. Somehow I suspect your being a former Ranger enhanced you results, but even so I think you would be suitable for the job.”

“Which is?” Skull asked.

“Two months ago a disturbance was detected near KO-35,” the professor explained. “We lost contact with the colony and the Rangers left to investigate.”

“I remember,” Skull replied. “We’ve been waiting for them to check in.”

“The Rangers were ambushed when they reached the planet.” The pained look on Skull’s face told the professor he had not known. “In the fighting that followed, many were taken prisoner to be used as fuel. Andros evaded capture long enough to make contact with Lightspeed. The latest reports indicate that all captives were executed as part of a ritual; Andros died before they could capture him. He also sent us some designs you friend Billy had been working on, which we used to recreate some of the powers lost in the Battle of Angel Grove. Now I need Rangers.”

“Whoa!” Skull cried. “What exactly is this threat?”

The Battle of Angel Grove had seen an all out invasion by the forces of evil on Angel Grove. Many Rangers had fought against Astronema and her army. In the end it had taken Zordon’s sacrifice to turn the tide and the majority of Rangers had been forced to sacrifice their powers.

“We’re not exactly sure,” Clifford replied. “From the information Andros and DECA managed to send they are from an alternative dimension called Nejirejia. Andros believed it may have been a dimensional breach caused by Zordon’s golden wave. Nejireijia has been seeping into our dimension ever since, and now it appears that something is guiding the invasion.” The pulled out a photograph. “Andros sent this to us. His records identify him as Doctor Hinelar, a servant of Dark Spectre who somehow escaped the wave.”

“So Hinelar is helping them to link with this dimension. Then what?”

“They’ll try to turn this dimension into an extension of their own. If they succeed then the Universe will be no more.”

“So why am I here?” Skull asked. “I am willing to help, but I don’t have my powers anymore.”

“I want you to lead a new team of Rangers,” the Professor told him. “Billy’s notes state that the only powers he could create at short notice were based upon the Astro Rangers’ template and the conversion process used to send the Lightspeed Rangers into space. These new powers are not very strong , so we need experience on our side. Skull, I need you to be the leader of the Mega Rangers.”


Whilst Skull remained to speak to the Professor the others had been offered a special tour of the facilities. Of course Justin had noticed the slight nod Professor Fairweather had given his subordinate as they were led away. So he was in no way surprised when they found themselves outside the complex arguing with a guard to get back in.

“I’m sorry,” a grim faced guard said. “If you are not on the list you cannot come in.”

“Hey, our friend is in there!” Chris snapped. “Maybe you should recheck your list.”

“And maybe you should just leave,” the guard said threateningly.

As the four youths stood their ground the Earth beneath them shifted. The whole area warped out of focus for a short time before returning to normal. Fred took the opportunity to lead the others inside and they made their way back to where Skull was waiting.

“How did you get back in?” Clifford demanded.

“Maybe we should be asking why you tried to get rid of us!” Mara replied.

“This is a job for heroes, not children,” Clifford protested.

“Even if those ‘children’ are former Rangers?” Skull asked.

If Professor Fairweather had been surprised it was nothing compared to the other four friends. All of them looked at Skull and he realised the mental programming had worked a little too well.

“I’ll explain later,” he assured them. “Right now we need to…”

Explosions rocked the building, throwing the six humans around. The power went out and the only light was the small emergency guide used in times of severe blackout.

“They’re here already,” Professor Fairweather hissed. “We need more time.”

“What do we do?” Mara asked.

“Head for the shuttle!” Clifford ordered.

Even as they were running Skull was instinctively looking around to find anything useful. Explosions rocked the corridor, as they grew closer to the shuttle bay. Inside dangerous fumes were mixing with explosive gases while damage limitation crews were attempting to stabilise the situation. Over the loud speaker instructions were being given to the various teams on which area to take care of.

All instructions were forgotten as events took a turn for the worse. A wall started to warp inwards allowing a ship to enter the building. As large as the shuttle bay was the new ship was even larger and broke through the catwalks and girders holding up the ceiling. Glass shattered as the ship lifted off.

On board the bull shaped ship a man covered in thick layers of armour watched the events unfolding. He was Doctor Hinelar. As leader of Nejirejia he laughed as the mighty soldiers employed by NASADA, soldiers willing to die against previous villains ran in terror when confronted by his mighty power.

“Finally, the time is at hand,” he announced to his crew. “Is everything ready?”

Shibolena, a blue armoured female turned and kneeled before her master.

“Yes Doctor Hinelar,” she said. “With the destruction of INET, the Earth will be yours.”

Attention shifted from Shibolena to a white floating creature known as Bibidebi. “Easier said then done, bidi,” it said.

“Yugande,” Doctor Hinelar said to the black android with a silver grid covering his body. “Assemble an army of my finest Kunekune. It is time to begin.”

The android nodded his head obediently and left.

If a large bull shaped ship appearing out of nowhere was a shock, the sudden appearance of Yugande and a bunch of Craterite-like creatures was enough to send the remaining NASADA crewmen scrambling for cover. Emerald blasts of energy shot from the monster’s eyes scattering anyone who was still in the open.

Order and duty was soon re-established as the NASADA soldiers worked to form a barrier between the invaders and the rest of the building. Each soldier was holding a plasma cutter and waiting for the order to attack. As soon as they did attack it became obvious they were going to lose badly. Their blasts did little except irritate the foot soldiers, whose blades were more than sufficient to slice through NASADA issue armour.

Yugande fired his eye beams again, this time eliminating any remaining resistance to his attack. NASADA troops littered the floor. Their armour second only to Ranger armour it was obvious something drastic was needed to turn the tide of the battle.

Whilst Yugande destroyed the soldiers, Professor Fairweather was attempting to access the control room. The key card reader had been damaged in the blast and so far as they could tell there was no other way in.

“Can you bypass?” Fred asked looking at Justin.

The younger boy looked at the reader and nodded. Together they ripped the casing off, using karate kicks to shift the casing free.

“We’re going to need a laptop or something,” Justin commented.

“Here,” Chris said handing over his handheld video game.

Likewise Mara was carrying a cell phone and digital camera she used for an art project. Just worked quickly and removed the chips and cross-wired them and the video game to the look mechanism. Switching on the power created a spike large enough to open the door and allow them access.

“I told you they were a good team,” Skull said to a dumbstruck Clifford.

“Report!” the Professor called out, ignoring Skull’s comment.

One of the technicians called up from his computer. “Intruders are in the Mega Shuttle Bay and are spreading throughout the complex. They have all exits blocked. There’s no escape.”

“It’s time to even the odds,” Clifford said.

The Professor walked over to a small vault and after punching in a six digit code watched the door open to reveal five new morphers.

“These may look like the Astro Morpher, but the powers they hold are unique to your team.” He pulled out the bracelets and then handed one to each of the teens. “Nejirejia has gained control of NASADA so I can’t teach you all you need to know. For now just know you can use them to morph into Mega Rangers. You’re our only hope.”

An explosion blew the wall in the rear of the room completely off sending rubble flying everywhere. The Rangers looked out from their cover and saw several Kunekune waiting. The foot soldiers made way as Yugande marched in and headed for Professor Fairweather.

“Skull,” The professor called out from the floor, “Use the power, three-three-five, digitize!”

Skull nodded and opened the Digitizer. To his surprise the device started working immediately as he found his clothes transformed into a plain black suit with fibre optic cables covering its surface. Entering the code and pressing digitize he felt himself connect with the Power once more.

Justin, Fred, Chris and Mara did likewise and were transformed into the Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink Mega Rangers. Skull raised an eyebrow at Chris, but decided not to mention all the previous Earth Rangers had had yellow as a girl.

“Let’s go!” Skull called and the Rangers teleported into battle.

The Mega Rangers materialised in the NASADA complex. Skull looked down at his spandex covered hands and sighed with satisfaction. He had been withdrawn from the Power so long he had started to forget what it felt like. Now he was a Ranger again, albeit wearing spandex instead of the armour of most Rangers, but still better than nothing. “Mega Black,” he said as the Power started to guide him.

“Mega Pink!” Mara cried as loud as possible. She was determined that if she was asleep she was going to wake up. Otherwise she really was a Ranger again.

“Mega Yellow!” Chris called. This felt familiar and he was likewise comforted by feel of the Power.

“Mega Blue!” Justin yelled excitedly. After dreaming about it for so long he was finally a Ranger.

“Mega Red!” Fred shouted. He was a Ranger, but not just any Ranger. He was the Red Ranger and centre of the team. Skull might have been leader, but Fred knew his job was to act as a focus for the others.

The Kunekune appeared before the team could finish examining their powers and they knew it was time for action.

“Let’s do it!” Skull called.

After a brief scuffle the Kunekune retreated outside where they regrouped with Yugande. The cybernetic creature stared at the Rangers for a few moments in disbelief.

“Who are you?”

“We’re the Rangers who are going to stop you!” Skull shouted. “Black!”





“Mega Rangers!”

Yugande seemed to pause for a moment as if considering his next move. Then he cocked his head and signalled for his troops to attack.

“Destroy them!”

The Kunekune split up and tried to force the Rangers apart. Red Mega stood waiting as the first Kunekune reached him. He ducked and punched, relying on his martial arts, but unable to handle some many opponents.”

“Fred, program yourself!” Professor Fairweather instructed.

The personal computer on which his power was based came to life. Using his knowledge as a template the helmet constructed a strategy and inserted it into Fred’s mind. Block, knife chop, savate kick, reverse throw and duck. As he followed the first part of the program the computer was already formulating a second plan. The Kunekune had by now summoned their own weapons and charged. Waiting for two of them to approach, Fred leapt into the air causing them to collide.

Skull smiled when he saw his young friend had lost none of the skills he had learnt as a Turbo Rangers. Like Fred he was also rediscovering pathways burnt forever into his mind. The Power told him his enhanced strength was his greatest asset.

Intercepting one of the Kunekune as it attacked he disarmed the foot soldier and transformed it into a weapon for use against its companions. Spinning around he watched as the purple and yellow warriors were sent flying in all directions. Throwing his weapon aside he waited for the next Kunekune and after a short kick to the gut, choke slammed it into the floor.

Mara meanwhile was learning about another aspect of her powers, the arsenal. After trading kicks and punches for a short time she decided to experiment with the side arm. “Mega Sniper!” she called after drawing the pistol like blaster from its holster. She fired two shots, each catching a foot soldier in the centre of their heads. Ducking down she caught the final Kunekune in the gut with a devastating blast. Spinning the weapon she placed it back into the holster before turning to face the next foot soldier.

Whilst Mega Pink had discovered her sidearm, Justin and Chris had summoned their personal weapons.

“Mega Sling!” Chris called.

“Mega Tomahawk!” Justin called.

Weapons similar to the Star Slinger and Astral Axe appeared in their hands. Both Rangers knew they were as near perfect replicas as could be created on Earth.

The digital camera icon embedded in Mega Yellow’s helmet lit as it teleported her into a pocket dimension with half the Kunekune. Justin smiled as his own icon of the television glowed and the Kunekune attacking him found themselves fighting the cast of a low budget horror movie. He left them alone and followed Chris into the pocket dimension.

Justin recognised the room as similar to Divatox’s training suite where she had demonstrated the powers she would later attempt to destroy. The Kunekune had no idea where they were and their apparent disorientation gave the two Rangers a chance to strike.

“Tornado Spin!” Justin called.

A second axe appeared in his left hand and as he started to spin like a top he held his arms out, bringing all opponents inside his range. As the axes made contact the Kunekune evaporated.

The pocket dimension was black with a green grid. He smiled underneath his helmet. The Kunekune were caught off guard and he planned to use that to his advantage. Chris took the opportunity to launch his own attack using the slingshot to strike the Kunekune with small amounts of his own vast energy.

Before long the dimension was empty except for the two victorious Rangers. Touching their belts instinctively they were teleported back to their own dimension.

Fred had been unlucky compared to his fellow Rangers. As he finished his assault he stopped only to be confronted by Yugande with no time to devise a second strategy. The android seemed to laugh if that were possible and a set of strange devices appeared.

“Reality Implosion Devices,” the android said as grabbed the vulnerable Red Ranger by the throat. “Soon these devices will detonate and your world shall become part of Nejirejia.”

Fred could see the timer on each device as they flew out of Yugande’s hands.

“We’ll see about that,” Mega Red said defiantly. “Clifford, get everybody out of here!”

Professor Fairweather was already herding his staff onto the shuttle and making it ready for launch. Flicking the switches to raise the launch pad he strapped himself into the shuttle’s cockpit.

Fred meanwhile was taking a beating. Even as Skull ran over to help his fellow Ranger, Yugande decided to dispose of the teenager. Mega Red flew through the air to collide with one of the many satellite dishes.

“Fred, are you okay?” Justin asked his best friend.

“Yeah,” Fred replied. “But we won’t be unless we stop him.”

“And how would you hope to do that?” Yugande asked.

A holographic image appeared and blasted the Rangers with dark energy. Luckily the digital shielding they had been given as part of their uniforms deflected most of the shock. Switching from energy to tractor beam Yugande decided to focus on the leader of the group and pulled Skull towards him.

“Not so fast!” Fred shouted. “Drill Saber!”

Somehow Fred had ended up with a cross between the Spiral Sabre Andros had once used and the Rescue Drill Carter had been so fond of.

“Sabre Slash!” he called as an instruction sent from Professor Fairweather appeared in his head.

After leaping into the air Fred delivered first a horizontal blow, then and vertical slash before driving his sabre into the henchman’s chest.

“Get the Implosion devices!” Clifford commanded.

The Rangers did as they were told, placing the devices into a sub-dimension where they were crushed.

On the Nejire Crusher Doctor Hinelar was less than pleased. Yugande cowered before his master trying to think of an excuse for his failure, but unable to find anything convincing.

“Give me a reason why I should not melt you down and find a new master warrior,” Hinelar boomed.

“Because next time I will not underestimate them my lord. I will learn from those we have captured so I will emerge victorious.”

“And of the Implosion Devices?” Hinelar asked.

“A mere oversight master,” Yugande grovelled. “It will not happen again.”

“See it does not,” Hinelar replied. “These are the last five protectors of this world. When they are crushed I will control the Nexus Point. In the meantime, we shall return to the fortress. We have plans to make.”

“We need to find the others,” Skull said. “And stop Hinelar from creating any type of power base in this dimension.”

“Take the shuttle,” Professor Fairweather said. “I had built it to help you unlock the secrets of your powers should Earth fall. Now I can see it will aid you in your mission.”

The Rangers ran aboard the INET shuttle and prepared for launch. As the countdown reached zero they were propelled into space after their friends.

“Good luck Rangers,” Professor Fairweather said. “I fear you may need it.”


Author’s note: This was originally written back in 1999. At the time it had been intended as a post-COE storyline, but never got anywhere. I’m including it here because despite never using it, I did like the storyline I had in mind.

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